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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Little Broken by Juli Valenti

Everyone who reads my blog knows how much I love my indie authors. This gal is near & dear to my heart, as I've been following her writing progress from the very beginning! I was super excited to read the debut novel, "A Little Broken" by Author Juli Valenti. It did not disappoint! 
The book centers around the courageous Jessie who loses someone very dear to her heart.. She leaves everything she knows to start a new life, far away from her old one, in a way to try & help herself cope with all that life has thrown at her.. Her strength is inspiring! She meets the sexy & oh-so-awesome Dominick after work one day.. She does not want to deal with another man in her life but Dominick persists until he gets her to agree to a date... Jessie is drawn to this wonderfully strong man and he is just as drawn to Jessie, helping her bit by bit with her coping & helping her start to smile again.. However, Jessie thinks she might be a little too broken & ends up self-sabotaging the budding relationship.. Will Dominick be strong enough to help Jessie find herself again or will Jessie's troubled past bring her new life crashing to a sudden halt? 
You absolutely MUST read this wonderfully written debut novel! Ms. Valenti provides the most meticulous details on her characters and you actually FEEL what they are experiencing! I laughed, cried & gasped throughout this book and was utterly enthralled with the world that Ms Valenti created along with the incredibly expressive characters & the detailed story line! Warning: Keep the tissues handy! 
Run out and pick up "A Little Broken" by Juli Valenti today & fall into an enticing & compelling, emotional-laden novel of epic proportions!

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"Jessie Braden thought she had it all. A husband, a new baby – her life was on course, exactly what she always wanted…Until one day, she loses everything.
Ruined and broken, she’s left alone to pick up the pieces of her life.  Unable to cope, she spontaneously packs up and moves across the country, hoping that new scenery will help.
Once in sunny Florida, she finds an apartment and a job but while Jessie is surviving, she isn’t living…until one night she meets someone. Dominick. 
Desperate for an escape from the pain of her memories, she relents to his unerring determination and agrees to spend time with him. 
Through his patience and understanding, she will learn that she’s not ruined…she’s just a little broken."


“I just sat you a hottie, Jess,” Courtney, one of the diner’s only hostesses, whispered in her ear. “He’s at thirty-four, and he’s alone!”
Jessie raised her eyebrows. It was almost nine o’clock and she was pretty sure she was going to be cut soon. It was a slow night. Nodding, she grabbed her order book and made her way toward her newly, and only, seated table.
“Hello, can I get you something to –”Jessie stopped midsentence as familiar honey eyes looked up at her. In the light, he was even more handsome than he’d been just hanging out his car in the dark. His face was clean shaven, revealing a strong jaw line and a kind smile. She could smell his cologne and it was amazing, manly and musky at the same time.
“Jessie! What a surprise seeing you here. I didn’t know this was where you worked!” Dominick said, smiling up at her. Something in his tone told her that it wasn’t really a surprise to him, and that he was here, in her section, on purpose.
“Donald, right?” Jessie said, secretly enjoying the look of indignation that filled his face as she called him the wrong name. She knew his name, how could she not? She’d been thinking about their encounter for the last two days.
“Dominick. Dominick Wace,” he corrected her, still smiling.
“Ha. You sound like James Bond. Okay, Dominick, what can I get you to drink?”
“Hmm, how about a coffee?” he answered, eyes sparkling.
“Sure, I’ll be right back,” Not giving him a chance to saying anything else, she went in search of Courtney. She found her in the prep area, giggling with Layla, Jessie’s serving partner for the evening.
“Courtney, did he specifically ask to be seated in my section?” Jessie asked as she poured Dominick’s coffee, and gathered sugar and fresh cream from the cold storage.
“Yeah, and good for you, girl! He’s so hot!”
Unsurprised, she walked the coffee over and placed it in front of Dominick.
“You do know that stalking is illegal in all fifty states, right?” she asked him, trying to make it sound tart and unfriendly, but failing.
“Stalking is only illegal if it has malicious intent. I don’t think the law says anything about a man’s determination to get a beautiful woman to agree to go out for coffee. I mean, it’s coffee. Everyone loves coffee, right?”
“I’m allergic to coffee,” she told him. Liar, liar pants on fire a small voice, that sounded a lot like the ‘old’ her sounded off in her head.
“Why, Pinocchio, I believe your nose is growing,” he teased.
“Okay, so I’m not allergic to coffee, you caught me.”
“Go out for coffee with me, Jessie. You won’t regret it. I promise to not hog the cream and sugar.”....



