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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Destroyer Rising by Eric R Asher (A Platinum "TOP FIVE" Book Of The Year!)

As a fan of this series from the beginning, I've been waiting for what seems like ages for this novel to come out.. It was definitely well worth the wait! 
Book Five in Eric Asher's fantastic Vesik series, "Destroyer Rising" premieres with a "Bang"! 
If you're a fan of Urban Fantasy, this is one series you absolutely MUST READ! 
As always, Mr Asher continues to delve deeply into his fascinating, spell-binding world of unique characters, giving them real personalities that are enticingly brought forth with his interesting writing style. He never misses a beat with his characters... Not only can you watch & feel the development of each character in his books, but you're able to truly relate with them, regardless of the species.. 
Mr Asher pours his heart into the lead character, Damian... You can feel his pain & relate to his humor; some of it is certainly eye-roll worthy, but it's always so much fun and captures the essence of "Damian" so well! Damian's Fae sidekick, Foster, is on point, as well! 
The normal, intensely humorous relationship between the friends is strained in this book because of actions Damian doesn't fully understand, but Mr Asher brings a satisfying conclusion to the novel and doesn't leave any plot holes, which seems to be the biggest problem with newer urban fantasy authors... 
This novel brings the perfect closure to some very dramatic happenings in the series, thus far.. Most notably, the plot line with Vicky (aka: Elizabeth), who is the ghost of a murdered child, (previously found by Foster & Damian in an earlier book) and is currently possessed by The Destroyer, Prosperine, hence the title ... 
As far as the ending of this book... Let's just say that I was a crying mess for hours.. I truly cannot wait to see where Mr Asher continues to take this series... 
I'd like to note that I wasn't an Urban Fantasy fan prior to reading this series & now it's one of my favorite genres, if that helps describe the intensity of this series... Now the wait begins again for the next book! 

I'd also like to let readers know that"Destroyer Rising" is one of my TOP FIVE BOOKS OF THE YEAR! 




Vesik, Book 5 
It's been three years since we failed Vicky, the child once known as Elizabeth Gray. Three years she's lived as something not quite alive, but far from dead. Her path grows darker, even as she spreads light and hope through a tortured world. The Destroyer has come to claim her, and I can’t fail her again. I won't. Elizabeth's fate lies in the Burning Lands, and we will storm the gates.


(On a personal note, I chose to add a fun excerpt from the book, since many of the more serious ones would give too much away & be a bit of a spoiler, so I hope you enjoy this one!:)


It was the burning that woke me. The acrid stench of … “Popcorn! Shit!” The room devolved into shouting fairies and a barking cu sith as I tried to battle the flames leaping out of the microwave.. 

“How long did you leave that in?” Foster shouted. I smacked at the button on the corner of the door until it swung open with a pop. A gout of flame leapt out and singed my arm before I hopped back. 

“Minas Glaciatto!” A small torrent of ice flashed into the microwave, sending flaming bits of popcorn all over the room. Foster cursed. “It’s on fire, you idiot! Put it out!” 

“Oh my god,” I shouted. “I’m on fire!” 

“Was that the door?” Aideen asked as she surveyed the smoldering popcorn strewn about the room.

“I don’t know! I’m on fire!” I beat at the blackened popcorn on my shoulder and jeans and finally managed to brush off my singed arm hair. 

“Damian, please. I’ve seen you much more on fire than that.” 

A full-sized, fully armored Aideen stepped through the saloon-style doors, leaving Foster and me to deal with the mess. I stomped on the last few bits of fiery popcorn with Foster’s help before I looked up and met his eyes. 

He grinned and I laughed. I turned back to the microwave. “You’ve met your end today micro—” I yelped as I grabbed the edge to pick it up and throw it away. The metal scorched my fingers. I blasted it with another ice incantation before smashing it into the trash can and cursing at great length. 

“I think it’s broken,” Foster said. 

I took a deep breath. “We needed a new microwave anyway. You know that damn thing burned a chimichanga? How do you burn a frozen chimichanga?” 

I pushed the doors to the front open and eyed the guests I didn’t realize were there. Alan stood beside a light brown-haired woman with enough gauze wrapped around her arms to supply a small hospital. I gave the werewolf a nod before climbing onto the stool behind the counter. 

“Please excuse our dramatic host,” Aideen said, turning to our guests. 

“You’re Aideen, right?” the woman asked. She looked nervous, but she hid it behind a drawn brow, like she expected the fairy to lash out at her. 

“I am,” Aideen said with a nod. “You’re … full sized.” A warm, white glow that emitted no luminescence enveloped the fairy before she snapped into a much smaller size. 

