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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Boss' Bad Girl by Seraphina Donavan

**WARNING: Book not intended for anyone under the age of 18, due to explicit content.

This is the first of two short novella's written by the lovely Seraphina Donavan. The second one is "The Boss' Secret" and they should be read in sequence. There is another one in the works. 
This book introduces us to Grace, the beautiful, curvy secretary to the sexy Anthony Callahan for the last 2 years. Anthony finds Grace's diary, where she has been writing all of her dirty, secret fantasies about her boss. Grace is mortified & ready to resign, thinking that Anthony would never want her because of her size.... Until she gets the shock of her life when Anthony shows her that he will be willing to reenact all of Grace's fantasies... Will Grace be able to get past her insecurities and allow Anthony to love her? Or will this end in tears for them both?
This is a charming little story with plenty of the steaminess that we like to see from Seraphina, who is an author that is always pleasant to read. Pick up these short stories today! A definite fun & sexy little afternoon read!

Grace Marcum is quiet, shy, reserved...and painfully in love and lust with her boss. Rather than tell him, she's recorded every hot, sexy fantasy she's had about him in a journal. But one day, when he calls her into his office, Grace is horrified to see that book in his hands.

Anthony Callahan has been lusting over his secretary from day one. But sexual harassment suits are both ugly and expensive. Rather than risk it, he just took matters into his own hands, literally. But with her diary in his possession, he knows the truth, and nothing will stop him from having the woman he desires and in showing her all the pleasure to be had from indulging her many naughty fantasies.

Platinum Reviews gives Seraphina: 
4.5 Platinum Rings!



“Are you happy working for me, Grace?” he asked, and as he did so, he retrieved a small
leather bound book from the top drawer of his desk. Tapping it on the desk, the sound echoed
Grace’s beating heart. Someone had found it and turned it into him. She should have destroyed
it, she thought. If she’d burned the damn thing instead of carting it around in her bag like some
lovesick school girl it would never have happened.
“Mr. Callahan--”
“My name is Anthony, Grace. Answer my question. Are you happy working for me?”
“I love working for you,” she said honestly. It was the only way she could see him, be
close to him, nurture the small bits of happiness that trickled down to her with his smile or a bit
of praise. That she was utterly pathetic was not lost on her.
“But working for me isn’t all you want, is it?”
Grace rose from the chair, no longer caring about her job or her dignity, which was
apparently a lost cause. “I never intended for you to see my diary! I would never--I will submit
my letter of resignation immediately.” The words had no more than left her mouth when another
awful possibility occurred to her. “Oh god! You don’t need my resignation because you’re firing
me!” Tears threatened and she turned toward the door, fighting back the sobs that were barely
contained within her. Her hand wasn’t even touching the doorknob before his palm smacked
against the wood directly in front of her. She could feel his big body behind her, the breadth of
his shoulders dwarfing even her considerable frame.
“Grace, do not even think of walking out that door without an explanation!”
Grace turned to face him, looming over her. She could see a vein throbbing in his neck,
proof of just how angry he was. It was her own sick and twisted mind that made it seem so
incredibly hot to her. It didn’t help that he looked just as he did in every dirty fantasy she’d ever
entertained about him. His tie had long since been discarded, as had his jacket and his
shirtsleeves were rolled back to reveal tanned skin stretched taut over muscle and lightly dusted
with dark hair. He’d run his fingers through his dark hair and the waves were slightly
disheveled. Green eyes were flashing daggers beneath dark, straight brows.
“An explanation for what, sir?” she asked, challengingly.
Gritting his teeth, Anthony fought to keep his anger in check. When she’d made a
beeline for the door, panic had set in. He’d known from the moment that book had been placed
on his desk that he would never let her go. From the fact that she wasn’t blushing to the roots of
her dark hair, he knew that she was too devastated to even process what was happening. But that
wasn’t what that had swayed his decision to push her. He’d wanted her for so long but fear had
kept him from pursuing her. Opening that diary, reading the profane and intensely sexual
fantasies of his quiet, mild mannered secretary had sent his libido into overdrive. What it had
revealed to him was proof that Grace was his. Still, he called her bluff, “Your resignation, Miss
Marcum, or firing you? I pay you well because I value your work and you do it remarkably well.
But that’s professional, and your diary was hardly that. You’re a very dirty girl, Grace.”
“This isn’t funny,” she said. “I don’t appreciate you teasing me this way. It’s
“More humiliating than your dirty little fantasy about being spanked on my desk?”
She did blush then and ducked her head to avoid looking at him. “I will submit my
resignation on Monday morning. I’ve enjoyed working at Callahan Industries and I have learned
so much working for you this past year, but it is time for me to explore other avenues.” Avenues
that didn’t leave her aching and wet at the end of each day, lusting for a man she couldn’t have,
and now being utterly humiliated because he was aware of it. Being ignored was preferable to
being pitied. Grace wasn’t blind. She knew precisely what she looked like, and with her extra
curvy figure and her dark, perpetually messy hair, she was not the type of woman that Anthony
Callahan would ever look twice at. It had become painful to come to work every day, to look at
the man she wanted more than anything else in the world and know that she would never have
Anthony raked a hand through his hair. Grace Marcum was the most efficient secretary
he’d ever had. His office had never run so smoothly as when he’d put her in charge. If it had
been a little uncomfortable for him at times, watching her lush bottom wiggle as she filed the
forms, or noting the way she crossed her legs beneath the glass topped desk. Or, dear god help
him, when she dropped something on the floor and bent forward to pick it up, offering him an
enticing glimpse of the deep valley between her generous breasts, it had been worth it. It had
gotten difficult, sneaking into his private bathroom to jack himself off at least twice a day to
avoid a sexual harassment suit, but he’d learned to deal with it, just as he’d learned to deal with
the wet dreams that had him waking up in the middle of the night, with a raging hard on and
aching balls. But now, knowing that she felt the same way, there was no going back.
“I don’t accept it,” he said. “I refuse to accept your resignation... But everything else you
suggested in this naughty book of yours, Grace, I’ll take that and more.......”

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