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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Given by Ashlynn Monroe

**WARNING: Not intended for readers under 18 years of age. Very graphic sexual descriptions including multiple partner scenes.  M/M/M/M/M/M/F
This is the second review I've done for the lovely Ashlynn Monroe & let me tell you something... This woman knows how to write hot sex all wrapped up in a book! Wow! Still overheating thinking about her latest release, "Given". This novel is steamy, sexy, intriguing, danger-filled & utterly engrossing & I'd happily recommend it to any lovers of erotica books. 
We start out being introduced to the lovely, sheltered Kristianna (Krista) who is living in a secured protection facility after a deadly disease nearly wiped out the entire female population. She is turning 21 & about to be "Given" to the 6 men who win a government sponsored lottery which distributes the remaining women to a group of 6 men who have been pre-approved by the government. It's a terrifying concept for anyone and Krista has faced extra adversity in her life but she tries her hardest to adjust & go into this with her eyes open. Her 6 men are Jared, DeAnthony, Damon, Malcolm (Mal), Max & Braxton (Brax). She is off to a bit of a rough start but tries to keep her eyes open as she learns more about each of these fascinating men. She willingly participates in the sexual escapades that the men have arranged for her but she finds herself drawn more & more to one man.. Brax.. And Brax is fighting his own desire to hide away with Krista.. Krista is surprisingly strong & very grown up about what her role is, given to her by the government, which is basically a baby-machine.. She enjoys most of the encounters and starts to appreciate each man for who they are, along with all her differences.. But there is major tension & stress running among the men who are all wanting Krista for themselves.. As the intrigue & tension in the house start to grow, Krista does her best to keep all of the men happy but can her emotions handle much more? Will she get pregnant & be able to stay with her men? Or will the circumstances of fate steal her away from the men she is starting to adore? Does Krista ever have any chance to be able to choose which man she wants for herself or will the government control all of her choices, not to mention take away her future children? She gets a chance to find out when a person from her long-ago past shows up and offers her the chance to love free.. She is torn, as she adores her men, and she loves Brax... But can she continue this way forever? Or will she take the chance she is given & run??
Ms. Monroe has written another amazingly sexy novel & her men are always so well-developed as characters. (in more ways than one:) I can literally feel the emotions running through the gorgeous & intelligent Brax as he has to see the woman he is falling for have sex with the other men of the house, when he wants nothing more than to have her to himself, forever.. I felt the emotions of the other males in the house as they each learn to adjust to sharing this rare female and they all start falling for her in their own ways... Ashlynn writes some of the steamiest sex scenes I've ever read & she knows how to make a gal go from zero-to-overheating in moments! Run right out & grab this book right away to get all these questions answered & more! One of the best eroticas that I've read, this year! Ashlynn Monroe should be put on the list of your favorite erotica authors today! 

Ashlynn Monroe & "Given" get a rating of: 5 Platinum Rings! 



In a world without choices, one woman will find herself caught in the middle of six men and the emotions they develop for her.
Krista Damiani is one of the last women on Earth, and her patriotic duty is to make babies. On her twenty-first birthday, the government holds a lottery drawing to determine the men who will control her destiny. Her "six", the men who win the right to call her their own, know they have to impregnate her quickly or risk losing her to a new "six".
As society fills with additional violence and unrest, her men keep her sheltered in a fortress of maximum security. When a mysterious man arrives and offers her the chance for freedom, will she be willing to leave the life she knows behind or will she remain "given"?