“We have found it to be helpful keeping the tourists in line.” 

“And it's good for business,” I said. 

Aideen sighed. “Can we help you find anything?” 

“I’m actually here to see Damian. I have something from … a friend.” 

I beat down the last smoldering ember on my sleeve and frowned. I leaned forward when the woman’s words sank in. “And you needed a werewolf bodyguard to bring it here?” 

“Need is a strong word,” she said....



Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Steamborn by Eric R Asher


Our next book up for review is Steamborn by the magnificent Eric R Asher!
I was a bit leery when one of my fave urban fantasy/horror writers, Eric, mentioned he was writing a steampunk-themed novel.. It's never been a genre I liked very much, however, for those of you who know me, I'm always up for trying something new.. And wow.. I'm glad I did! Steamborn was absolutely fascinating!! Eric has created a thrilling, unique new world that I want to visit again & again! Jacob is a bit of a trouble-maker but that endeared him to me much faster...  The creatures that terrorize the Deadlands are the things of really horrid nightmares and they are written so well that I even shuddered while reading about them! Jacob is creative, intelligent & a very interesting young man that you'll enjoy reading about.. Steamborn is fast-paced, adventurous & will keep you turning the pages, wanting to see the next chapter in Jacob's bizarre life! Mr Asher is certainly one of today's 'must-read' authors! Check his work out today!

Platinum gives Steamborn & Eric Asher:
5 Platinum Rings!


Steamborn blurb:

Jacob, a tinker's apprentice and sometime thief, has lived his entire life in the mountain city of Ancora, protected by the city walls. These towering barriers keep the Deadlands creatures at bay, but the monsters move higher into the peaks every year. More and more, they breach the defenses of the Lowlands while the Highlands rest easy. 

A swarm overruns the walls and wreaks utter devastation on the Lowlands. Charles, the old tinker, suspects the attack may not be natural. With help from Jacob's closest friend, Alice, and Samuel, one of the city's elite spider knights, Jacob and Charles will uncover a terrible darkness at the heart of their city.



Friday, November 13, 2015

***AUTHOR FEATURE*** Angel Rose

Hey, everyone! I'd like you to met a new author on the scene! This is the delightful Angel Rose & she took some time to sit down with us recently & answer our Author Interview Questions! I hope you enjoy this little peek into the mind of this wonderful gal! <3

Author Q & A Questions

Why did you decide to start writing?

I've always been a writer, ever since I was about six years old. I used to write cartoon strips and give it to my teachers. I would write plays and give it to the neighborhood kids and we would act it out. LOL

Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

I plan to write a biography under my real name about my life with a child with a disability. I also plan to write a young adult novel on teenage boyfriend/girlfriend physical and mental abuse.

What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

The biggest reward with my writing is that people read and like it. I love to tell stories that people can relate to, even though this series is dark, I know someone will relate to the characters.

Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

You might not believe me, but I was never an avid reader...ever. I only read textbooks. I started reading in 2014. I read fifty shades of grey and the this man series by Jodi Ellen malpas and black lies by Alessandra Torre. I starting writing my book in 2007, then lost the black and white composition notebook in the garage and found it again when I moved in 2014, ready to dump it in the  dumpster! LOL

What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

The biggest hurdles to overcome is the sense of insecurity and that journey into the unknown. Being a newbie is awful. I've cried so many times in the process. Luckily, I've met some fabulous authors who have taken me under their wing. Alessandra Torre was the first and we still communicate and she gives me advice all of the time. :) and Audra Hart, the sweetest author on the planet and others.

Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

Chin up. Stay Strong. Believe in yourself. Don't do this for the money, do it because you LOVE to WRITE! :)

Tell us a few random personal things about yourself personal & professional!

I write under a pen name. I have a full-time job which I cannot disclose :(, but that I love very much. I am married with two beautiful boys. I live in upstate New York. My favorite season is the Fall and I love Harvest and Halloween! I love chicken fajitas and nestle chocolate chip cookies. I love to drive and I'll drive to another state at the drop of a dime. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm definitely a people person. :)


Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey, everyone! I'd like you to meet the lovely, talented & oh-so-adorable MK Meredith! MK is a fairly new author on the scene but she's burning up the charts with her books! She took a little bit of time to sit down with me & answer our Q&A recently.. I hope you enjoy it! :)

1) Why did you decide to start writing?

