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"COVER MODELS" 5:) Scott Nova




(This last one below is my absolute favorite of him, as it shows Scott as he truly is! An awesome everyday guy with a great sense of humor!)

Ok, ladies & gents... My next Cover Model up for your viewing pleasure is the totally awesome everyday real life hero who is known as Mr. Scott Nova!
I met Scott at the 2012 RT Convention in Chicago & truly did not expect him to have the amazing open & funny personality that he does. He laughed & joked with us and never once did he act stuck-up or better than anyone. That attitude is just not in his blood. This man alone managed to single-handedly change my point of view on cover models! He was so incredibly open, funny, witty & just fun to be around! And he didn't change one bit when the cameras were off of him, either.. What you see is what you get & that's why I had to add the last pic into this collage.. It shows Scott just like he is in the real world. Not to mention that he truly is a real life hero, working as a fireman/EMT part time plus he works in the IT field full time.. If you truly want to meet a model who is a perfect gentleman & a great friend, head on over to say "Hi" to Scott Nova! 
Any questions or comments you have about him or for him, may be left here & he will answer them..
Now for some info on Scott! 
New Bio Written by Scott:

I got the bug to model while in college because I got to know, and went out with Mrs. Pittsburgh a few times and she introduced me to her agent. Her agent told me the same thing I heard from so many folks at that time of my life “you’re just too skinny” …but that’s not the case now-a-days is it ladies?
In 2009 I went to the Firefighter academy and EMT school to get the training to be a fireman. Since then I’ve worked part-time as I keep busy testing and training to get full-time at some point. I pay the bills with a full-time job in IT – I’ve been involved with IT for close to 17 yrs. 
Got some current projects going with Horny Devil Publishing to be the face of their publishing and rep them at events along with just continuing to build my portfolio. 


1:) Are you really this outgoing in everyday life? 

I haven’t always been outgoing in any fashion of the word. I was extremely bullied in highschool and middle school, which caused me to be very withdrawn and reserved. I would keep to myself but I ALWAYS loved acting and being on stage. It was kinda like my release…But once I graduated and started to mature and get to know myself better, I came out of my shell. I also would like to say, that I’m currently 36yrs old, and I’m in better shape OVERALL than when I was 26…so if this is what aging is, then I’m cool with it. But now with all the modeling and acting, I have come to know myself and absolutely LOVE how easy all you ladies make me feel like family. Heck, Vicki stuck up for me when a hater told me to “get over myself” when I was simply just asking for support on a contest I’m entered in. That is really what this big, dysfunctional romance family is all about! LOL

2:) Hook-ups or relationships?

Well, I am a snuggler and cuddler…I love to be tangled up with a warm, silky smooth body and so for me, relationships are where it’s at. Although Hooksup allow that element of “bad boy, bad girl” thing which can lead to all sorts of sexy and erotic things happening. But in a relationship you learn what your partner wants and likes…what drives her crazy! Does she like her neck squeezed, hair pulled or body caressed; and what mood she’s in for what. So at this point in my life, relationships is where it’s at. 

3:) Blondes, brunettes or redheads?

OMG Brunettes!!!! I’ve dated 1 woman that wasn’t a brunette and that didn’t last long. I just love the traits that go with a woman that has brunette hair. YUM YUM YUM! :D

4:) If you had one wish, what would it be?

I already got my one life's wish – I got a healthy little boy to call my son. That’s all I can see when someone asks me about things I wish for. And if I have another little one (which I plan on doing) that same wish goes just as strong. And if the lord see’s fit, for my little one to come in safe, sound, and healthy, that I have to exit, then so be it!!! I’d be honored too! Sorry to get so serious on this question, but it is who I am. I GUESS another wish would be to be able to sit down with Bruce Lee and converse with him about martial arts. I have trained martial arts off of my father since I was about 9 yrs old, and to meet the best martial artist that EVER lived…would be life changing. 

5:) Would you ever consider modeling for Playgirl?

Now…I have to premise this with that fact that I WILL be a civil servant for the rest of my life and so therefore, NO I would never be able to. BUT if I weren’t in that type of career path that I would completely ponder posing for Playgirl, for sure! You only live once, no regrets! rofl 

                       ~~~~~CLICK HERE FOR SCOTT NOVA'S WEBSITE~~~~~

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  1. Beautiful interview Vicki and Scott! I really enjoyed the honesty that came through. I hope that you continue in your line of work with the fire department and EMT, matter how much I would love to see you in Playgirl! LOL Wonderful interview Vicki! All my best to both of you...

  2. Thank you, Michelle! And Scott is always a joy to talk to so I enjoyed giving the interview as much as being on the receiving end! He is a great guy & I'm glad you enjoyed it! Much love & success to you! <3