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Friday, January 25, 2013

More Than Friends by Jessica Jayne

** Warning.. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Graphic content.
Jessica Jayne is another new author on the literary scene & her first released novella "More Than Friends" is an amazing debut! She is creative & incredibly detailed with her characters & story line. It made me feel like I was watching events take place from an insiders point of view. 
In this novella, we meet Jeni Acerna, a beautiful yet unsure woman who has just left another relationship that didn't work out to her expectations. She always seems to compare the men in her life to her best friend, the sexy & confident Brian Hamilton.. Of course, best friends isn't the best of terms, as they have always been more than friends, hence the title. Jeni flies home to attend a friends wedding & arranges to meet Brian there, as she hasn't seen him much recently and desires to spend time with her best friend. Yet, speaking with Brian brings out old desires & feelings from the past & she can't help but tease him, making a bet for 500 dollars that he will be begging for sex before her, by the end of the visit. Her bet soon comes front & foremost & she is finding it harder & harder to resist Brian. She realizes that she may need to look deeper into her feelings for her best friend but doesn't want their relationship to change if he doesn't reciprocate the feelings.. Will Jeni be able to get thru this weekend and not only win her bet but possibly win Brian's heart??
You need to grab this book & check it out! It's full of steamy, sexy scenes that makes you feel the actual chemistry between the 2 main characters! All in all, it is a great first book debut! Kudos to Ms. Jayne for a solid first book!

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Jeni Acerna’s longstanding sexual relationship with her best friend, Brian Hamilton, is both blissful and troublesome. She’s been unable to commit herself to another relationship because no one compares to Brian in or out of bed.

Prior to attending a friend’s wedding together, they place a wager…the first to beg for sex owes the other $500. After a tortuous night, their passion erupts and their sexual relationship picks up where it left off…hot and heavy. However, this time, Brian wants Jeni… and not just in his bed. Can he convince her the risk is worth taking?



“Jeni, you know you are to me what alcohol is to an alcoholic.
When I am around you, I can never get enough…no matter the
Jeni’s heart skipped a beat at the fact that she still had such a
profound sexual effect on him. He, of course, still made her knees
weak and her panties wet.
“I’d never be able to keep it cooled off spending the weekend
with you. You should know that.”
And she did know it. They had seen each other only twice since
the cooling off began several months ago, and both times were
planned with many of their friends around them so as to avoid the
one-on-one time. Even then, they had a difficult time keeping their
hands off each other. She found his hand at the small of her back or
on her thigh during dinner. She couldn’t stop from ruffling his silky,
brown hair or nuzzling into his neck when they said goodbye.
They had had a secret love affair or rather sex affair for years.
But she knew that it had never actually been a secret to anyone. They
had known each other since they were born. Their parents were
had known each other since they were born. Their parents were
good friends and had gone to high school together in Canton Falls
too. Since Jeni and Brian were fifteen, they had a magnetic attraction
to each other. Their sexual relationship started in high school,
continued through college, and carried on even after Jeni moved to
Florida five years ago for warmer weather and a job in hospitality
marketing at a large resort in Clearwater. Anytime she returned home
to Ohio to visit her family and friends, she and Brian found a way to
be together. And when she saw Brian, Jeni had an extremely difficult
time not fucking him.
When they were in high school, they had tried the boyfriendgirlfriend
thing. At the time, neither of them wanted a serious
relationship, so they agreed to be friends with benefits. Since then,
they never approached the subject of a “relationship” so as not to ruin
the good thing they had. And it was good. Very fucking good!
“Are you turning me down because you might not be able to fuck
me?” Jeni asked. Brian laughed.
“Might not? I’m turned on just thinking about being in the same
room as you,” he said. “There is no way either of us would get out of
that hotel room not completely sated.”
“Maybe the cooling off period can be over,” she teased. “Could
we make a game out of it?” A thought popped into her head that
could make it a challenge. Brian could hardly resist a challenge,
especially against her.
“What kind of game?” Brian asked, intrigued.
“Every time we meet up, we are fucking within ten minutes,” Jeni
“It’s one of the many pleasures of getting together with you.”
“It’s one of the many pleasures of getting together with you.”
“I’m not saying I don’t enjoy that aspect, because, of course, I
do. But it might be fun to restrain from our natural instinct even if just
for a little bit. Let’s agree not to have sex for the first twenty-four
hours I’m in town. That still leaves about forty-eight hours to play.”
“That’s such a waste of twenty-four hours,” he said. “What do I
get out of this?”
“The challenge,” she replied. “I know you can’t last that long
being in a hotel room with me with nothing but our clothes separating
us.” She heard him snicker on the other end of the phone. Brian could
never pass on a challenge. He was way too competitive. “Whoever
begs to be fucked first owes the other five hundred dollars. So make
sure you bring cash when you pick me up from the airport.” Jeni
knew they would not likely make the twenty-four hours, and she did
not mind coming home with a little extra cash.
“You know me too well, Jeni,” he said. “I’m always up for a
challenge. I’ve got you on this one! You’ll be begging me to fuck you
well before that twenty-four-hour period is over. Keep the money in
your bra. I’ll find it!”
Jeni laughed at his cockiness. Brian was always that way when
they chatted on the phone before a visit. He was going to use
restraint. He was going to let them have a conversation and maybe
dinner before he disrobed her. But he had far less restraint than he
cared to admit. Jeni gave him her flight information, and they ended
the conversation with their little game on the table.
Now, Jeni was on her way to Cleveland. She laid her head back
against the airplane seat and closed her eyes. Lord knew she would
not be getting a tremendous amount of sleep this weekend.......


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