MK: I was working as an occupational therapist, and though I loved my patients, I didn't love the work. Or the medical field with insurance and billing etc. I basically asked myself if I could do anything in the world, and it not feel like work, and possibly make a living at it...what would that be? Writing romance, of course! I'd been a voracious romance reader from a too young age. LOL! And my brain never stopped with my stories, even if I didn't write them down.

2) Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

MK: I think keeping up with the branding and promo could be challenging, but if the author has a good business plan and is organized and writes a good story...then the sky is the limit!

3) What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

MK: Making the connection with a fan - hands down. When they 'get' something you did, or your words made them feel...there's nothing better.

4) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

MK: I've always loved Nora Roberts, she writes stories in a way you can see yourself in them. Susan Elizabeth Phillips because the emotional side of the relationships always draw me in. Victoria Alexander, Tessa Dare, and Stephanie Laurens because I LOVE historicals and they write amazing ones! 

5) What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

MK: Sensitivity to criticism...there is no way we will ever make everyone happy. What one person adores another abhors. That is just the way it is. So I think being able to keep writing, move forward, improve, and stay in love with writing regardless of reviews and opinions is a super power. And, of course, if there is something said you don't like, let it go, don't engage. Just keep moving forward full of positive energy. There are more books that need to be written!

6) Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

Keep writing, keep moving forward. Get it in your head that 'no' does not mean you are done as a writer, it means you send out another query, it means you write another book. You have to go into the submission process determined that a 'no' will not stop you. And NEVER stop learning. 

7) Tell us a few random personal things about yourself personal & professional!

MK: Things a lot of people already know....I'm a huge fan of Peanut Butter (totally obsessed). heels, and Gerard Butler...or is it David Gandy? LOL!

I am head over heels in crazy love with my husband Brian. He hung the moon and stars for me. I tell him if he ever leaves, I'm going with him.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Before that I was a huge fan of I am finding my way back to it. LOL!

I was an Occupational Therapist and a Pharmaceutical rep.

I was valedictorian in high school...and learned it really didn't matter the day after high school! Ha!

I am a GINORMOUS hugger with a very little bubble. I have to remember that other people are not made the same way, but I often forget until I'm mid hug and they're breaking out in a cold sweat. ;-)

I love books, shows, and movies. A story junky this one. *points to self* I love it all!

I cry easily. Happy, sad...doesn't matter. If I FEEL it, my eyes leak. 

Thanks so much, MK Meredith! You ROCK! :) 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Lust Bites by Vanessa Liebe

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened up the vampire short story anthology "Lust Bites" by author Vanessa Liebe.. I was already a fan of her anthology book Spellbound so I was definitely hoping that she would keep the same pace with this one.. I was not disappointed in the least! This collection of short vampire stories is just panty-melting hot!! Ms Liebe kept me glued to the pages, reading one sexy tale after the next! Her vampires are all strong, seductive and oh-so-sexy.. If you're a paranormal fan, you certainly don't want to miss this collection! Warning: Do not read in the presence of children or anyone you're not comfortable with, because this book will have you squirming all over the place with it's uber-sexy erotic scenes!! Don't miss this anthology!! Vanessa scores yet another hit with Lust Bites!! :)


Could you refuse the ecstatic bite from a vampire? 

Trespassers Will Be Bitten – College student, Ashley discovers what delicious things can happen to those trespassing into a vampire’s lair. 

Dark Desire – Julie, a debutante in Regency England succumbs to her dark desire when the gorgeous vampire, Lord Deveraux visits her at night. 

Seventy-Two Hours – Carla finds herself unable to refuse spending seventy-two hours with the irresistible Sebastian – fangs and all. 