Monday, October 28, 2013

Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie

"Chasing Victory" is the first novel by Author Joanne Jaytanie and you wouldn't even know that she's new to the author world, by simply reading a few pages of this wonderful debut novel! Ms. Jaytanie writes like a seasoned professional & she doesn't miss a thing!
We meet the beautiful heroine, Victory Winters, who is a brilliant geneticist who works on top of the line DNA research for cancer & disease cures.. She is highly sought after for her brilliance in her field.. So much so that she ends up being kidnapped by a horrible corporate owner who wants to exploit her work by forcing her to blend human & canine DNA. 
Her knight in shining armor happens to the gorgeous Tristan Farraday, an undercover naval officer who is trying to get the info for a solid case.. Tristan realizes that Victory isn't working for the bad guys because she chooses to be.. She's there because the bad guys have threatened to hurt Victory's beloved sisters if she doesn't cooperate.. Victory loves her family more than anything so she really has no choice.. Tristan dos everything he can to help the strong-willed Victory & they both end up in several incidents that could very well end both of their lives... Soon enough, the focus starts to turn inward to the sparking chemistry between these two astounding characters.. Will their feelings for each other end up putting them in even more danger?? Or will it end up saving their lives?
This novel is action-packed, well-researched & written beautifully! I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the next tension filled scene and wanting so much more of Ms. Jaytanie's work! This is one author that you won't want to miss! The next novel in the series will be released by the end of this year & I can't wait to jump back into the action! "Chasing Victory" is one of the best debut novels that I've read this year! Kudos to Ms Jaytanie for doing such fantastic research into the complicated lives of each character & doing it in such a way that you can't help but fall in love with her writing! Run out & pick up "Chasing Victory" today, for a wild, non-stop, sexy & dramatic novel! 

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Doctor Doolittle in female form creates X-Men on steroids. Murder, kidnapping, and blackmail take place as world-renowned geneticist Victory Winters is forced to pursue her research on canine DNA. 
Victory possesses an unusual sense of communication bordering on the telepathic when relating to animals. This unique ability has elevated her status to world-renowned genetic research specialist. Because of this she is kidnapped and blackmailed with threats to her family, forced to work for Biotec, a rival corporation  run by a madman CEO.
Naval officer Tristan Farraday is sent undercover to track Biotec's experiments, comma which involve implanting genus canis DNA into humans to manipulate their genetic makeup to create the perfect soldier.
At first suspecting Victory is associated with Biotec, Tristan later realizes that she has been pulled into this world against her will here. Victory refuses to divulge the genetic answers Biotec demands, believing Biotec will exploit her findings by using them in a destructive manner. Will Tristan be able to rescue her from a madman's grip and save her family? Can he keep the research Victory uncovers away from enemy hands?


A tear in the sound of the forest’s tapestry caught Victory’s attention. Victory’s ultra keen sense of hearing instantly noticed the void. Her ability to interpret the reactions of the animals stopped her in midstride. Ever so slowly she turned toward the silence and walked.

The silence shattered and she could hear voices; one was Jeffery. He didn’t say he’d be bringing others with him. His scream abruptly breached the cool morning air and flushed the birds from their perches. Victory dropped to her hands and knees, the tall sword ferns camouflaging her body. She froze.

“I told you I’d locate someone who could help with our problem,” Jeffery whimpered. Blood ran from the gash on his lip and right cheek. “This is an area of the research that I’m not an expert in.”

A big burly man, dressed in a neat black suit, lifted his massive hand to strike Jeffery again. “You were trying to run away.”

“No, no I wasn’t.” Jeffery fell to his knees in an attempt to put distance between himself and the burly man’s fist.

“Then why did you run to the forest?” A second man stepped from the shadow of the nearest evergreen tree. A shaft of sunlight shown directly behind him, making his image a dark silhouette. A tiny bright orange orb appeared as the man inhaled on a cigarette.

“I told you. I have a friend, she specializes in this area and I’m sure she could help me.” Tears started leaking down Jeffery’s cheeks, mixing with blood, and dripping onto his neatly pressed white shirt.

“Right. Out here. In the forest. With the birds and whatever. If you really were meeting someone you’d be having lunch or coffee. You’re not exactly the outdoors type, Jeff.”