Six young, well-dressed men stood in front of the steps of the large, white, domed building. They were looking at her with…possessiveness. The moment she saw them she knew that these men were her six, or more accurately, she was theirs.
Everything had been sort of slow motion, but then as the crowd grew more agitated, the soldiers quickly ushered her up the sidewalk. The governor didn’t come out for the official ceremonial signing of The Giving right, too many threats to his life and ugly behavior had changed this day. As men who couldn’t qualify grew angrier with the government, The Giving ceremony became less pomp and more circumstance; and the circumstance was, until they had the woman away from the crowd, they were all in danger. A secretary rushed out and handed the men the last of the paperwork to sign.
There wasn’t a single introduction as the security, soldiers, and six young men surrounded Krista and rushed her around the corner and into a waiting limousine. They all hurried to get inside as the soldiers held back the men running toward them. Even inside the car, Krista could hear the angry shouting. The trunk slammed shut. Krista saw the driver slide into the front seat and the engine roared to life.
Feeling the vehicle lurch forward was a relief, but the sensation was short lived. Six pairs of eyes stared at her, each reflecting stark emotions. Some looked hungry, while others appeared wary. The handsome, tall, black man reached out and ran his hand down her arm. She squeaked and shrank back, afraid they’d decide to claim their rights to her there in the car while the driver and security guards watched. One security guard sat next to her and the other sat next to the driver. Both guards were armed and looked a bit edgy.
“For God’s sake, DeAnthony, can’t you see she’s terrified?” The speaker was also tall. His complexion was very tan—too tan for spring in the North, clearly indicating an exotic ancestry. He wasn’t as handsome as DeAnthony, but she thought his dark eyes were exceptionally beautiful. His black hair was a little shaggy, as if he might be overdue for a haircut. He gave her a small, friendly smile, but said nothing more. This man was trying to give her space, and she appreciated his thoughtfulness.
“My name is Max Barker. I’m twenty-six and I own a construction company. My company does a lot of work for the government and some high profile private corporations. My overly-friendly friend, DeAnthony Billings, is my business partner, he’s thirty.”
She bit her lip and gave him a quick nod of acknowledgement.
“Yes, ma’am, I’m the old guy in the group,” DeAnthony said casually. He smiled at her and his straight white teeth flashed.
At least he has good genes to give Uncle Sam lots of babies that don’t need to worry about seeing an orthodontist, Krista thought randomly as hysteria threatened to overwhelm her. These men would all be using her soon. What they did for a living didn’t really matter. She was just something valuable they’d won. While Max’s gesture was nice, Krista doubted any of the men cared if she even remembered their names, let alone occupations.
“I’m Jared Reynolds. I just turned twenty-two. I’m in med school.” The speaker had reddish-brown hair and many freckles. He looked as nervous as she felt. His green eyes were friendly and she couldn’t help liking him. “That’s my brother Damon.” He pointed to a man who looked very much like him. Damon nodded, but remained silent. “He’s vice president of our father’s manufacturing company. Our company makes building materials. That’s how we met DeAnthony and Max.”
“I’m DeAnthony’s twin brother,” a very short, pale, albeit handsome, blond man stated with a straight face. Krista raised her eyebrow at him and he laughed.
DeAnthony laughed and reached over to put the man in a headlock. “Oh yeah, he’s a brother from a different mother. The funny guy is Mal, Malcolm Jones. He’s been my bro since high school. Mal’s a stand-up comedian. Do you get cable in the Quad?”
“No cable,” Krista answered quietly.
“Well, Mal, looks like you’ve got fresh ears for all those old, terrible jokes.”
Mal’s expression seemed to light up as he smiled and his face became extraordinary. His blue eyes twinkled. She’d never heard a comedian before, but she loved a good joke. The realization that she wanted this man to make her laugh gave her a moment of surreal contemplation. She’d lived in fear of her six—unknown and demonized in her fearful, sheltered imagination—and now she was curious to know more about them. This whole meet and greet is just too weird.
Only one man said nothing. Krista glanced at him nervously. He appeared to be studying her, which made her feel an instant distrust toward him. The others must have noticed her focus, because Jared cleared his throat. When she turned to look at him, he gave her a small, boyish grin. “The guy you’re staring at is Brax, Braxton Bray. He’s a writer. Fiction. The guy writes stories about a world where the women are free to live and it’s the men in high demand. Very sexy stuff, he’s a best seller. He’s Mal’s cousin,” Jared said.
“Oh,” Krista said, staring at Braxton again. She didn’t like the way he was staring at her, as if she were an alien.
“Don’t worry. He’s cool, just quiet,” Mal assured her casually.
She nodded, unsure as to what to say to any of the men. Brax was one of the most handsome men she’d ever seen. He seemed to be studying the events in a way that made her think he was distancing himself from them all.
Everyone sat quietly for a moment. The interior of the limo was feeling a bit claustrophobic as the awkward moment lengthened. “We won’t hurt you,” Braxton said, breaking the silence.
Krista stared at him for a moment. She could see the honesty on his face. “Thank you,” she replied tightly.
“I mean it. Okay, we’ve told you a bit about who we are. Who are you, Kristannie Damiani?” His tone was so genuine, it surprised her. There was something in his eyes, something she couldn’t put a name to. Intensely, he gazed into her face. He leaned forward and rubbed his hands on his thighs. “I want to know you, Kristannie.”
The words made Braxton her favorite. His contemplative expression changed to curiosity. DeAnthony was the tallest, but Braxton was a close second. His blue eyes were vivid, unique. His hair was a light brown and it was a bit shaggy, she wondered if it was as soft as it looked. Clamping her hands together, she held them in her lap to make sure she wouldn’t be tempted to reach out and touch him. Even if she was supposed to have sex with him, he was still a stranger, after all. She looked down at her feet, and she felt the heat of a blush creeping into her cheeks. When she glanced back up at him, Braxton grinned.
“I want to know you, really,” Braxton said quietly.
“There’s not much to tell,” she replied. “For starters, you can call me Krista, if you like. I was three when the plague came, and my mother died. I miss her, even if I don’t remember much about her.”
“We lost mothers too, I understand. What do you do for fun?”
“I like to read. The classics are my first choice. Bronte, Dickens—those are my favorites. Does it really matter what I like? I’m just property now, aren’t I?”
The men all looked uncomfortable. “I know this isn’t the most romantic situation, but I hope you’ll find comfort in the fact we’ve been waiting for you for years. We’ve built a home for you, Krista. You’ll complete our arrangement, and I hope you’ll make it more than just a structure. The seven of us will be living together. You won’t have to bounce from place to place. We’re good friends and, I know the reality of this arrangement is far from ideal, but I hope you’ll be able to make the best of things. I don’t want you to be afraid.” Braxton took her hand and stared into her eyes. “I’m not the kind of man who’d use you, and my friends are all good men, we’ll protect and cherish you. There isn’t the luxury of time to build a relationship before sex. We all know it. If you aren’t pregnant in six months, they’ll take you away. I hope you understand the need for expedience.”
Krista flinched. “I know. I knew I’d be raped today.”
It was Braxton’s turn to flinch. “Please don’t think of what we’ll do as rape. I promise you that even if we aren’t experienced, we’ll be considerate.”
Krista looked away. The other men sat sullenly. Braxton was making an effort to comfort her and she was being ungracious. Her six could’ve been less attractive or careless with her, but so far, they were better than she’d expected. “I will try,” she said, squeezing Braxton’s hand.
His surprised expression became a grin. “That makes me very happy, Kristannie. I want to make you happy. I want to give you a Giving Night you’ll remember fondly the rest of your life.”
Her breath caught in her throat and she felt as if all the oxygen left the limo’s interior. Braxton was definitely her favorite.....


                          ~~~~~CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ASHLYNN'S WEBSITE~~~~

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dark Secrets by Shona Husk

Release Date: Feb 18, 2013. Many thanks to Netgalley for the review copy.
Shona Husk is back with a new fantasy paranormal that will blow you away! Ms. Husk has long been one of my favored authors with her Shadowlands Series being dear to my heart. I picked up Dark Vow, not sure that I'd enjoy it as much, as it is written in the First Person & I've always shied away from novels like that, but within the first few paragraphs, I was easily hooked. The way the lovely Ms. Husk looks at fantasy is just spell-binding! She weaves a creative web & snags the reader into her world. 
This book introduces us to the gorgeous yet disturbed Haidyn Mast, and the complicated world in which he resides, as an owner of a "lust house", trying to stay off the radar of the "Powers That Be". He has made a life for himself by using his magic to make his customers believe they've had an amazing time with him, yet he never has need to use his body, only his mind.. His carefully created world starts to fall apart when her realizes his long lost love the beautiful, shy Anisa, has married one of his greatest enemies and also a longtime customer of Haidyns' so he knows all to well how brutal Anisa's new spouse can be. However, Anisa's new husband Brixen, the Lawman, quickly puts together the fact that Haidyn may know something about his lovely new wife and sets out to destroy Haidyn, just as much as he fights his desire for him.. Can Haidyn & Anisa pull together & manage to survive? Or will Brixen mange to win this evil game & send Haidyn to the hangman's noose before these two star-crossed lovers get a chance to reunite?
Pre-order a copy of this amazing fantasy paranormal novel & find out! Shona Husk takes great care with details & easily pulls you into the new worlds she created in her fantastic mind. Check out the lovely Ms. Husk today! You don't want to miss this book!

Platinum gives Shona & "Dark Secrets": 
4.5 Platinum Rings!


Six years ago, Haidyn Mast left his home and his betrothed Anisa to follow his magical calling. Too weak to join the Arcane Guild and too ashamed to return home, he has made a life as a prostitute--to all outward appearances. In truth, he sells his mind but not his body, using magic to let his clients experience their most secret fantasies while his hands stay clean. Even the Lawman, the arbiter of justice in Reseda, is one of his clients, but Haidyn would rather not know the extent of that man's depravity.

Though successful, Haidyn is shunned as a whore and his lack of formal training is causing his power to grow out of control. He's ready to retire and leave the city, but when he sees his Anisa standing at Lawman's side, he knows he must rescue her from the abusive enforcer. Risking his life and his sanity, he devises a plan, knowing that failure will mean death for him, and a lifetime of torment for her... 