Strictly No Men – Desperate to escape men for a while and finish her manuscript, Charlotte soon changes her mind when the heavenly Matthias shows her that vamps are real and they’re particularly good at pleasing a woman in bed. 
Excerpt (Dark Desire):
    Julie was breathless from several dances and sat down with Kate and Charles. 
    “You’re popular tonight, Julie.” Charles was quick to observe with a smile. 
    She fluttered her fan to help cool herself down. “Yes, I’ve danced almost every dance and I’m really enjoying myself.”  
    “And has anyone caught your eye?” Kate teased. 
    Julie laughed. “No, I’m afraid not.” 
    “You’ll find someone worthy one day.” Charles pointed out kindly. “In the meantime, you can put me down for a dance.”
     “Why, thank you, kind sir.” She put a mark on her dance card. The evening was going well and she was having fun, until Julie happened to look up and see a dark head through the crowd. People moved away and the man looked straight at her. It was him!  Her heart jumped in response and she felt hot and flustered. What did this mean? She was dreaming about a man touching her - whom she’d never met – one who actually did exist!
    The crowd closed together again and the man disappeared from Julie’s sight. Feeling faint with shock, she was desperate for some fresh air and excused herself from her friends. On trembling legs and with a quivering stomach, Julie made her way to the garden outside and stood in the shadows of a tree. Closing her eyes, she leant back in its shade and took several deep breaths to try and calm herself. 
    “Hello, Julie,” drawled a deep voice from behind her. 
    His voice. From her dreams. It really was him. 
    She gulped, before opening her eyes and spinning around. “Who are you?” She demanded. 
    The man smiled at her and his brilliant blue eyes pierced her soul. “My name is Liam. Liam Devereaux, Lord Alton.” 
    Liam. Her mystery lover in her dreams finally had a name and Julie couldn’t look away from his mesmerising eyes.  
    “How are your dreams, Julie?” 
    She gasped in shock. “How do you know about my dreams?” She was mortified. He couldn’t possibly know she’d dreamt about him.
    “Because they’re not dreams, my sweet.” He looked intently at her. “I really have been visiting you in your bedroom.” He stepped towards her, and began to lightly run a finger over the cleavage peeking out from her bodice. “You’ve let me in, to kiss you; suck on your delightful, tight nipples - and best of all, open your petals and taste your sweet nectar.” 
    Julie stood frozen to the spot, taking in his words, but unable to react in any way. This couldn’t be happening, the rational part of her brain tried to tell her......

Sunset Rising by Jaz Primo

Jaz Primo
He did it again!! That's all I could say when I finished reading Sunset Rising, book 5 of the Sunset Vampire Series by Mr. Jaz Primo.. This book was like... WOW!! Jaz certainly knows how to make a gal feel weak in the knees, yet strong in the bedroom! :) I have grown to love Caleb, Katrina, Paige & Alton as if they were my very own family and this book brought me head-first back into this fascinating world! Katrina is doing everything in her power to not only save lives in the growing vampire war, but to also protect her beloved Caleb.. Caleb just doesn't know if he can handle how things have been going in their lives.. He rarely sees Katrina, although he loves her endlessly.. He also feels like he constantly has no freedom because Kat keeps bodyguards watching him 24/7 because of the many threats against Caleb, since it is well-known that he is Kat's mate... Add in some psychotic, power-hungry crazy-mad vamps, a brooding new bad-boy side of Caleb, Katrina's kick-ass attitude, Paige's snarkiness & Alton's cool head and you end up with another blockbuster novel full of non-stop adventure, terror drama, love & more! Don't miss your chance to read this fantastic new novel today! 


In Sunset Rising, the exciting fifth installment in Jaz Primo's Sunset Vampire series, life is the ultimate prize in a race against time. 

Vowing retribution, Katrina tenaciously seeks out those behind the attack against Caleb. 

Mounting challenges prey upon Caleb, creating a crisis of conviction that unravels his world. 

Paige’s conflicted feelings erupt, altering the lives of those she loves and leaving emotional disaster in her wake. 