“I know, I know, but she is. I thought meeting her here would put her at ease, I’d get more information and cooperation.” He moaned as he threw his hands in front of his face.

“He’s stalling,” grunted the burly man.

“No, I’m not,” Jeffery protested.

“You assured us that you were our man,” the man in the shadow said.

“That’s it,” Victory mumbled to herself. She knew she had heard his voice before. It was Detective Ken Howard. He was the homicide detective that led the investigation at Claremont when one of her colleagues, Lisa Evans, was found dead in the company’s parking garage. Victory dropped to her belly and slinked closer. She stopped barely short of the group’s sight, still hidden by the lush undergrowth.

“You’re wasting my time Jeffery.” Detective Howard spat as he stepped back into the ray of sunlight. “So where’s this woman of yours?” He nodded at the thug, who backslapped Jeffery.

“She’ll be here, she said that she would.” Wrapping his arms around himself, Jeffery fell to the forest floor like a child.

“I don’t believe you. Dr. Jeffery Maxwell, your services are no longer needed.” Detective Howard stepped back into the darkness at the same time the burly man pulled something black and shiny from inside his jacket.

Bang, Bang. The sound was sickening and something Victory would never forget. Jeffery rolled on to his back, his chest a dark crimson. Victory gasped. The two men spun around, scanning their surroundings. They could not see her lying on the lush green forest floor. Tears streaming down her face Victory lay deadly still, as the birds and animals flushed themselves from the immediate area. The two men continued to scour the forest until all the commotion passed and the forest fell deathly silent.......



Monday, October 21, 2013

Wolves and The River Of Stone by Eric R Asher


This is Author Eric R. Asher's second novel in The Vesik series, following the best-selling "Days Gone Bad" and I have been anxiously (and nagging Eric quite often:) awaiting it... Is it really any surprise that I absolutely LOVED this book?! 
Eric is the consummate story-teller! He first captured my attention when I happened to see his work on FB and I asked for a copy of Days Gone Bad to review.. Loved it! I'm always one of the first to admit that I don't usually like books that are written in the first person... Reading this series absolutely puts me right in Damian's shoes & I totally forget that it's first person! The book reads smoothly, with no story-line gaps & has near perfect editing. Eric is nearly as OCD as me though, so again, no surprise, lol:)
Damian, the gorgeously good necromancer, is back in the second installment & at his side once again are his mentor Zola along with his best friend, the protective fairy yummyness that we refer to as Foster, who has managed to single-handedly fuel my addiction for cheese & crispy treats (not in the same recipe, of course:)... Also joining them again are the fairies Cara (aka: Mom) and Aideen (Foster's mate).. This book drops us into a nightmare of a scene where Zola has been kidnapped by Phillip, a dark necromancer who wants to bring demons & other evil-doers back into this realm.. Not a good idea, because, as most of us know, demons & humans don't get along so well... Zola has her reservations about killing Phillip because he once meant something to her, many years ago.. Damian comes in with Foster to save his beloved mentor.. They manage to do so, for a short time.. And then Phillip is back on the loose & building an army of dark necromancers.. Foster introduces Damian to the werewolves, who agree to help in the battle against Phillip, for the protection of their own species.. We meet some fantastic new characters who bring depth & humor to the story along with a good dose of courage.. Damian will not relent when he has to protect Zola & the world and one thing I've learned from him, throughout both books, is that he does not walk away from a fight when it involves someone he cares about. Foster, being the quirky little fairy that he is (in fairy form, of course, or 7 foot hottie form, when he needs to provide muscle:) is always at Damian's back along with Mom & Aideen & Damian's vampire sister, Samantha. and other new & old friends. There is even a love interest for our Damian in this one! Absolutely unexpected but perfectly matched!
As always, Eric truly knows how to capture a reader & draw them into his world.. Damian is a perfect example of courage under fire, Foster represents true friendship & together, along with several other characters, this world is one that you don't want to miss! Or leave, as is my case, considering I almost cried when I finished the book because I was that emotionally attached! If you absolutely adore a great book, an incredibly detailed author, great story lines, well-developed characters & quite a bit of paranormal, then Eric Asher is the author you want to meet! Wolves And The River Of Stone is truly one of the BEST books I've read this year and I will anxiously be awaiting (and relentlessly nagging on Eric) until the next book in the Vesik Series makes it's appearance! And, of course... Awaiting the day when Foster decides that it's truly me that he needs in his fairy life! :) 
Enjoy the book! You'll thank me after reading! :)

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Philip, Zola’s boyfriend from one hundred and fifty years ago, is not nearly as dead as we thought. I really wish he was. Not only has he kidnapped Zola, but he’s raising an army to scour humanity from the earth. Hopefully the local werewolf pack will help. What could possibly go wrong?