The Lawman raised his hand and waved, thanking everyone for
coming. I’m sure he realized we were only here to see his wife. He
turned, and for a moment I saw long hair like gold, a color that was
unusual in Westly County. Most folk had either copper-colored hair,
like me, or dark hair if they’d drifted over from Easly County.
My heart clenched and missed a beat. A pang of longing for
someone I’d left behind before I’d learned to value love.
Then the new wife stepped forward, dragged by Brixen’s hand. I
couldn’t breathe. Brixen’s wife was my Anisa.
I stumbled back.
How had she ended up on that bastard’s arm? My blood ran hot
then cold at the thought of what he’d do to her—and I knew
everything that went on in his twisted mind.
Anisa smiled and waved. Her dress was Lawman’s white.
I had no right to feel resentful or want her back. I had walked
away from her six years ago. But the memory of what we’d had still
kept me awake at night.
I’d been young and full of pride, about to join the most powerful
Union in Prasine. She was my promised, but when the Union had
refused me entrance I’d been unable to go home. Shame had trapped
me in Reseda. I couldn’t face her, knowing I’d failed to get in. Once
I’d slipped further, I’d known I could never go back no matter how
bad things became.
Now she was here. At Brixen’s side.
My stomach twisted and gave me a mouthful of bitter bile.
My stomach twisted and gave me a mouthful of bitter bile.
I’d fallen so deeply into the gutter that I had no hope of ever
climbing out and being seen as anything but scum by her. The crowd
began to shift and disperse; I slunk back the way I’d come, eager to
be gone before either the Lawman or his wife set eyes on me. I
couldn’t bear to be seen by either today. How was I going to face
Brixen when he came to my bed?
The liquor I’d drunk became poison in my blood. In the small side
road I placed my palm against the cool stone wall, my gut heaving. I
swallowed hard and closed my eyes and fought for control. I couldn’t
fall apart in public as that would be bad for business and would
attract too much of the wrong attention.
I straightened slowly, then I smoothed my coat and forced my feet
to move as if I had not a care in the world. But my boiling blood was
killing me and every time I blinked I saw Anisa on the Lawman’s
arm. Tonight she’d be in his bed. I wanted to turn around and tell her
to run, that whatever he’d told her were lies. I didn’t want her to
know the horror that dwelled in the Lawman’s heart. But I couldn’t
say anything. She’d made her vow before the ten Lords, which was
more than I’d ever done, and I doubted she’d believe a word out of
my mouth.


Wild Cat by Jennifer Ashley

Another spell-binding & oh-so-sexy novel by the mighty Jennifer Ashley! If you are into paranormal's as much as I am, then this lovely lady MUST be on your favorite authors list! Ms. Ashley knows exactly how to write her characters & their surroundings in all of her novels & they are never lacking depth or details. She makes sure nothing is ever left open-ended & provides one satisfying read from start to finish for lovers of the paranormal! 
This novel introduces us to the sexy, hard bodied human cop, Diego Escobar who has a run-in with the stunningly gorgeous shifter, Cassidy Warden. Diego is mesmerized by the grace & strength in this beautiful shifter, not to mention the fact that she saved his life! Cassidy is fascinated by the human cop & even her inner sex kitty calls for him, literally:) However, there is a nightmare monster, possibly human, possibly shifter, lurking out there, and looking to take Cassidy's life before she can even start to explore her new feelings for Diego. Can these two pull together to not only save Cassidy's life but Diego's, as well? 
Grab this book & find out! The twists & turns will get you instantly hooked! And the chemistry between these two?? *SNAP* Wow, it is so steamy & intense, it'll make anyone "shift" in their seat while reading! Don't delay! Run out & buy this book and fall into the world of the Shifters Unbound!

                  5 PLATINUM RINGS!



This is Jennifer Ashley's 4th installment in the Shifters Unbound Series.
Pride Mates (#1)
Primal Bonds (#2) 
Bodyguard (Novella #2.5)
Wild Cat (#3)



When Feline Shifter Cassidy Warden saves detective Diego Escobar from plunging to his death, the naked Shifter woman takes his breath away. But she'd been breaking all kinds of human laws, and Diego, to save her from termination, has to promise his department he'll watch over her. 

Diego finds the task harder than he thinks--Cassidy is trying to find out what kind of mysterious hunter killed her mate two years ago, a hunter that could bring danger to all Shifters. Plus Cassidy has scent-marked Diego--essentially telling all other Shifter females, "Hands off." 

Diego risks his personal and professional life getting involved with Cassidy, but he realizes he'll do anything, even confront the deadliest of assassins and his own inner demons, to keep her safe. 