Battle lines are drawn as the vampire world’s fiercest beings choose sides, rendering those undecided few as hotly contested spoils in a growing war.
It appeared that there would be no respite for me—for us—after all.
To be honest, it made me angry.
Once again, I wondered if I wanted to keep this up for weeks or months on end.
Despite the obvious luxuries of my accommodations—including no worries for expenses such as room and board or tuition, coupled with the opportunity that going to Yale afforded me—it certainly didn’t feel like I was living a lifestyle of enviable quality.
Or at least the expected sacrifices felt like too much of a price to pay.
Somehow, being poorer but happier sounded better to me. I’d lived a modest lifestyle for most of my life, and yet it had been some of the most satisfying occasions in my life. Before Kat, I had lived a relatively fulfilling life devoid of vampire politics, hectic schedules, or people trying to kill me.
Granted, it had also been a life without Kat in it.
Although she didn’t exactly feel like part of my life, either recently or at that moment.
What if this was as good as things would be between us for a while? Was it enough for me?
I took a sip of what had turned into very tepid coffee.
Despite my circumstances, the fact remained that I needed a break.
I need to contemplate things…my life…my future.
That’s when a decision settled in my mind, and I rose from my seat with a renewed sense of purpose.
I practically jogged back to the house, entering through the front door and hearing complete silence.
It was a soothing sound.
As I closed the front door behind me and looked toward the nearby staircase, much to my surprise, my sense of determination hadn’t waned.
I took the stairs two at a time, almost giddy with a mix of apprehension and excitement. As I entered my bedroom, I dropped my backpack onto the bed and unloaded most everything from it.
I had a plan.
However, how I proceeded during the ensuing minutes would determine my hasty plan’s success or failure.
I realized that I couldn’t use my credit cards or other electronic payment methods; they’d track me down in no time. Instead, I retrieved a stash of cash that I had stored in my chest of drawers and hastily crammed three pairs of jeans, some trendy t-shirts, a spare pair of sneakers, and a few days’ worth of underclothes into my backpack.
Scanning my belongings, I realized I’d have to leave my electronic devices behind or they’d track their usage. It was already bad enough I had a locator chip implanted in my shoulder. I felt a little bit like a tagged animal.
But I only had to exceed range of the detection equipment to drop off that particular radar.
The problem was staying ahead of it.
Granted, they’d probably still locate me in a matter of days, but that’s all I needed; just a few precious days to clear my head and gather my thoughts.
I glanced forlornly at my iPad on the table.
I’d miss it.
Nevertheless, I grabbed my Kindle and two iPods that were loaded with movies and music. As long as I kept their wireless functionality turned off, they couldn’t be tracked. Like my smartphone, my iPad had built-in cellular functionality, presenting the risk of being tracked.
There was little doubt that I was addicted to consumer electronics and their contributions to daily escapism in my life.
Hell, the entire human race was addicted.
It dawned on me that technology served as both the ultimate babysitter and an emotional pacifier.
I hurried into the bathroom to toss additional necessities into my backpack. I glanced up into the mirror at my reflection, noting the haunted look in my eyes.
The renewed urge to leave welled up inside me; though a wave of guilt washed over me over how upset the people who loved and cared about me were going to feel.
Then I almost lost my nerve.
But I knew deep down inside that getting away was exactly what I needed at that moment.
Just a few days of contemplation and solitude.
God, Kat’s going kill me for this.
Hopefully not literally.
I swallowed hard and steeled my resolve.
It’s not like it was forever.
Was it?
While I felt unnerved, I also felt liberated.
I’ve gotta clear my head. I’m no good to anyone like this.
Zipping my backpack shut, I hurried downstairs.
I left a hastily written note on the countertop:
Paige and Roman,
I’m taking a few days to clear my head and gain perspective on my life. I hope you’ll forgive me for leaving so abruptly, but I doubt you would approve what I need to do. Even though I can’t expect you to understand what I’m
going through, I hope you’ll respect my decision.
I’ll message you periodically so that you won’t worry about me.
I figured that it was a pretty lame note, but it was the best I felt I could do on short notice.
Before I lost nerve, I exited through the front door, locking the door behind me.
Despite my reservations about continuing, I had scarcely reached the curb before an aura of satisfaction took root within me.
I smiled, feeling a pervasive sense of freedom and the hunger for possibilities like none I had ever felt before.....

The Angel's Name by Selena Rivera

Selena Rivera
Wow! Where to begin? This is an excellent debut novel from a fresh new face on the indie author scene! It's written in such a manner that it feels like the book reaches right out to you! Ms. Rivera knows how to combine the perfect elements of sweet, romantic, sexy, dramatic & adventurous & it turns out to be an addicting romance novel that you just can't seem to put down! 
Rebecca has the perfect elements of a sweet, beautiful, kind young woman.. She isn't sure what to expect when she meets Bobby-James, a famous football player, but she certainly wasn't expecting to lose her heart to him... If you're looking for a different type of love story that will pull you out of your book slump, then you absolutely MUST check this book out! The Angel's Name is on the Top 20 List of Platinum's Favorite Books Of The Year, thus far! 

Platinum gives The Angel's Name and Selena Rivera:

A love story that happened at first glance with a whirlwind of events about to to change both their lives. When songwriter Rebecca Evans moves to Tennessee to pursue her career in writing music for a country singer, she meets cowboy football player, Bobby-James, who becomes an angel in her life. But she's worried she must leave her world behind. Her grandma would never understand. Will Rebecca take a chance on a new life with the man she loves? Will it be the right choice?
I love the way he looks at me, and the way he treats me as a person, something
about him makes me fall for him more and more every day. I think I’m in love with
Out of the blue, Tim and Carrie came towards us.
“Hey you lovebirds. What a surprise seeing you guys here.”
“Hey Carrie, it’s so nice to see you.” I got up and gave her a hug.
“What are you doing here?”
“Well I was in the mood for pancakes and I didn’t feel like cooking breakfast
so I asked Tim to bring me here.”
“Mind if we join you guys?”
Carrie couldn’t believe he would want to interrupt them. ”Honey, it’s her day
off don’t you think we should go and let them enjoy their day together?”
“You’re right my love.” He looked at Bobby-James. “Sorry I don’t know what I
was thinking.”
“No worries Bud! It’s all good.”
“See you guys tonight.” Tim waved goodbye to us as they went to find their
own table.
Bobby-James looked at Rebecca. “See I told you that the pancakes were
amazing. Tim and Carrie came.”
I started flirting with him. “You love to tease me don’t you?”
“In so many ways.” He leaned in to give me a kiss. I leaned into him and
accepted his hot mouth.
A young fan came towards Bobby-James with his mom. You could see the
excitement in his face.
“Bobby-James #43! Can I have your autograph?”
“Of course you can. Thanks for supporting the team.” Bobby-James posed
while the young fan’s mother took their picture.
Before his mother made him leave he told Bobby-James. “Thanks keep up
the great work.”
“Aww how cute.”
“Yes. That happens all the time. Now where were we?” His eyes burned with
I cleared my throat before I told him. “You were kissing me.”......

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

'Typecast' by Kim Carmichael

Another excellent novel by the always-amazing Kim Carmichael! This is the first novel in the Hollywood Stardust series & it follows the show's villain, Logan. Twenty years go by & Logan is needed for an interview.. He is still a bit full of himself & decides he only wants Ivy, a studio assistant, to interview him, as he doesn't like the lead interviewer. The chemistry between Ivy & Logan is near instant.. You can feel it in every word, in every look...Logan is undeniably attracted to Ivy & she feels the same but Logan has also been a very private person for many years & has trouble letting Ivy into his world.. There are flashbacks from the scripts to Hollywood Stardust to help understand why Logan is the way he is.. The scenes in this book are intense, detailed, intriguing & sexy as hell! Typecast is easily one of my favorite books from this year! Don't miss it! 

Platinum gives Typecast:

Typecast blurb:

Twenty years ago, the movie Hollywood Stardust defined a generation of teens and changed the four actors’ lives forever.

Typecast as the villain both in front and behind the silver screen, Logan Alexander has purposely allowed his star to fade. Now with the 20th Anniversary of the movie on the horizon, he is the only one fit to step into the spotlight, deal with the unwanted publicity, and make sure that things meant to be left on the cutting room floor remain there.

Ivy Vermont has always longed to be a leading lady, yet her paralyzing stage fright has relegated her to stay behind the scenes as a fact checker for’s entertainment webcasts. However, when her one-time poster-boy crush walks in to the studio demanding only she be in charge of his story, she knows she must take advantage of her big break.

Now, Logan tightropes between old loyalties and new love, while Ivy struggles to stay in reality with her ultimate fantasy.


As if she could see the image in front of her, Ivy smiled.
He started to ask another one of his questions and vomit up another pre-rehearsed answer.
“So, b-b-back on topic, how often do you see your other cast mates?” Still keeping hold of his hand, she sat up. “Are you still friends?”
Well, well, she not only recovered, she got right back on the on-ramp to the questions everyone wanted to ask, shaky voice and all. He had to give it to her for starting with a lead-in
question, but the next one would undoubtedly be about Drew,
which sped right to everything else.
“Of course we keep in touch.” He offered the most benign answer possible.
“All of you?”
At least the woman stayed focused.
He tilted his head and ran his thumb across the back of her hand, wishing he could explore her smooth skin elsewhere. “I would rather talk about what we are going to do tonight to
celebrate the twentieth anniversary of one of your favorite films.” He smiled the same smile he produced the day the talent scout discovered him and called him a natural. Little did he know back then there was no such thing.
Her eyes widened and her hand trembled in his. “What’s the worst part of being the bad guy?”
Not expecting her to keep on track, he responded with the first thing to enter his mind. “Do you know that I never get the girl?” Right as the words left his lips, he wanted them back. Of
all the subjects, he needed to leave his love life, or lack thereof, out of the conversation.
“Do you ever wish you would have?”
“Oh, tough question.” Again, she surprised him by pressing forward instead of asking if he were attached at the moment, or ever, but he needed a second to reformulate his plan. “What if I
tell you after we look at a clip?”
They both stopped and stared into each other’s eyes. If they weren’t surrounded by a multitude of people and their relationship was more than an hour old, it would be the perfect time for a kiss. He bet her lips tasted sweet with a bit of tang, and was thankful no one put any of that horrendous gloss on them.
“You have ninety seconds and people are online commenting already,” the director announced. “Ivy, maybe you should introduce our guest?”
“Oh, man.” She shut her eyes for a moment, pressing her free hand to her chest.
Logan knew he played dirty, but even with her stage fright, she threw plenty of mud of her own. In fact, he just managed to avoid the splatter. “You’re fine.” All women loved the bad boy, even if art imitated life and he never got one long term. No matter, there was always another one, but not many quite like the sultry vine that made up Miss Details. “Take your time and remember to breathe.”
When he had arrived at the studio, he’d heard her defend him, and upon entering the room, it had pleased him to find her appearance matched her voice. Dark hair that glowed with
a tint of red under the lights framed her face and highlighted her huge gray eyes and perky lips. The second he had seen her, he’d almost expected a cartoon bird to appear and eat out of
her hand while she waved her magic wand of facts as her weapon and won.
“Thank you, Mr. Alexander.” She opened her eyes.
“Logan.” He leaned in even closer, wanting to remind her of the name she would be screaming out tonight in ecstasy.......