The bell on the front door jingled as I finished hanging the candles on the rack by their wicks. I turned to find Carter walking in and waved before three morose looking men followed him. They were all bigger than Carter, dressed in Saint Louis Rams sweatpants and plain gray sweatshirts. The first was a black man built like a brick wall. He smiled and nodded to me once. The man behind him was a pasty blond youth who just glared at me. I noticed the third man was Native American, but my attention trailed back to the blond youth as he cracked his neck without breaking eye contact.

I raised my eyebrows as Carter sat a plate of crispy rice squares on the counter behind me.

“From the wife,” he said as he brushed a crumb off his sweatshirt.

“Thanks.” The pleasantries didn’t go much further before the pasty one broke the mood.

“You’re the piece of shit who dared trespass in the Alpha’s home.”

“Trespass?” I said. I glanced to my left as the cu siths came tearing into the room, barking like rabid wolves. My heart sank when they stopped running and started backing away slowly.

What the hell had Carter brought into my shop?

The pasty man blurred from across the aisle and suddenly had his hands twisted up in my shirt. His breath was rank. I could see a smattering of acne across his pale right cheek and the throbbing veins smattering of acne across his pale right cheek and the throbbing veins in his neck and head as I slowly raised my eyes to his.

“Shit,” I muttered as I saw the sunburst gray iris within the black ring of his eye.

The werewolf opened his mouth to speak again, but Carter was on him before he could issue so much as a grunt. Carter tore the other wolf’s hands away from my shirt and punched him hard enough in the face to floor him.

“Alan, hold him down,” Carter said.

The black mountain moved forward and placed one foot on the downed wolf. He was casual about it. “Got him,” he said once it was obvious the kid was pinned.

I finally got a good look at the third man. He had the calm façade of a Native American elder, much like that of an Illiniwek elder I’d once met, one of Zola’s old, old friends I’d been introduced to years ago.

The man in my shop crossed his arms over his chest and nodded once, his motions slow and precise.

I nodded back and turned to Carter. I pointed at the werewolf beneath Alan’s foot. “Did you try to bring the biggest jackass in the pack?”

Carter laughed and ran his hand through his hair. “No, Damian, I brought the friendliest wolves in the pack.”

“Great,” I said as I looked at the rage in the trapped wolf’s face.
“That’s phenomenal.” I gestured back to the counter. “At least you came bearing crispy rice squares. Otherwise I might be annoyed.”

I saw the Native American’s face twitch as he fought a smile....

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Immortal Beginnings: Amara by Kristin Secorsky

"Immortal Beginnings: Amara" is the highly anticipated prequel to Author Kristin Secorsky's popular "The Immortal Scrolls" and Ms. Secorsky definitely proves that the wait is worth it! 
We head into the early world of Amara, a main character in the Scrolls, to see why she is the way she is... And it is a doozy! We knew from the Scrolls that Amara was not a very nice gal, but as we find out in the prequel, she has so many reasons to be bitter.. 
Amara comes out to us in this book as being shy, delicate & full of love... Before her life takes so many tragic turns for the worse.. I found myself understanding her pain and her hatred, which was definitely a great work of art on Ms. Secorsky's part, as I absolutely despised Amara & her wicked ways when I read The Immortal Scrolls.. I couldn't understand how she would come close to even being so evil... Immortal Beginnings is well-written, detailed, graphic & shows exactly why she is the vicious & evil vampire that she is today.. 
I don't want to give away any details to those who haven't read the books but needless to say, if you love roman era work, sexy gladiators, vicious characters that you can sink your teeth into & scorching hot erotic scenes, then Kristin Secorsky is one author you must check out!

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Side notes:
Cover Model is Edward Mironenko
Photographer is Fifth Element Studios with Charles Paz.

