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"COVER MODELS" 7:) Evan Scott

Our next Cover Model profile is for the mouth-watering Evan Scott!
Isn't Evan dreamy, everyone? 
I personally haven't been blessed to meet Evan yet but I will be looking forward to meeting him & his lovely lady, Tamara McHatton, at the 2013 RT Convention from May 1-5 in Kansas City! Evan has been a longtime part of the RT Convention scene! Evan is a popular guy in the cover model world and we can all see why from these fantastic pictures!
Here's a bio on the amazing Evan Scott!

I was born and raised on the Florida’s east coast, not far from Kennedy Space Center, so, I grew up watching the Apollo and Shuttle launches, sometimes sitting on a surfboard waiting for the next set of waves to roll in. Other than when I was in college, I’ve never lived more than a few blocks from the water.
Around the house we rarely replaced an appliance. I would hang over my dad’s shoulder handing him tools while he fixed stuff; TV’s, dishwaters, dryers, etc. Between that, and him being an Electrical Engineer, it gave me good technical background at a young age. Musicians back then tended to be technically challenged. So when my musician friends found out I was quickly drafted into setting up and running sound systems and recording sessions.
After high school, I worked my way to the top of the ladder becoming a Chief Engineer at a recording studio. Although very busy and in demand, I soon realized the only way to go beyond that was to move to LA, Miami, or New York. I would again have to start from the bottom and work up. And that would only be through luck. I figured I’d go for a more sure thing so, I went to college and got an Engineering degree. Since then, I’ve worked in various areas of aviation, manufacturing, cellular, and other wireless communication. My work in cellular in the late 90s was during a huge growth period of the industry. This gave me the opportunity to work in a number of countries around the world. Now, I’m back in the commercial aviation industry. My formal title is Reliability Engineer. Basically I find what and why something breaks and how to improve the design.
Book cover modeling was a fluke. The short version was my girlfriend worked as a romance book editor. She thought I could be a cover model and entered me in a Perfect Hero contest a publisher was having. First prize was sponsorship to the RT Mr. Romance contest. I won the Perfect Hero. At RT in Kansas 2003, I got second runner up and contestant’s choice. Most of my covers have been on Ebooks and specialized source photography. Lately I’ve been kicking back and living on residuals and doing special projects by request. Now at RT conventions I work behind the scenes on-call handling technical issues (computers, networking, communications, etc.) Don’t be surprised if you see me in costume with a radio earpiece.

And of course, it wouldn't be showing appropriate Platinum Love if we didn't make the yummy Evan answer our fun questions!
1:) Are you really this outgoing in everyday life? 

I’m not really that outgoing. Sociable yes, but not a showman. I don’t have a desire to be the center of attention.

2:) Hook-ups or relationships?

Each has its thrills but I enjoy companionship and someone to get to know and share experiences with. I mean I can’t understand couples where the guy is happy to have a hobby or sport that his wife/girlfriend doesn’t’ like so he has a getaway. I’d rather find something we can do together.

3:) Blondes, brunettes, or redheads?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. but I’ve always been partial to blonds. And I finally married one. Maybe it’s because of me growing up near the beach. Even the brunettes and redheads have blond highlights. It’s a sign of the active outdoor lifestyle that I enjoy so much. 

4:) If you had one wish, what would it be?

Just one? I need to find another Genie with a better offer. It’s not original, but I’ll go with lots of money. I’ll be able to obtain everything I want from there. There’s this little island down in the Caribbean I’ve got my eye on. It’s a fixer upper but a cool 2 mil would be a good start.

5:) Would you ever consider modeling for Playgirl?

Sure, what the heck. But I doubt they would want me. I’m a little old for them. Maybe there’s mature publication I could be in? Is there a Playwoman?
Thanks for participating in our Cover Model profile section, Evan! You rock! Can't wait to meet you both soon! 

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