Thursday, June 11, 2015

**Author Feature** Rob Browatzke


Hey, everyone! I'd love for you to meet a fantastic new author to the LGBT world! This is the handsome Rob Browatzke, hailing from Alberta, Canada! He's the author of several fabulous up & coming LGBT novels including my personal favorites, the ones centered around his stunning new version of Alice In Wonderland! Titled: Wonderland & Through The Mirror Ball, you seriously MUST check these books out! He also has two other novels out: Parallel Lives & The Holey Bible..Head to Amazon to find his work, today! Rob took a little bit of time to sit down with us & answer a few questions! I hope you'll enjoy his little Q&A! :)


1) Why did you decide to start writing?

Who knows! I have been writing since I learned to pick up a pencil. Telling stories is what I always wanted to do. It wasn't a choice really. As I've aged, I've learned to appreciate the beauty of the words themselves and like to think I have a flair for stringing them together.  Writing has pulled me out of darkness, distracted me from pain, and helped me fly. If my stories do for readers one-tenth of what they've done for me, I'll be happy.

2) Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

Authors should write what they feel passionate about. Just as your reading tastes evolve over time, so too does what you want to write. 

3) What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

There are so many. It's creation, right? It's immortality. It's giving the voices in your head flesh and blood (well, ink and page anyway). Being able to share those voices and their story with other people? That's pretty awesome. "It's why cavemen drew on walls". But the best part is the part where THEY take over the story. Where I just become an extension of their will, their wants, and the characters practically take physical form. Where even I as the writer don't know what happens next.  

4) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

My favourite book of all time is probably Hugo's Les Miserables; it never ceases to inspire me with its beauty. I adore Christopher Rice's works (he's one of those authors that successfully jumped genre). Armistead Maupin has an exquisite mastery of language, blending drama, comedy, and heart. And I love to escape into a good epic fantasy (Tolkien, Rowling, Martin, pre-Sanderson Wheel of Time). I also have an immediate love of any Oz, Wonderland, or Neverland stories; most recently that has found me devouring Dorothy Must Die and the prequels by Danielle Paige.


5) What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

 It's so easy to procrastinate. You can be writing away and OOH SOMETHING SHINY and next thing you know you've been on Facebook for twelve hours and not written a damn thing. And reviews. That is my new hurdle. A bad review can be a hard thing to overcome, but as emotionally devastating as they are, they aren't why we do what we do. We write for ourselves, and for the people who will enjoy it. Not every story will please everyone.

6) Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

Write. Write often. Read. Read often. Don't be bound by rules of grammar and structure (but do keep in mind it has to be readable). Be true to your characters and their story; you might have an idea about where things are headed but if you find they go somewhere else, don't force them back to your path - let them live. It will create something more real, and readers will respond.

7) Tell us a few random personal things about yourself, personal & professional!

I've worked the gay nightclub scene in Edmonton Alberta for fifteen+ years (So like fifty years in gay men years). I am four+ years clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. I'm an avid journalier, and have been since 1993 (no, there's no plans to publish those... yet) 



Sunday, May 31, 2015

*AUTHOR FEATURE* Kim Carmichael


Our latest author feature is on Kim Carmichael! Recently Kim took a few minutes to chat with me about her work & I'm sharing that interview with you! If you haven't yet, pick up one of Kim's novels! They are amazing!