Heights. Damn it, why does it have to be heights?
Diego Escobar scanned the steel beams of the unfinished skyscraper against a gray morning sky, and acid seared his stomach.
Heights had never bothered him until two years ago, when five meth-heads had hung him over the penthouse balcony of a thirty-story hotel and threatened to drop him. His partner, Jobe, a damn good cop, had put his weapon on the balcony floor and raised his hands to save Diego’s life. The men had pulled Diego to safety and then casually shot them both. Diego had survived; Jobe hadn’t.
Diego’s rage and grief had manifested into an obsessive fear of heights. Now, going up even three floors in a glass elevator could give him cold sweats.
“Way the hell up there?” he asked Rogers, the uniform cop.
“Yes, sir.”
“Hooper’s pretty sure it’s not human,” Rogers said. “He says it moves too fast, jumps too far. But he hasn’t got a visual yet.”
Not human meant Shifter. This was getting better and better. “Hooper’s up there alone?”
“Jemez is with him. They think they have the Shifter cornered on the fifty-first level.”
The fifty-first level? “Tell me you’re fucking kidding me.”
“No, sir. There’s an elevator. We got the electric company to turn on the power.”
Diego looked at the rusty doors Rogers indicated, then up, up, and up through the grid of beams into empty space. He could see nothing but the gray dawn sky between the crisscross of girders. His mouth went dry.
This cluster of buildings in the middle of nowhere—which was to have been an apartment complex, hotel, office tower, and shopping center—had been under construction for years. The project had started to great fanfare, designed to draw tourists and locals away from the heavily trafficked Strip. But construction slowed, and so many investors pulled out that building had ground to a halt. Now the unfinished skyscraper sat like a rusting blot on the empty desert.
Tracking Shifters wasn’t Diego’s department. Diego was a detective in vice. He’d responded to the call for help with a trespasser because he’d been heading to work and his route took him right by the construction site. Diego figured he’d help Rogers chase down the miscreant and drive on in.
Now Rogers wanted Diego to jaunt to the fifty-first level, where there weren’t any floors, for crying out loud, and chase a suspect who might be a Shifter. Shifters were dangerous—people who could become animals. Or, maybe animals who became people. The jury was still out. In any case, they’d been classified as too dangerous to live with humans, rounded up into Shiftertowns, and made to wear Collars that regulated their violent tendencies.
Diego had heard that regular guns didn’t always bring them down, Shifters having amazing metabolisms. Shifter Division used tranquilizers when they needed to shoot a Shifter, but Diego was fresh out of those. Rogers, rotund and near retirement, watched Diego with a bland expression, making it clear he had no intention of going up after the Shifter himself.
A high-pitched scream rang down from on high. It was a woman’s scream—Maria Jemez—followed by a man’s bellow of surprise and pain. Then, silence.
“Damn it.” Diego ran for the elevator. “Stay down here, call Shifter Division, and get more backup. Tell them to bring tranqs.” He got into the lift and shut the doors, blocking out Rogers’ “Yes, sir.”
The lift clanked its way up through the few completed finished floors, then onto floors that were nothing but beams and catwalks. The elevator was an open cage, so Diego got to watch the ground and Rogers recede, far too rapidly.
Fifty-first level. Damn.
Diego had been chasing criminals through towering hotels for years without thinking a thing about it. He and the sheriff’s department even had followed one idiot high up onto a cable tower two hundred feet above Hoover Dam five years ago, and Diego hadn’t flinched.
A bunch of cop-hating meth dealers hang him over a balcony, and he goes to pieces.
It stops now. This is where I get my own back.
Diego rolled back the gate on the fifty-first level. The sun was rising, the mountains west of town bathed in pink and orange splendor. The Las Vegas valley was a beautiful place, its stark white desert contrasting with the mountains that rose in a knifelike wall on the horizon. Visitors down in the city kept their eyes on the gaming tables and slot machines, uncaring of what went on outside the casinos, but the beauty of the valley always tugged at Diego.
Diego drew his Sig and stepped off the lift into eerie silence. Something flitted in his peripheral vision, something that moved too lightly to be Hooper, who was a big, muscular guy who liked big, muscular guns. Diego aimed, but the movement vanished.
He stepped softly across the board catwalk, moving into the deeper shadow of a beam. The catwalk groaned under his feet. There were no lights up here, just the faint flush of morning and the glow from the work lights down on the ground that the power company had turned on.
Diego saw the movement again to his left, and then, damned if he didn’t see a similar flit to his right.
Son of a bitch—two of them?
A sound like the cross between a pop and a kiss came from down the catwalk the instant before something pinged above Diego’s head. Diego hit the floor instinctively, trying not to panic as his feet slid over the catwalk’s edge.
His heart pounded triple-time, his throat so dry it closed up tight.
What the hell was he doing? He should have confessed his secret fear of heights, gone to psychiatric evaluation, stayed behind a desk. But no, he’d been too determined to keep his job, too determined to beat it himself, too embarrassed to admit the weakness. Now he was endangering others because of his stupid fear.
Shut up and think.
Whatever had pinged hadn’t been a bullet. Too soft. Diego got his feet back onto the catwalk and crawled to find what had fallen to the boards. A dart, he saw, the kind shot by a tranquilizer gun.
Uniforms didn’t carry tranqs, and Shifter Division hadn’t showed up yet. That meant that one of the Shifters he was chasing up here had a tranquilizer gun. Perfect. Put the nice cop to sleep, and then do anything you want with him, including pushing his body over the edge.
Diego moved in a crouch across the catwalk to the next set of shadows. The sun streaked across the valley to Mount Charleston in the west, light radiant on its snow-covered crown. More snow was predicted up there for the weekend. Diego had contemplated driving up on Saturday night to sip hot toddies in a snowbound cabin, maybe with something warm and female by his side.
On the other side of the next beam, Diego found Bud Hooper and Maria Jemez. Maria was fairly new, just out of the academy, too baby-faced to be up here chasing crazy Shifters. The two cops were slumped together in a heap, still warm, breathing slowly.
Diego heard footsteps, running fast—too fast to be human. He swung around as a shadow detached itself from the catwalk in front of him and rose in a graceful leap to the next level.
Diego stared, open-mouthed. The thing wasn’t human—it had the long limbs of a cat, but its face was half human, like a cross between human and animal. Did Shifters look like that? He’d thought they were either animal or human, but as he watched, gun ready, he realized he was seeing one in midshift.
The Shifter landed on open beams on the next floor up, then its shape flowed, as it ran, into the lithe form of a big cat. Morning sunlight caught on white fur and the flash of green eyes. Snow leopard? It sprinted along the beam, never losing its balance, and vanished back into the shadows.
Diego heard a step behind him. He whipped around in time to see the flash of a rifle barrel in the sunlight, aiming directly at him. He heard the pop as his reflexes made him dive for the floor.
He came up on his elbows to return fire, but there was nothing to aim at. Whoever had the tranq rifle had vanished back into the shadows.
All was silence. Nothing but rising wind humming through the building.
Diego reassessed his situation. He had a Shifter running around up here, plus one asshole with a tranquilizer gun. Someone hunting a Shifter? Could be. The laws about humans hunting un-Collared Shifters—those Shifters who had refused to take the Collar and live in Shiftertowns—had loosened in the last couple years.
But this Shifter hunter had pegged Jemez and Hooper with tranqs, and was trying to shoot Diego too. Why, if the guy was hunting the Shifter legally?
Another pop had him rolling out of the way just before a dart struck the catwalk where Diego’s head had been.
As he scrambled up again, the catwalk, loosened and dry-rotted from years under the desert sun, slid out from under his feet. Diego lunged at the nearest steel beam, the metal burning his skin as he tried and failed to grab it.
The catwalk’s boards splintered and came away from the bolts. Diego’s heart jammed in his throat as his body dropped. Splinters rained past him. At the last desperate moment, he got one arm hooked around a girder, and he hung there, stuck like a bug fifty-one stories up.
Son of a fucking—
He couldn’t swing his feet around to get them back on the girder. His arm shook hard. He realized he still held his Sig in his other hand, but for some reason, he could not make himself open his fingers and let it go.
His arm was aching, and he was slipping. He was going to fall. Five hundred feet to the ground. Why the hell hadn’t he asked to be put on desk duty?
Diego tried to swing his feet up again, but he missed the girder. The jolt of his feet swinging back down nearly jarred him loose. That’s it, his hold was going. Damn it, damn it, damn it . . .
Two strong hands caught Diego under his shoulders; two very strong arms dragged him up and up, stomach grating on the beam, and onto the catwalk. Diego lay there, face down, on the relative solidity of a catwalk, drawing long, shuddering breaths.
When he could, he rolled onto his back, and found himself looking up into the white green eyes and ferocious face of the Shifter, again in its half-shifted state. A female Shifter, from the hint of breasts under the fur and from the sheer, strange beauty of her. She had a wildcat’s face, and the morning light glinted on silver links of a chain around her neck.
Before Diego could find his voice, the Shifter spun away in another gravity-defying leap. She landed on all fours, flowing back into the shape of a snow leopard. Diego sat up and watched her, stunned by the beauty of the long, powerful animal running with inhuman grace fifty stories above the ground........



Friday, January 25, 2013

Heart Of A Soldier by: Tamara Hoffa

Another new author on the scene is the delightful Tamara Hoffa, author if "Heart Of A Soldier". This is a romantic, beautiful debut novella involving the beautiful, emotionally damaged Charlotte "Charlie" MacKenzie and her pleas for her son Evan to not join the military after losing her husband in an accident 5 years ago. She heads to the recruiting office with her dear Evan to meet the Army recruiter, Jameson Hunter. First thing she sees when she meets Jameson is a gorgeous military man and she starts getting feelings she hasn't had in many years. Jameson sees a beautiful woman & a scared mom. He wants to ease Charlie's fears just as much as he wants to get to know the woman that is Charlie.. Can Charlie overcome her traumatic past & her fears of losing Evan, in order to let Jameson in her life?
This is a great first novella and is well written with strong characters & the feelings poured into this book will break your heart as well as give you a new view on the life a mom must face upon letting her son grow up and facing a new life herself.. An amazing debut novella and a definite must read! 

