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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dante's Circle by Dorien Grey

Cover of Dante's Circle

The genre for this novel is LGBT Mystery.
Wow! All I can say is: What a charming & engrossing mystery novel! My usual genre is paranormal romance but I have been adding so many other genres in, as of late & have absolutely fallen for Dorien Grey's novels! 
This novel is the 4th book in the Elliot Smith & John series. You don't need to read them in order as they could all be stand alone books. 
Series:  His Name Is John followed by Aaron's Wait, Caesar's Fall and Dante's Circle.

Dante's Circle starts out by introducing famous pianist Dante Benevetti to our lead character, Elliot Smith, a gay home renovator who can communicate with a ghost after a traumatic brain injury. The ghost he speaks with is John, who comes to him in Elliot's dreams and insists that he needs Elliot's help on solving mysteries. Dante contracts Elliot to do some renovations on his home which is a decision that Elliot regrets that nearly right away, as Dante is a difficult & demanding man to deal with and very elusive. It turns out that Dante isn't being difficult specifically to Elliot but that is how he treats any person he deals with in the world. When Dante turns up dead, there isn't too much surprise in the community.. And that is when John starts showing up in Elliot's dreams again, insisting on helping Elliot investigate Dante's death. But soon, Elliot gets a surprise when his partner, Steve, starts hearing John talking in his sleep. And then the deceased Dante chimes in with music! More mysteries for Elliot to solve! Will he ever get to rest in peace or will Dante's angry music keep replaying in his dreams for eternity?
This book captured my attention from the beginning & turned onto one that you just can't put down! The writing just flows together so nicely & Dorien's wonderful, quirky characters will pull you right into their world. I would highly recommend this series for any fan of mysteries or LGBT novels. Dorien is a intelligent & kind author & the lives of his characters are very relatable and a joy to read. A definite must-read!

Platinum Reviews gives Dorien & "Dante's Circle: 
4.5 Platinum Rings!

Dante Benevetti is the darling of the music world...and why not? He's handsome, talented-and arrogant as only a man convinced of his own brilliance can be. As far as he's concerned, the rest of the world exists for his benefit. So, when he hears Dante is dead, a victim of murder, Elliott isn't really surprised. Nor is he surprised when Dante comes for a post-mortem visit, demanding Elliott find out who killed him. Was it the well-known lyricist who was the only one in the house at the time? The talented young musician whose work Dante plagiarized? Or some unknown the great pianist had mortally offended?

"Elliott, I'd like you to meet Dante Benevetti. Dante, this is Elliott Smith and his partner…""Steve Gutierrez," Steve said, extending his hand.
The man making the introductions was Travis Green, and the occasion was a fundraiser for Above Ground, a newly formed theater company devoted to producing the works of gay and lesbian playwrights. Green was the host of the gathering, held on the expansive lawn behind his Lake Forest home. Food tables and two portable bars flanked the pool, underwater lights casting shimmering blue-green reflections on the tablecloths and canopies.
Elliott in turn shook hands with the thirty-six-year-old concert pianist, noting the man was even better-looking in person than in his photos.
"Ah, yes, Travis mentioned you earlier," Benevetti said with a warm smile and addressing Elliott. "I understand you have lots of money,"
"What makes you think that?"
"You wouldn't be here if you didn't." He gave a very quick glance at Steve, which for some reason made Elliott bristle. However, since Benevetti was still smiling, he dismissed it, but did not forget it.
"I hope you brought your checkbook," Benevetti continued. "We need every penny we can get for Above Ground. Theaters aren't cheap, you know."
"I've convinced Dante to play for us a bit later," Green said. It was obvious to Elliott the "convincing" had not been a spur-of-the-moment thing, since a grand piano stood on a raised platform at the far end of the red-brick patio.
After a minute or two, Green looked across the pool and, touching Benevetti lightly on the arm, said, "Ah, there's Marge and Natalie. They're dying to meet you." He turned to Elliott and Steve. "You will excuse us, won't you?"Without waiting for a reply, he  began wending his way through the crowd toward the two women. Benevetti glanced from Green to Elliott to Steve, raised an eyebrow, shrugged, smiled, and followed Green.
"There oughta be a law," Steve said.
"Against anybody being so gorgeous and talented."
Elliott grinned. "So, what are you—chopped liver?"
"Yeah, well, you're prejudiced…for which I'm duly grateful."


  1. Thank you, Vicki, for your very kind review of "Dante's Circle," and for introducing the Elliott Smith series to your readers who may otherwise never have found it! I owe you!


  2. You're very welcome, Dorien! Loved the book!:)