1) Why did you decide to start writing?
I started writing because I love a happy ending. I was reading fan fiction and threw my hat in the ring, then decided I simply love telling a story.
2) Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?
I think they can write multiple genres, I know I do, but I think for branding purposes you do get known for one genre. But I have had a lot of good luck with crossing the genre line.  
3) What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

Actually getting to write and then that magic moment when a reader ‘gets it.’
4) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?
VC Andrews – because only she could tell that type of story and have everyone clamoring for more. Johanna Lindsay – True romance at its core. Beatrice Small – Great historical romance author.
5) What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?
Trying not to fixate on the numbers and what other people are doing and focus on my own writing. Making sure I do write and not get caught up in things that don’t matter.
6) Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?
Don’t stop writing, always try to hone your craft and don’t let others bring you down. Also GET AN EDITOR!! 
7) Tell us a few random personal things about yourself personal & professional!
I love my day job. I really do.
I work in sales and not watching numbers goes against my DNA but I try.
I crochet.
I have a Master’s Degree.
I have seen Phantom of the Opera (Play) over 100 times but that is not my favorite version, I much prefer the Yetsin/Kopit version entitled Phantom.
I think my characters are real and much more interesting than most people I know. I named my puppy after my purse.
My favorite band is The Smiths.
My favorite modern band is OneRepublic
I have met Christopher Knight (Peter Brady)
I went to elementary school with Molly Ringwald for only a short time before she left for the “the industry.”


Monday, April 6, 2015




Meet Author Calinda B!
I've had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Ms Calinda several times over the past month & let me tell you, this is one witty, intelligent & fun woman! I've enjoyed all of our conversations & now I've brought a little Q&A session here for you to check out!

1. Why did you decide to start writing?

a. Don’t have a good answer here…a few years back, I went to California to see my youngest kid, told him, out of the blue, I was going to write a book and finish it. I’m a creative and I believe I had a lot of unfinished works of art around the house. He said in typical twenty-something fashion, “Uh, okay, mom.” When I arrived home I sat down and wrote an entire book in six weeks. Haven’t stopped since. It’s truly changed my life. Best therapy I ever invested in.

2. Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

a. I don’t know the answer to this question. I like to write in both paranormal and contemporary. Since I’m not yet making a gazillion dollars on my writing, I figure I can experiment freely.

3. What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

a. Oh, man, I LOVE writing. Crafting stories. Creating worlds and situations. Designing covers. The art part of it is extremely satisfying. You know when I’m between books at my house because I get grumpy.

4. Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

a. Gosh, I read so much it’s a changing sea of favorites. Both JR Ward and Karen Marie Moning were inspirations to write. Oh, and Diana Gabaldon. Current faves include Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files series), Lianne Moriarty, and Helen Wecker. I like a book that’s intelligent, interesting, well-written and not a cookie cutter kind of story. There are SO MANY BOOKS out there that seem like the author pulled a plot off the shelf, plunked in a few characters, changing the names, and called it good.

5. What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

a. We all want to make “the lists” (USA Today and NYT, as well as top 100 Amazon), earn loads of money and get movie offers. The hard part is waiting for reviews, waiting for sales, putting yourself out there and not getting the notice you wanted, not comparing yourself to others, etc. In other words, the sales and marketing part. I also can’t stand hearing stories of my author pals who aren’t getting paid by their publishers. It’s a difficult business to make a living at. But the art part is a blast, as well as all the wonderful people I’ve met through my writing.

6. Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

a. Hang in there, baby. It takes time to build a following, make a masterpiece, become a bestselling author. Don’t compare yourself to others – we’re all in this mess together. Do your best to avoid reading reviews, good and bad. It’s like riding a scary rollercoaster. Network, network, network. Find time to do other things besides write and obsess about sales. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

7. Tell us a few random personal things about yourself personal & professional!

a. Let’s see…I’m an adventure junkie who gets scared a lot. Example – went bike riding in the rain a week ago. Took out off the trail, through the woods. Path was muddy and I couldn’t get any purchase but I’m pretty agile so there was no real reason to be scared. I needed to say “Wait. Hold on. I need a moment to have a chat with myself.” That’s usually all it takes to unwind my wound up self.
b. I’m a contradiction unto myself. Sometimes I’m not scared when I should be. While scuba diving a couple weeks ago, I laughed at an octopus who was trying to scare me.
He was huge, I was close, he flared out and flattened against the wall trying to look like a badass. I know he wanted me to swim away, not laugh at him. I probably should have swum away. He might have wrapped his arm(s) around me and they’re heavy and strong.
c. I make good money as a web/graphic designer yet hope to someday drop kick it when the book income rolls in.
d. I make a terrible wife and an awful employee. That’s why I own my business and my sweetie pie and I never tied the knot. We’ve been together for 12 years and are happy, happy, happy.

Thanks so much, Calinda!