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4 Platinum Rings!

Soldier Jameson Hunter faces the battle of his life: winning the heart of Charlotte Mackenzie,             
                                                     widowed mother of a young recruit.


The recruiting office was in a typical strip mall. The window displayed the image of a
soldier in fatigues and the army slogan “Be all you can Be. In the ARMY!” Taking a deep
breath, Charlie pushed the office door open. The office sported two desks, some filing cabinets, a
water cooler and uncomfortable-looking molded plastic chairs. The walls were basic white, the
decorating scheme consisted of recruiting posters and a framed letter from the president.
Obviously, appointed for function, rather than comfort or style, it was about what she had
expected. What she wasn’t prepared for was the man sitting behind the desk.
Oh, my. Shoulders a mile wide, dark hair, with just a touch of gray at the temples, sunbronzed
skin over sharp features and eyes so green they practically glowed in his handsome face.
Rising to his feet, the personification of Ares extended his hand.
“Warrant Officer Jamison Hunter.” When he spoke, the deep baritone of his voice sent tiny
shivers down Charlie’s spine. What the hell was this? This was definitely not the time or place
for her long dormant libido to decide to wake up. Pull yourself together girl! This is the man that
wants to take Evan away. Remember, he is the enemy.
“Charlotte Mackenzie, Charlie. And I believe you know my son Evan.”
“Pleasure to meet you, ma’am. Please have a seat.”
Okay, Charlie, you can do this, all you have to do is convince a career military man that
your son shouldn’t join the army. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?
* * *
An hour later Charlie’s mind spun with information overload. But, one thing was certain,
she had a lot to think about. CWO Hunter seemed to sense Charlie’s trepidation.
“Evan, would you mind letting me speak to your mother a moment in private?” Jameson
“Yes, Sir.” Turning to his mother Evan said, “I’ll wait for you in the car.”
Charlie wanted to refuse. She had enough to think about already and she didn’t need the
added distraction of CWO Hunter interfering with her thought processes. But, one look at the
excitement and anticipation on her son’s face and she nodded her agreement.
Jameson Hunter stared at the beautiful woman in front of him. A compact bundle of curves,
with glistening red hair that brushed against her chin in a subtle sway and eyes as blue as the
Caribbean, Charlie was everything that revved his engine in a woman. He knew she had
concerns about Evan joining the army, but at the moment all he could think about was the
woman, not her son. Keep it in your pants boy, he scolded himself. Maybe he could kill two
birds with one stone and make a date with the delectable Charlie. Then he would have the chance
to get to know her better and help allay her concerns about the army. Yeah, that could work.
“Charlie, I know you have concerns about Evan signing up. Would you like to go out to
dinner with me and we could discuss this in a more informal situation?”
Charlie stared at his face, was he asking her on a date or was this business? Charlie really
didn’t know what to think. While Jameson Hunter was an attractive man, Charlie hadn’t been on
a date in…well, truthfully since she was dating Phillip in high school. Charlie surveyed
Jameson’s face, trying to read his expression. He was smiling, causing the skin beside his eyes to
crinkle, eyes that held a slightly wicked gleam. It had been a while, but Charlie was pretty sure
she could still read the signals and the signals she was receiving from CWO Jameson Hunter
were shouting, “Hey baby, I wanna see you naked,” or maybe that was her and she was reading
her own desires in his eyes. Charlie hesitated. But, her concern for Evan was genuine and she
really did want to discuss it, so she acquiesced.
“I would like that,” Charlie replied.
“What night are you free? I know a great little Italian place just downtown. Family owned,
everything made from scratch, meatballs to die for.”
“Oh you really know how to hit a girl where she lives,” said Charlie. “I love Italian. That
sounds marvelous. I have appointments most of the week, but I should finish up early on
Thursday if that works for you?”
“Shall I pick you up at seven?” Jameson asked.
“I’ll probably come straight from work, so how about I meet you there?” Charlie may not
have dated in a while, but one rule she knew from all her single friends, always have your own
transportation, just in case.
Jameson scratched an address onto a slip of paper on his desk and handed it to her, along
with his business card.
“This has my office and cellphone numbers, in case you need to get in touch with me before
Thursday.” Jamie pressed the card into her hand and a frisson of heat crept up her arm. Reaching
into the outside pocket of her purse Charlie extracted a business card of her own. Clarksville
Physical Therapy, Charlotte Mackenzie PT, Jameson raised his eyebrows.
“You’re a physical therapist?”
“Yes, why?”
Jameson laughed.
“What a coincidence. I’m stuck here, stateside, rehabbing a rotator cuff tear. I had surgery
about six weeks ago. Just got out of my sling. I think physical therapy would be a lot more
enjoyable with a beautiful lady like you for scenery rather than corporal Jennings at the base
gym.” Jameson’s grimace made Charlie smile.
“Well, thank you kind sir,” Charlie replied with an exaggerated southern drawl.
Jameson stepped around his desk and extended his hand. Charlie placed her hand in his
expecting a handshake, she was startled when Jamie lifted her hand and placed a gentle kiss on
her knuckles.
“I’ll see you Thursday at 6:30, at Roma’s.”................


More Than Friends by Jessica Jayne

** Warning.. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Graphic content.
Jessica Jayne is another new author on the literary scene & her first released novella "More Than Friends" is an amazing debut! She is creative & incredibly detailed with her characters & story line. It made me feel like I was watching events take place from an insiders point of view. 
In this novella, we meet Jeni Acerna, a beautiful yet unsure woman who has just left another relationship that didn't work out to her expectations. She always seems to compare the men in her life to her best friend, the sexy & confident Brian Hamilton.. Of course, best friends isn't the best of terms, as they have always been more than friends, hence the title. Jeni flies home to attend a friends wedding & arranges to meet Brian there, as she hasn't seen him much recently and desires to spend time with her best friend. Yet, speaking with Brian brings out old desires & feelings from the past & she can't help but tease him, making a bet for 500 dollars that he will be begging for sex before her, by the end of the visit. Her bet soon comes front & foremost & she is finding it harder & harder to resist Brian. She realizes that she may need to look deeper into her feelings for her best friend but doesn't want their relationship to change if he doesn't reciprocate the feelings.. Will Jeni be able to get thru this weekend and not only win her bet but possibly win Brian's heart??
You need to grab this book & check it out! It's full of steamy, sexy scenes that makes you feel the actual chemistry between the 2 main characters! All in all, it is a great first book debut! Kudos to Ms. Jayne for a solid first book!

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4 Platinum Rings!


Jeni Acerna’s longstanding sexual relationship with her best friend, Brian Hamilton, is both blissful and troublesome. She’s been unable to commit herself to another relationship because no one compares to Brian in or out of bed.

Prior to attending a friend’s wedding together, they place a wager…the first to beg for sex owes the other $500. After a tortuous night, their passion erupts and their sexual relationship picks up where it left off…hot and heavy. However, this time, Brian wants Jeni… and not just in his bed. Can he convince her the risk is worth taking?



