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Friday, January 25, 2013

Heart Of A Soldier by: Tamara Hoffa

Another new author on the scene is the delightful Tamara Hoffa, author if "Heart Of A Soldier". This is a romantic, beautiful debut novella involving the beautiful, emotionally damaged Charlotte "Charlie" MacKenzie and her pleas for her son Evan to not join the military after losing her husband in an accident 5 years ago. She heads to the recruiting office with her dear Evan to meet the Army recruiter, Jameson Hunter. First thing she sees when she meets Jameson is a gorgeous military man and she starts getting feelings she hasn't had in many years. Jameson sees a beautiful woman & a scared mom. He wants to ease Charlie's fears just as much as he wants to get to know the woman that is Charlie.. Can Charlie overcome her traumatic past & her fears of losing Evan, in order to let Jameson in her life?
This is a great first novella and is well written with strong characters & the feelings poured into this book will break your heart as well as give you a new view on the life a mom must face upon letting her son grow up and facing a new life herself.. An amazing debut novella and a definite must read! 

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Soldier Jameson Hunter faces the battle of his life: winning the heart of Charlotte Mackenzie,             
                                                     widowed mother of a young recruit.


The recruiting office was in a typical strip mall. The window displayed the image of a
soldier in fatigues and the army slogan “Be all you can Be. In the ARMY!” Taking a deep
breath, Charlie pushed the office door open. The office sported two desks, some filing cabinets, a
water cooler and uncomfortable-looking molded plastic chairs. The walls were basic white, the
decorating scheme consisted of recruiting posters and a framed letter from the president.
Obviously, appointed for function, rather than comfort or style, it was about what she had
expected. What she wasn’t prepared for was the man sitting behind the desk.
Oh, my. Shoulders a mile wide, dark hair, with just a touch of gray at the temples, sunbronzed
skin over sharp features and eyes so green they practically glowed in his handsome face.
Rising to his feet, the personification of Ares extended his hand.
“Warrant Officer Jamison Hunter.” When he spoke, the deep baritone of his voice sent tiny
shivers down Charlie’s spine. What the hell was this? This was definitely not the time or place
for her long dormant libido to decide to wake up. Pull yourself together girl! This is the man that
wants to take Evan away. Remember, he is the enemy.
“Charlotte Mackenzie, Charlie. And I believe you know my son Evan.”
“Pleasure to meet you, ma’am. Please have a seat.”
Okay, Charlie, you can do this, all you have to do is convince a career military man that
your son shouldn’t join the army. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?
* * *
An hour later Charlie’s mind spun with information overload. But, one thing was certain,
she had a lot to think about. CWO Hunter seemed to sense Charlie’s trepidation.
“Evan, would you mind letting me speak to your mother a moment in private?” Jameson
“Yes, Sir.” Turning to his mother Evan said, “I’ll wait for you in the car.”
Charlie wanted to refuse. She had enough to think about already and she didn’t need the
added distraction of CWO Hunter interfering with her thought processes. But, one look at the
excitement and anticipation on her son’s face and she nodded her agreement.
Jameson Hunter stared at the beautiful woman in front of him. A compact bundle of curves,
with glistening red hair that brushed against her chin in a subtle sway and eyes as blue as the
Caribbean, Charlie was everything that revved his engine in a woman. He knew she had
concerns about Evan joining the army, but at the moment all he could think about was the
woman, not her son. Keep it in your pants boy, he scolded himself. Maybe he could kill two
birds with one stone and make a date with the delectable Charlie. Then he would have the chance
to get to know her better and help allay her concerns about the army. Yeah, that could work.
“Charlie, I know you have concerns about Evan signing up. Would you like to go out to
dinner with me and we could discuss this in a more informal situation?”
Charlie stared at his face, was he asking her on a date or was this business? Charlie really
didn’t know what to think. While Jameson Hunter was an attractive man, Charlie hadn’t been on
a date in…well, truthfully since she was dating Phillip in high school. Charlie surveyed
Jameson’s face, trying to read his expression. He was smiling, causing the skin beside his eyes to
crinkle, eyes that held a slightly wicked gleam. It had been a while, but Charlie was pretty sure
she could still read the signals and the signals she was receiving from CWO Jameson Hunter
were shouting, “Hey baby, I wanna see you naked,” or maybe that was her and she was reading
her own desires in his eyes. Charlie hesitated. But, her concern for Evan was genuine and she
really did want to discuss it, so she acquiesced.
“I would like that,” Charlie replied.
“What night are you free? I know a great little Italian place just downtown. Family owned,
everything made from scratch, meatballs to die for.”
“Oh you really know how to hit a girl where she lives,” said Charlie. “I love Italian. That
sounds marvelous. I have appointments most of the week, but I should finish up early on
Thursday if that works for you?”
“Shall I pick you up at seven?” Jameson asked.
“I’ll probably come straight from work, so how about I meet you there?” Charlie may not
have dated in a while, but one rule she knew from all her single friends, always have your own
transportation, just in case.
Jameson scratched an address onto a slip of paper on his desk and handed it to her, along
with his business card.
“This has my office and cellphone numbers, in case you need to get in touch with me before
Thursday.” Jamie pressed the card into her hand and a frisson of heat crept up her arm. Reaching
into the outside pocket of her purse Charlie extracted a business card of her own. Clarksville
Physical Therapy, Charlotte Mackenzie PT, Jameson raised his eyebrows.
“You’re a physical therapist?”
“Yes, why?”
Jameson laughed.
“What a coincidence. I’m stuck here, stateside, rehabbing a rotator cuff tear. I had surgery
about six weeks ago. Just got out of my sling. I think physical therapy would be a lot more
enjoyable with a beautiful lady like you for scenery rather than corporal Jennings at the base
gym.” Jameson’s grimace made Charlie smile.
“Well, thank you kind sir,” Charlie replied with an exaggerated southern drawl.
Jameson stepped around his desk and extended his hand. Charlie placed her hand in his
expecting a handshake, she was startled when Jamie lifted her hand and placed a gentle kiss on
her knuckles.
“I’ll see you Thursday at 6:30, at Roma’s.”................



  1. Thank you Vicki for taking the time to review Heart of a Soldier