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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Boss' Secret by Seraphina Donavan

**WARNING: Book not intended for anyone under 18 years of age due to explicit content.
This is the second of two short novella's written by the lovely Seraphina Donavan. The second one is "The Boss' Bad Girl" and they should be read in sequence. There is another one in the works. 

This story continues on with Grace & Anthony's relationship & starts focusing on Grace's decision to keep their relationship a secret for now, as she is still not comfortable with the world knowing the connection between a secretary & the big boss. Anthony is terribly upset that she isn't willing to reveal it and works on trying to persuade her into changing her mind, especially after an employee of Anthony's decides to start flirting with Grace... Can this couple overcome their differences & reach an understanding or will Grace's insecurities end the relationship?

Another sexy little novella for an afternoon read! Seraphina has an amazing way of writing, where everything just flows together & works well. Another definite must read! Pick up both of the the short novellas & enjoy!

Platinum Reviews gives Seraphina: 
4.5 Platinum Rings!


Anthony Callahan has been enjoying all the sensual delights his lovely secretary has to offer, but it's so much more than that. He wants Grace Marcum to be his, but she insists on secrecy, and he wants her enough to agree.
Grace knows what Anthony refuses to see. She's not part of his world, and trying to break the status quo could destroy the fragile bond between them.
But when someone else discovers their secret, and threatens the happiness they've found together, will it all fall apart? Or will Grace and Anthony realize that sometimes you have to risk it all to win it all?


“It drives me insane,” he said, his voice a hot whisper against her neck.  “I can’t stand seeing other men look at you.  I hate not being able to tell the world you’re mine!”
“I know... But what would people say?  I’m your secretary!  It’s every bad cliche in the book!” she protested.  It was hard to think of all her very good reasons while he was doing such delicious things with his mouth and his hands.
“It’s bullshit, Grace.  Nobody’s opinion matters but ours.”
“I don’t want to fight,” she said, stroking his face gently, trailing her fingers along the roughened skin of his jaw. 
“Then what do you want?” he asked.  
Reaching between them, she deftly loosened his belt and then unfastened his pants.  “I want you.”
Anthony was lost.  He wanted to demand that she drop the secrecy, he wanted to push her on why she felt it was such a terrible idea.  But with the wet heat of her welcoming sex pressed against him, framed by the midnight silk of the garter belt and stockings he’d bought for her, it was too much temptation.  He pressed his cock against the damp cleft of her pussy, moving against her until those soft lips parted and her heat surrounded him.  He groaned deeply, savoring the silken glide of his cock between the honeyed walls of her sex.  There was nothing else that compared to that feeling.  It was perfection.  
“Tell me you’re mine,” he demanded.  
“I’m yours, Anthony... only yours,” she said, her voice little more than a breathless moan.  
He thrust into her again, driving so deeply that it was impossible to tell where her body ended and his began.  The inner muscles of her sex clenched around him, increasing the delicious friction with every advance and retreat of his cock.  No woman had ever gotten to him the way Grace had.  The unrequited lust from before he’d found her naughty little journal was nothing in comparison to the insatiable need that he felt for her after having her.  “Fuck, Grace!  You drive me crazy.”
She smiled at him then, and then she began to whisper, her breath hot against his ear, and the most deliciously wicked things falling from her beautifully shaped lips.    “You feel so good inside me.  Your thick cock filling me up... Feel how wet I am for you, how much I want you!” He knew she was only doing it to drive him crazy, and it worked.
Reaching between their joined bodies, Anthony touched the swollen bud of her clit, trapping it between two fingers.  With every thrust, the pressure on that sensitive bundle increased, and she was soon gasping for breath, unable to do anything more than moan incoherently.  He felt the first flutters of her orgasm, the walls of her sex clenching rhythmically around him.  Gritting his teeth, he fought the urge to simply lose himself in her.  When the last of the contractions receded, he withdrew from her, instantly regretting the loss of her warmth.  
“You didn’t... Why did you stop?” she asked.  
“I need your mouth, Grace,” he whispered.  “I want to see your beautiful lips closing around my cock.”


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