“Jeni, you know you are to me what alcohol is to an alcoholic.
When I am around you, I can never get enough…no matter the
Jeni’s heart skipped a beat at the fact that she still had such a
profound sexual effect on him. He, of course, still made her knees
weak and her panties wet.
“I’d never be able to keep it cooled off spending the weekend
with you. You should know that.”
And she did know it. They had seen each other only twice since
the cooling off began several months ago, and both times were
planned with many of their friends around them so as to avoid the
one-on-one time. Even then, they had a difficult time keeping their
hands off each other. She found his hand at the small of her back or
on her thigh during dinner. She couldn’t stop from ruffling his silky,
brown hair or nuzzling into his neck when they said goodbye.
They had had a secret love affair or rather sex affair for years.
But she knew that it had never actually been a secret to anyone. They
had known each other since they were born. Their parents were
had known each other since they were born. Their parents were
good friends and had gone to high school together in Canton Falls
too. Since Jeni and Brian were fifteen, they had a magnetic attraction
to each other. Their sexual relationship started in high school,
continued through college, and carried on even after Jeni moved to
Florida five years ago for warmer weather and a job in hospitality
marketing at a large resort in Clearwater. Anytime she returned home
to Ohio to visit her family and friends, she and Brian found a way to
be together. And when she saw Brian, Jeni had an extremely difficult
time not fucking him.
When they were in high school, they had tried the boyfriendgirlfriend
thing. At the time, neither of them wanted a serious
relationship, so they agreed to be friends with benefits. Since then,
they never approached the subject of a “relationship” so as not to ruin
the good thing they had. And it was good. Very fucking good!
“Are you turning me down because you might not be able to fuck
me?” Jeni asked. Brian laughed.
“Might not? I’m turned on just thinking about being in the same
room as you,” he said. “There is no way either of us would get out of
that hotel room not completely sated.”
“Maybe the cooling off period can be over,” she teased. “Could
we make a game out of it?” A thought popped into her head that
could make it a challenge. Brian could hardly resist a challenge,
especially against her.
“What kind of game?” Brian asked, intrigued.
“Every time we meet up, we are fucking within ten minutes,” Jeni
“It’s one of the many pleasures of getting together with you.”
“It’s one of the many pleasures of getting together with you.”
“I’m not saying I don’t enjoy that aspect, because, of course, I
do. But it might be fun to restrain from our natural instinct even if just
for a little bit. Let’s agree not to have sex for the first twenty-four
hours I’m in town. That still leaves about forty-eight hours to play.”
“That’s such a waste of twenty-four hours,” he said. “What do I
get out of this?”
“The challenge,” she replied. “I know you can’t last that long
being in a hotel room with me with nothing but our clothes separating
us.” She heard him snicker on the other end of the phone. Brian could
never pass on a challenge. He was way too competitive. “Whoever
begs to be fucked first owes the other five hundred dollars. So make
sure you bring cash when you pick me up from the airport.” Jeni
knew they would not likely make the twenty-four hours, and she did
not mind coming home with a little extra cash.
“You know me too well, Jeni,” he said. “I’m always up for a
challenge. I’ve got you on this one! You’ll be begging me to fuck you
well before that twenty-four-hour period is over. Keep the money in
your bra. I’ll find it!”
Jeni laughed at his cockiness. Brian was always that way when
they chatted on the phone before a visit. He was going to use
restraint. He was going to let them have a conversation and maybe
dinner before he disrobed her. But he had far less restraint than he
cared to admit. Jeni gave him her flight information, and they ended
the conversation with their little game on the table.
Now, Jeni was on her way to Cleveland. She laid her head back
against the airplane seat and closed her eyes. Lord knew she would
not be getting a tremendous amount of sleep this weekend.......


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kiss Of The Betrayer by Boone Brux

Review copy, courtesy of Edelweiss..

This is the first book I've ever read by Boone Brux & let me reassure you, she now has a fan for life! This book was action-packed, quickly paced & never once did she leave out any details. Just an edge of your seat, drama & action filled romp! 
This book introduces us to Luc Le Daun, a gorgeous but disturbed Bringer male & the beautiful, troubled Jade Kendell, a female Bringer. Bringers are immortals tasked with ridding the human world of the Bane which are demons. Luc & Jade come together after Jade tries to kill him to pay back a family blood debt, as she belives he is responsible for her parents' death & her sister turning into a demon. She doesn't realize that he is a Bringer and immortal, thus her murder plan doesn't go correctly. Luc tracks her down after she flees the attempted murder scene. Let the chaos begin! The sparks between these two are noticeable from the beginning and both of them try to ignore the growing attraction between each other. Jade feels guilt about it because Luc used to date her sister Esmerelda, before the horrifying death of their parents. Part of the reason Jade tries to take her revenge on Luc is also the fact that at the time their parents were murdered, her beloved sister Esmerelda, was changed into a demon Bane now known as Rell and she retained some of her humanity, enough so as to raise Jade from childhood and keep her safe. The demon Bane are out to get Luc & Jade as they both have come into their powers, Rell is still out for blood & the Bane are planning something big... Will Luc & Jade overcome their differences & manage to stay alive long enough to test the growing attraction between them? Or will the Bane separate them forever..
This book is a definite must-read! Fast paced drama & oh-so-steamy love scenes.. One of those books you just can't put down! Grab this book today & get ready to enter the world of The Bringer & The Bane, by Boone Brux!

Platinum Reviews gives Boone & "Kiss Of The Betrayer":
5 Platinum Rings!


For fifteen years Luc Le Daun has blamed himself for the death of the woman he loved. His secret guilt has led him into a life of danger, risking all and committing to none.

Killing Luc Le Daun has been all Jade Kendell has thought about for years. But when her plan goes awry and she’s brought into the Bringers’ fold, her own dark secret threatens to be revealed. Desire for a better life wars with a promise made long before she understood the ramifications.

In a deadly mission, Jade and Luc embark on a journey into the Shadow World. As they attempt the impossible, ignoring the attraction growing between them becomes harder to deny. The slightest misstep could mean the loss of their souls and give the Demon King exactly what he needs to open the Abyss of Souls and annihilate the Bringers.



