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"COVER MODELS" 6:) Andrei Claude

Ahhh, Does it get any better than Mr. Romance himself,
 Andrei Claude?? 
As you can tell my cover model in my number six spot is the mouthwatering Andrei Claude! I haven't had the chance to meet Andrei in person yet, but I definitely look forward to it in the future! He was incredibly polite with all communication, very accommodating with providing pictures & a great sport about it all, even my crazy interview questions! So now, my dear readers.... Enjoy the fantasies, facts & bio about this gorgeous cover model!

             Here are the 5 interview questions that Andrei answered for me!!
                                   (It's the same one that I've given to all of the boys!) 

1. Are you really outgoing or introverted in everyday life?

A. Certainly outgoing. One of the reasons I enjoy working in the entertainment industry is the amount of social events you get to attend.

2. Hook-ups or relationships?

A. Relationships.

3. Blondes, brunettes or redheads?

A. I'm not fussed about hair color, but I tend to go more for brunettes it seems.

4. If you had one wish, what would it be?

A. Just to be able to continue doing what I love.

5. Would you ever consider modeling for Playgirl?

A. No, I've turned it down several times already.

Date Of Birth: 
September 10, 1979

Place of Birth:
Island of Malta
The Mystery from Malta 
Mr. Romance 

6' (1.83 m) 

Mini Biography
Andrei Claude was born on September 10, 1979 in Malta, a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean which is renowned for epic films such as Gladiator (2000), directed by Ridley Scott, and Troy (2004), starring Eric Bana and Brad Pitt, directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Dedicating his earlier years to health and fitness, Andrei was featured in various magazines worldwide, such as Men's Workout and Exercise & Health before reaching age 21.

Just months after turning 25, Andrei entered and won an international contest in St. Louis, Missouri where he was awarded the title of Mr. Romance. He then became known for his appearance on romance novel book covers, with numerous publishers including Kensington and Harper Collins. He also appeared briefly in a couple of feature films and television shows in New York City, where he was residing periodically for almost four years.

Andrei discovered his passion for film in 2009 and decided to embark on a career as an actor. He began attending classes at HB Studio in Soho, New York and the following year he left the United States to return permanently to Europe. He relocated to London, England which is where he now resides and works as an actor.

Adormidera (filming)
2013300: Rise of an Empire (post-production)
Persian General (rumored)
2012Act I (post-production)
Jamie Gilbert
2012Tony Robinson's Gods & Monsters (TV series)
Roman God
– Gods (2012) … Roman God
2012/IRegression (short)
2011His Promise (short)
2010The Role (short)
2007Pars: Operation Cherry
Hashasi's bodyguard
2006/IDirty Laundry 

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  1. What a yummy guy! Great interview...good job in getting him, he's one of my favs! :o)

    1. He's an awesome guy, Michelle! Glad you liked it!

  2. He wasn't at RT, right? If so, I need to seriously lay off the alcohol and pay more attention!! Dayum.


  3. No, he wasn't there, Noelle. We are hoping that he'll be joining us in New Orleans for next years RT Convention, though;)

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