Some curses leave deeper scars... Prequel to The Immortal Scrolls, Immortal Beginnings: Amara sheds light on the character Amara, her tragic origins, her attempts to block her painful past, her desire for power and money, her quest for love and companionship, and her descent into madness. After leaving Britannia for a new life in Herculaneum, the vampire Amara along with her werewolf husband, Tiberius, open a prosperous gladiator school. She amasses unimaginable wealth and power until her selfish desires get in the way. Focused on her new obsession, Amara won't stop until she gets what she wants. Warning: This book contains graphic language, explicit sex, and other subjects not appropriate for YA readers


It was darker in the world of men when she stepped through the portal. Time clearly moved differently here. Amara took off, not knowing—or caring—what direction she was going. She just headed for the depths of the forest. She didn’t know if she even wanted to go back. She sobbed loudly, not caring who might listen.
When her tears subsided, Amara stopped and looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. It was getting dark, and she had no idea where she was. How she would find her way back? Rationally, she had to return to Fae and try to speak to Torin. And she would speak to the council and the queen herself about her and Torin’s love. They would have to understand; after all, it was part of fairy code to honor love above all.
Suddenly the winds picked up and she heard wicked laughter. She looked around and saw a dark cloud coming from her left. Unseelie. She panicked. She would be outnumbered. She could not fight them alone. She flew quickly through the woods in the opposite direction of the oncoming Unseelie.
She risked a look over her shoulder. They were closing in on her, and Amara was filled with terror. Would they kill her immediately or would they capture her and take her back to the dark queen? There was only one thing she could think to try and it was a long shot. She didn’t know if he was nearby or if he would even hear her. Even if he was, there was no way to know if he would even help her. She had to try, though. The closer they got, the fewer options she had.
She began screaming his name as loud as she could as she flew through the trees.
“Galen!” she screamed. “Galen, help me!”
Galen had heard the Unseelie coming from miles away, and he could feel their malicious intent. What he wasn’t expecting to hear was someone calling his name for help. The only one it could be was Amara. He was angry at the foolish young fairy for stepping out of Fae and endangering herself, especially when he would give anything to be back in his realm. He was strong enough to take on many Unseelie, but could he get to her in time to help her was another question. He listened for their location and rushed to help her. The closer he got, the more he could feel her fear, and the more he could feel the Unseelies’s delight as they closed in on their prey. He ran as fast as he could as she screamed for him again and again. Then she was silent.
Amara felt something sharp prick her back. She realized she must have been hit with a drugged dart from one of the Unseelie, and she fell to the ground immediately drowsy. Her body felt heavy, and the world started to spin. Amara pulled out her silver dagger, ready to defend herself to the death. She crawled in vain to get away, but then everything went black and the dagger slipped from her limp hand as she collapsed on the ground.......



Thursday, October 17, 2013

Author Feature 2: G.S. Carr


Platinum is happy to announce our second feature author in our "Meet-The-Author" series!
I'd like you to say hello to Ms. G.S. Carr, aka: Gabrielle! 

Gabrielle has just released her first novel "Freedom Of Love" and is well on her way to becoming an excellent new romance author with this amazing book! We took the time to sit & chat with Gabrielle recently & we've included her brief interview here for you all to see! 

We hope you'll take a peek into the wonderful world she has created with her first novel "Freedom Of Love"! 


Author Q&A Session With G.S. Carr

1) Why did you decide to start writing?

1) I never really decided to start writing. It's just always been something I've done. I literally have a report card from the third grade where my teacher praised my writing ability. It just gives me the most peace in the world. It's an escape for me.

2) Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

2) I definitely think authors can succeed in multiple genres. I plan to do it myself. I don't sit down and say this would be a great story but it's not romance so I won't write it. If it comes to me and I like it I'm going to write it no matter the category it falls in.

3) What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

3) My biggest reward from writing is just the feeling I get while doing it. It's one of the few things in which I feel I am truly gifted and in which I excel. And I get the chance to make some space in my overstuffed mind by putting my thoughts and feelings on paper.

4) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

4) My current favorite is Pepper Pace. She is sooooo good. Her characters are far from cookie cutter romance characters. They are all flawed which is what makes them so real. I can see parts of myself in them. She weaves her words so beautifully.

5) What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

5) I think the biggest hurdle is just giving yourself credibility and establishing yourself. Convincing readers that your book is actually good and someone other than your mother believes that.

6) Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

6) My advice would be to enter contests. It's a great way to quickly give yourself credibility as a good author. And it's a great way to get your work in front of other agents, editors, and publishers who may be judges on the contest panel.