The Shrouded Forest, Outer Faela, Inness
“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” The demon’s taunt circled
through Jade’s veiled hiding place. “You can’t escape.” Leaves
rustled, shuffling under the demon’s feet. Its call drew closer. “You
can never escape.”
Jade ground her teeth together and squeezed her right arm,
cringing against the searing bite racing up her limbs. After all these
years, she’d still not gotten used to Bane burn, as she called it. Her
gaze darted around her small hiding spot inside the hollowed tree
trunk, searching for something to draw the demon’s attention away.
Dampness seeped through the seat of Jade’s pants and sent an
involuntary shiver up her spine—whether from cold or anticipation,
she couldn’t say.
A stone lay half-buried beneath the layer of rotting leaves.
Careful not to make a sound, she picked up the rock and let it drop
into her palm.
“You know I’ll find you,” the demon called from farther away.
2 Boone Brux
With achingly slow movements, Jade scooted low enough to get
a clear shot through the branches. She waited, listening. Nothing.
Cursed demon. The stretching silence chipped away at her patience.
Not a single leaf fluttered beyond her cover, but the needle-like
bites on her skin told her the demon huntress was near.
Jade drew her hand back and focused on a spot several yards
away. Concentrating, she closed her eyes and sought the ancient
words. An earth magic chant, normally dormant until she needed
it, filled her mind and rushed from her lips in an indistinct hiss. She
snapped her wrist forward and released the stone.
As if thrown with full force, the rock sailed through the
opening in the branches and disappeared into the shadows of the
surrounding woods. A small crack echoed when the stone hit what
must have been the trunk of a tree.
She held her breath but didn’t have to wait long. Three running
steps thundered toward her hiding place. She tensed, ready to fight.
The loud thump of the demon’s wings extending was followed by
a rushing uptake of air. The dark shadow soared above her and
headed toward the sound of the rock. It banked left and disappeared
into the wall of trees.
Not waiting to see if her ruse worked, Jade scrambled from
her spot, the twigs tearing the green kerchief from her head and
scoring her back with their sharp points. She didn’t stop to retrieve
the material or examine her injuries. Escape was her only thought.
Any second, the demon would realize she’d outsmarted it and
return to the hunt, more determined than ever. Jade raced in the
opposite direction, never running in a straight line for too long. She
snaked a path through the trees in an all-too-familiar pattern meant
to throw her pursuer off her trail. The woods blurred. Her chest
tightened and her breathing became labored, but she didn’t stop.
Kiss of the Betr a y e r 3
Prickles nipped at her skin, which meant the danger was still
near. A stitch of pain jabbed at her side. She wrapped an arm
around her waist, but it didn’t help stem the discomfort. She craned
her neck to look over her shoulder. Only the dark woods yawned
behind her—empty—demonless as far as she could see.
Hope jabbed at her, teasing her into slowing her step, mocking
her with the possibility that she’d actually eluded the Bane. She
scanned the canopy. Still no demon. Her jog slowed and finally
stopped. Blood pounded against her chest like a drum, ricocheting
into her ears. She dragged in a deep breath, willing her body to
A rivulet of sweat ran down the back of her neck, beneath
her loose and tangled hair. She pushed the damp strands from her
face. Her gaze raked the trees and sky for movement. Nothing. The
demon lived for this kind of challenge. It loved to taunt its prey,
which was her at this moment, into doing something stupid, namely
standing around like an idiot the way she was now.
Jade began to jog again, ignoring the pinch in her side but not
ignoring the raw burn that swept across her skin. Pain was the one
thing that could divide her attention and make her lose focus. Over
the years she’d mastered tolerance for many of life’s discomforts—
cold, hunger, loneliness—but pain refused to be conquered.
She massaged her ribs. Just a little farther and she’d reach the
sanctified grounds of the small chapel. There she’d be safe and could
The throbbing pain suddenly flared, her only warning before
large talons wrapped around her upper arms and lifted her from the
ground. Jade screamed, her stomach lurching toward her feet. Her
body swung wildly, the demon’s wings pulling her higher, cresting
the tops of the trees.
4 Boone Brux
Nausea rolled through her. “Put me down!”
A high-pitched cackle erupted from above. “Are you sure about
Next to pain, she hated heights most. Vomit crept up her throat
and she swallowed hard, fighting against the demon’s hold. Swirling
air from the flapping wings battered her.
“You promised, no flying!”
The demon cackled again. “Promises are meant to be broken.”
“Damn it, Rell, put me down!”
“You’re no fun.”
Jade bit her tongue when the creature flipped its body to point
head down. The sting had hardly registered before they fell into a
spiral, plunging toward the earth. Her stomach slammed into her
throat. Heartbeats hammered against her chest as the ground raced
up to meet her.
Please, Sainted Ones, let me die now.
They circled low over the smooth rise of a hill. Without warning,
Rell let her go and Jade suddenly found herself toppling through
the air. A scream ripped from her throat but turned to a heavy grunt
when she hit the ground hard and tumbled across the rise in a tangle
of limbs. Stiff vegetation scraped a layer or more of flesh from her
arms. A thorny bush blocked her path and she crashed into it, its
sharp branches enveloping her. She groaned and rolled away from
the plant’s painful embrace to lay with her arms and legs thrown
Stinging cuts licked her body. “Fucking demon,” she muttered.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Boss' Bad Girl by Seraphina Donavan

**WARNING: Book not intended for anyone under the age of 18, due to explicit content.

This is the first of two short novella's written by the lovely Seraphina Donavan. The second one is "The Boss' Secret" and they should be read in sequence. There is another one in the works. 
This book introduces us to Grace, the beautiful, curvy secretary to the sexy Anthony Callahan for the last 2 years. Anthony finds Grace's diary, where she has been writing all of her dirty, secret fantasies about her boss. Grace is mortified & ready to resign, thinking that Anthony would never want her because of her size.... Until she gets the shock of her life when Anthony shows her that he will be willing to reenact all of Grace's fantasies... Will Grace be able to get past her insecurities and allow Anthony to love her? Or will this end in tears for them both?
This is a charming little story with plenty of the steaminess that we like to see from Seraphina, who is an author that is always pleasant to read. Pick up these short stories today! A definite fun & sexy little afternoon read!

Grace Marcum is quiet, shy, reserved...and painfully in love and lust with her boss. Rather than tell him, she's recorded every hot, sexy fantasy she's had about him in a journal. But one day, when he calls her into his office, Grace is horrified to see that book in his hands.

Anthony Callahan has been lusting over his secretary from day one. But sexual harassment suits are both ugly and expensive. Rather than risk it, he just took matters into his own hands, literally. But with her diary in his possession, he knows the truth, and nothing will stop him from having the woman he desires and in showing her all the pleasure to be had from indulging her many naughty fantasies.

Platinum Reviews gives Seraphina: 
4.5 Platinum Rings!



“Are you happy working for me, Grace?” he asked, and as he did so, he retrieved a small
leather bound book from the top drawer of his desk. Tapping it on the desk, the sound echoed
Grace’s beating heart. Someone had found it and turned it into him. She should have destroyed
it, she thought. If she’d burned the damn thing instead of carting it around in her bag like some
lovesick school girl it would never have happened.
“Mr. Callahan--”
“My name is Anthony, Grace. Answer my question. Are you happy working for me?”
“I love working for you,” she said honestly. It was the only way she could see him, be
close to him, nurture the small bits of happiness that trickled down to her with his smile or a bit
of praise. That she was utterly pathetic was not lost on her.
“But working for me isn’t all you want, is it?”
Grace rose from the chair, no longer caring about her job or her dignity, which was
apparently a lost cause. “I never intended for you to see my diary! I would never--I will submit
my letter of resignation immediately.” The words had no more than left her mouth when another
awful possibility occurred to her. “Oh god! You don’t need my resignation because you’re firing
me!” Tears threatened and she turned toward the door, fighting back the sobs that were barely
contained within her. Her hand wasn’t even touching the doorknob before his palm smacked
against the wood directly in front of her. She could feel his big body behind her, the breadth of
his shoulders dwarfing even her considerable frame.
“Grace, do not even think of walking out that door without an explanation!”
Grace turned to face him, looming over her. She could see a vein throbbing in his neck,
proof of just how angry he was. It was her own sick and twisted mind that made it seem so
incredibly hot to her. It didn’t help that he looked just as he did in every dirty fantasy she’d ever
entertained about him. His tie had long since been discarded, as had his jacket and his
shirtsleeves were rolled back to reveal tanned skin stretched taut over muscle and lightly dusted
with dark hair. He’d run his fingers through his dark hair and the waves were slightly
disheveled. Green eyes were flashing daggers beneath dark, straight brows.
“An explanation for what, sir?” she asked, challengingly.
Gritting his teeth, Anthony fought to keep his anger in check. When she’d made a
beeline for the door, panic had set in. He’d known from the moment that book had been placed
on his desk that he would never let her go. From the fact that she wasn’t blushing to the roots of
her dark hair, he knew that she was too devastated to even process what was happening. But that
wasn’t what that had swayed his decision to push her. He’d wanted her for so long but fear had
kept him from pursuing her. Opening that diary, reading the profane and intensely sexual
fantasies of his quiet, mild mannered secretary had sent his libido into overdrive. What it had
revealed to him was proof that Grace was his. Still, he called her bluff, “Your resignation, Miss
Marcum, or firing you? I pay you well because I value your work and you do it remarkably well.
But that’s professional, and your diary was hardly that. You’re a very dirty girl, Grace.”
“This isn’t funny,” she said. “I don’t appreciate you teasing me this way. It’s
“More humiliating than your dirty little fantasy about being spanked on my desk?”
She did blush then and ducked her head to avoid looking at him. “I will submit my
resignation on Monday morning. I’ve enjoyed working at Callahan Industries and I have learned
so much working for you this past year, but it is time for me to explore other avenues.” Avenues
that didn’t leave her aching and wet at the end of each day, lusting for a man she couldn’t have,
and now being utterly humiliated because he was aware of it. Being ignored was preferable to
being pitied. Grace wasn’t blind. She knew precisely what she looked like, and with her extra
curvy figure and her dark, perpetually messy hair, she was not the type of woman that Anthony
Callahan would ever look twice at. It had become painful to come to work every day, to look at
the man she wanted more than anything else in the world and know that she would never have
Anthony raked a hand through his hair. Grace Marcum was the most efficient secretary
he’d ever had. His office had never run so smoothly as when he’d put her in charge. If it had
been a little uncomfortable for him at times, watching her lush bottom wiggle as she filed the
forms, or noting the way she crossed her legs beneath the glass topped desk. Or, dear god help
him, when she dropped something on the floor and bent forward to pick it up, offering him an
enticing glimpse of the deep valley between her generous breasts, it had been worth it. It had
gotten difficult, sneaking into his private bathroom to jack himself off at least twice a day to
avoid a sexual harassment suit, but he’d learned to deal with it, just as he’d learned to deal with
the wet dreams that had him waking up in the middle of the night, with a raging hard on and
aching balls. But now, knowing that she felt the same way, there was no going back.
“I don’t accept it,” he said. “I refuse to accept your resignation... But everything else you
suggested in this naughty book of yours, Grace, I’ll take that and more.......”

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The Boss' Secret by Seraphina Donavan

**WARNING: Book not intended for anyone under 18 years of age due to explicit content.
This is the second of two short novella's written by the lovely Seraphina Donavan. The second one is "The Boss' Bad Girl" and they should be read in sequence. There is another one in the works. 

This story continues on with Grace & Anthony's relationship & starts focusing on Grace's decision to keep their relationship a secret for now, as she is still not comfortable with the world knowing the connection between a secretary & the big boss. Anthony is terribly upset that she isn't willing to reveal it and works on trying to persuade her into changing her mind, especially after an employee of Anthony's decides to start flirting with Grace... Can this couple overcome their differences & reach an understanding or will Grace's insecurities end the relationship?

Another sexy little novella for an afternoon read! Seraphina has an amazing way of writing, where everything just flows together & works well. Another definite must read! Pick up both of the the short novellas & enjoy!

Platinum Reviews gives Seraphina: 
4.5 Platinum Rings!


Anthony Callahan has been enjoying all the sensual delights his lovely secretary has to offer, but it's so much more than that. He wants Grace Marcum to be his, but she insists on secrecy, and he wants her enough to agree.
Grace knows what Anthony refuses to see. She's not part of his world, and trying to break the status quo could destroy the fragile bond between them.
But when someone else discovers their secret, and threatens the happiness they've found together, will it all fall apart? Or will Grace and Anthony realize that sometimes you have to risk it all to win it all?


“It drives me insane,” he said, his voice a hot whisper against her neck.  “I can’t stand seeing other men look at you.  I hate not being able to tell the world you’re mine!”
“I know... But what would people say?  I’m your secretary!  It’s every bad cliche in the book!” she protested.  It was hard to think of all her very good reasons while he was doing such delicious things with his mouth and his hands.
“It’s bullshit, Grace.  Nobody’s opinion matters but ours.”
“I don’t want to fight,” she said, stroking his face gently, trailing her fingers along the roughened skin of his jaw. 
“Then what do you want?” he asked.  
Reaching between them, she deftly loosened his belt and then unfastened his pants.  “I want you.”
Anthony was lost.  He wanted to demand that she drop the secrecy, he wanted to push her on why she felt it was such a terrible idea.  But with the wet heat of her welcoming sex pressed against him, framed by the midnight silk of the garter belt and stockings he’d bought for her, it was too much temptation.  He pressed his cock against the damp cleft of her pussy, moving against her until those soft lips parted and her heat surrounded him.  He groaned deeply, savoring the silken glide of his cock between the honeyed walls of her sex.  There was nothing else that compared to that feeling.  It was perfection.  
“Tell me you’re mine,” he demanded.  
“I’m yours, Anthony... only yours,” she said, her voice little more than a breathless moan.  
He thrust into her again, driving so deeply that it was impossible to tell where her body ended and his began.  The inner muscles of her sex clenched around him, increasing the delicious friction with every advance and retreat of his cock.  No woman had ever gotten to him the way Grace had.  The unrequited lust from before he’d found her naughty little journal was nothing in comparison to the insatiable need that he felt for her after having her.  “Fuck, Grace!  You drive me crazy.”
She smiled at him then, and then she began to whisper, her breath hot against his ear, and the most deliciously wicked things falling from her beautifully shaped lips.    “You feel so good inside me.  Your thick cock filling me up... Feel how wet I am for you, how much I want you!” He knew she was only doing it to drive him crazy, and it worked.
Reaching between their joined bodies, Anthony touched the swollen bud of her clit, trapping it between two fingers.  With every thrust, the pressure on that sensitive bundle increased, and she was soon gasping for breath, unable to do anything more than moan incoherently.  He felt the first flutters of her orgasm, the walls of her sex clenching rhythmically around him.  Gritting his teeth, he fought the urge to simply lose himself in her.  When the last of the contractions receded, he withdrew from her, instantly regretting the loss of her warmth.  
“You didn’t... Why did you stop?” she asked.  
“I need your mouth, Grace,” he whispered.  “I want to see your beautiful lips closing around my cock.”


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