7) Tell us a few random personal things about yourself personal & professional!

7) I want to be a vagabond but my need to be sure of when and where my next meal will come from won't let me. I would give anything to be free to travel around the world. One day I'll get there!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Jewel Box by C. Michelle McCarty

The Jewel Box by C. Michelle McCarty

This book followed the main character and her family and friends for a span of 30 years. It was full of details and events that occurred during that time. The author vividly recalled key moments in history with popular songs, descriptive details, and wonderful storytelling. I was enraptured with the trials and tribulations the main character, Cherie, faced throughout this book. In a time when things were suppose to be one way, she took the chance and went another, not for her, but for her child. All of life's ups and downs were touched upon and had me turning the pages eagerly dying to know what was going to happen next. I rooted for love and happiness, cried during pain and sorrow, and jumped for joy when the book hit its major climax. There was one particular part of this book, when the Jack of Clubs showed up at a crucial moment, that gave me goosebumps like you wouldn't believe. I too, felt what Cherie felt at one point, and I cried, yes I admit it, I cried because I JUST KNEW, I just knew what happened, when it wasn't fully at a later point. Although it was terribly sad, it was beautifully written and extremely heartfelt. There is not one bad thing I can say about this book. 
Thank you, C Michelle McCarty, for a truly amazing book. I have highly recommended it to others *you reading this, yeah you! You have got to read this book* 
My mother can't wait to start reading it, she after all, was the first person I recommended it to!!  
Platinum Reviewer ~ Jaime

Platinum Book Reviews gives C Michelle & The Jewel Box:
4.5 Platinum Rings



A mouthy small town girl takes on big city life assisted by her "Spiritual guide through sin city" who pulls a Professor Higgins on Cherie while offering advice on single parenting and multiple affairs the heart... 

Back in the Sixties while Motown hits filled the airwaves, naïve Jill Novak acknowledged her knack for choosing losers when boring Husband Number One vanished, leaving her to support their two-year-old. The perpetual daydreamer soon morphs from small town Jill to sophisticated big city Cherie, but a new name does not a better future bring. In 1969 Houston, Cherie encounters a rogue’s gallery of characters unlike those from her small Texas hometown; a drop-dead gorgeous transsexual, a snarling wannabe Mafia hit-man, a hairy cop who incorporates fondling girls into his job, and a ditzo neighbor whose desire for friendship borders on stalking. But it is two distinctly different men—a middle-age gregarious gambler and a twenty-something gruff intellectual—who jump on board her turbulent thirty-year roller coaster ride and journey with her into the 21st Century and womanhood. A tough and tender Texas-sized romance with a mild metaphysical slant, The Jewel Box highlights moments from the mystical, laid-back Age of Aquarius through the materialistic, high-speed Internet era. Music and references to the times/political climate convey the nations rocky terrain (and subsequent growth) parallel with that of the main character. This is a story of an engaging and open-hearted woman with no plan, making her way through life by fits and starts, and ultimately succeeding by turning out to be stronger than she thought.



Several coughs escaped between Beau's personal explanation and the actual quote:
"To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.
To weep is to risk being called sentimental.
To reach out to another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk showing your true self.
To place your ideas and your dreams before them is to risk being called naive.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair,
and to try is to risk failure.
But risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life it to risk nothing.
The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing and becomes nothing. He, or she, may avoid suffering and sorrow, but simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.
Chained by their certitudes, they are slaves who forfeit their freedom.
Only the person taking the risks is truly free."

I understood why the risk sentiment hit home with Beau, and wanted it to saturate my skull. Maybe the time for me to take risks and become truly free had commenced.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Author Feature 1: Jaz Primo



Author Jaz Primo is the first author to kick off our brand new Platinum Author Spotlight!

Jaz is releasing "Wicked Sunset" on October 8, 2013. Wicked is the 4th book in the Sunset Vampire Series!

Jaz is having an online Facebook release party on October 12, 2013 and it's open to all! It's hosted by us here at Platinum Reviews & Promotions! 
Jaz will be chatting with us during the party! He will have many prizes up for grabs including a Kindle! 

Here is the link if you want to join in:  ~~WICKED SUNSET RELEASE PARTY~~

Jaz took the time to sit down with us and answer a few questions for us! Enjoy his wonderful responses

ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ  ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ ஐ 

1) Why did you decide to start writing?

I wanted to share my imaginative stories with my fellow students. Of course, that was eons ago when I was in elementary school; the fifth grade, as a matter of fact. That same urge remains, only now I’m anxious to share with the other overgrown kids out there who are like me; appreciative for an imaginative story.

2) Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

Authors should never limit themselves to only one genre…unless they only want to write in one. Essentially, any author should write about whatever inspires them, guided solely by their imagination at any given moment. Now, whether an author should necessarily publish different materials under the same name is another question altogether. Let’s face it, if E.L. James (of Fifty Shades of Grey fame) chose to write a children’s book, she should probably do it under another pen-name. What parent wouldn’t be suspicious to let their child read “The Princess Learns to Play” if they saw it was written by E.L. James? The title doesn’t necessarily conjure up overly innocent images with her name affixed to it, wouldn’t you agree?

3) What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

I receive a great deal of satisfaction just from completing a novel or story. However, it’s also highly rewarding when I learn about others who’ve enjoyed what I’ve written. It’s always flattering to know that something I’ve created made someone happy or entertained them.

4) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

One of my favorite authors is L.E. Modesitt, Jr. (wrote the Recluse Series, et. al.). I admire the way in which he writes about seemingly ordinary characters who become heroes by honing and leveraging their innate skills, talents, or values. Modesitt also creates strong central female characters; a practice I not only admire and appreciate as a reader, but also try to emulate as a writer. Other authors whose works I both enjoy and admire include Simon R. Green, Jim Butcher, Katherine Kurtz, Lorna Freeman, Rachel Caine, and Neil Gaiman.

5) What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

For me, the biggest hurdle was learning how to handle the inevitable negative feedback from some readers. It’s impossible to write (or create) something that everyone will like; it’s a harsh reality, but also quite logical. However, nothing can prepare an author for reading or hearing negative feedback. The best thing to do is accept that negative feedback is a part of publishing…and then go write your next novel or story.

6) Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

My best advice is a simple quote I learned from a famous author named Neil Gaiman: “Make good art.” Take the time to carefully create your story, characters, and plot. Finally, even if you intend to publish your work yourself, you MUST seek (or hire) and heed the advice a professional editor. Unedited, sloppy writing is unforgivable if a writer expects to be taken seriously (and viewed professionally) as an author. But really, to me, it all still comes back to what Neil Gaiman said, “Make good art.”

7) Tell us a few random personal things about yourself, both personally & professionally!

I excel at rattling off random thoughts and ideas, so here I go! Many people may not know that I’ve been a college history professor for a number of years. Teaching is one of my passions. I enjoy making people laugh, but I’m actually quite shy in public, so I don’t see myself pursuing a career as a comedian. I’ve always been a dog lover since I was a child, but since meeting my wife (FYI: We met well before we were married, by the way) I’ve become quite attached to her cat.

[Intermission: Are my thoughts random enough for you?] 

Did you know that a rock band named Angelical Tears (they play Goth, metal, and alternative rock) wrote a song called “Sunrise at Sunset” that’s named after, and based upon, my first novel in the Sunset Vampire series? It’s the eighth track on their album The Eleventh Hour, and it sounds totally awesome! You must check it out on iTunes (or wherever fine music is sold). Speaking of music, I typically listen to music while writing in order to set a mood for the material or scene that I’m focused on. 

Well, that’s all the random facts I can think to share for now. That was fun!


Author Bio:

I’m an author, history buff, pun-master, and all-around lover of kick-butt heroines in paranormal and urban fantasy literature, as well as graphic novels. While offering readers a conventional young adult paranormal romance with age-appropriate content, as I did in Gwen Reaper, I’m also redefining the traditional boundaries of urban fantasy and paranormal romance in some of my other work, including controversial themes and an alternative approach to handling gender relations for central characters. In the case of the Sunset Vampire Series, one should never underestimate the inherent strength and power of women and their capacity for dominance; sexual or otherwise.
My life has been a satisfying blend of personal, professional, and educational experiences. I’m very fortunate to have the support of family, friends, and professional associates to encourage and share in my literary journey. Thanks for being part of my journey. I hope that you enjoy the ride as much as I already am!

Jaz's Book List:

Logan Bringer Series
   Bringer Of Fire

YA Paranormal Romance
Gwen Reaper

Sunset Vampire Series:

   Sunrise At Sunset
   A Bloody London Sunset
   Summit At Sunset
   Wicked Sunset

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