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Friday, September 13, 2013

Draken by Solease M. Barner


This is the first release by a new author on the scene, Ms. Solease M Barner. It's a paranormal romance with many mouth-watering erotic elements. The book is a solid first time debut into the world of dragon shifters and the readers who love them.. It's written in the first person, using both main characters POV's. (points of view) 
The beautiful & headstrong Cess wants nothing more than to get through college but she wants to have a little fun while doing so.. She notices her sexy new neighbors & they notice her right back, introducing themselves as the handsome & enticing Draglen brothers.... However once Cess lays her eyes on the oldest brother, the drop-dead gorgeous Draken, despite his initial rudeness, both of them find themselves strangely drawn to the other... Draken wants to finish his assignment on earth & head home, however each time he sees the lovely Cess, he can't help but lose his focus.. How on earth do you explain to a human woman that you are a dragon shapeshifter??? Well, for starters, some steamy, hot sex to begin... Followed by a lot more temptation... Are Cess & Draken going to be able to honor their original paths and continue with their careers or is love blooming for this unlikely duo, human & dragon?.... Check this great debut novel out & see what happens!
Solease adds great detailing to each character & their personalities shine through.. You can visualize the Draglen brothers & their fine physiques and you can see what the gorgeous Cess looks like in your mind, as well.. It's an interesting new world & a wonderful start to what will be an enticing new series... Solease M Barner is one paranormal author to watch! I look forward to the next installments in this series.. For lovers of the paranormal, especially dragons, this novel is a must-read... Sexy, steamy, thrilling, mesmerizing & romantic... You'll want to check this book out today! 

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Cess Lamil is determined to get her college degree with honors and start her career. When the new neighbors move in down the street, her plans change quickly. Draken, the controlling and obnoxious neighbor, is all she can think about. Despite her initial dislike, Cess feels strangely drawn to the mysterious, handsome Draken, but she soon learns that Draken has dark secrets.  
Draken Draglen is in town to get the family business in order. He lives by one rule: only sleep with women of his own kind. When Cess walks down the street to introduce herself, Draken fears he is going to break his rule. He is determined to stay away from her, fearing his dark secret may be revealed, but his need for Cess is too strong. Draken makes a decision that could change not only his life, but that of his family as well..


I’m glad it’s only six months this time. We are here for business only. The corporation needs to hire new management, as profits have gone down. I will not tolerant incompetence in our business. Every time we have to check on the businesses, no matter what state we are in, Showken always finds a girl for his pleasure. Well, not this time, I’m not having it, or I will send him back home. There are plenty to play with there. I just had to march some little girl off the lawn, on our first day, because Showken can’t keep his smile to himself. We must discuss this.
“Showken, no girls on the property, at the office, or in the car at all. Leave them alone,” I growl out. That girl, Cess, is going to be a problem, I can tell.
“Draken, listen, just because you have this “no play while working” doesn’t mean I have to follow. I like females and they like me, just relax, I never harm them,” Showken says, calmly.
"Six months and we are home, away from this place. Keep it in your pants, or I might ask you for something, just do as I ask.” I snap. We have finished the unloading, and Layern and Gemi are setting up downstairs in the basement.
“Draken, what are you thinking?” Layern asks with a narrowing of his eyes, Layern and his gift. Whatever you have got hidden in your mind or heart, Layern knows how to find it.
“I’m just thinking about the interviews coming up this week,” I say, trying to push it way down, so he can’t see it, but my brother’s perceptions are too fast.
“I could have sworn I saw you thinking about Cess, you know, the neighbor you were so rude to, and was looking at her legs.” Layern says with one brow up. Shit, what am I going to say? She is attractive, and she did make me want her even with her threats? That little girl has to stay away from me.
“Oh, so that’s why she had to leave, you want her. Brother, all you had to do was say something and I would have backed off,” Showken says with a frown.
“I don’t want that girl, and Layern, stay out my head,” I say, done with the discussion. I return to my office and start working on new layouts for the office here in Arizona. I hear Showken yelling through the closed door: “Draken, if you want her, just say it.” I totally ignore my favorite brother. I love all my brothers and sisters, but Showken is the only brother I never fought with growing up. Being the oldest, and heir to the throne, jealousy is common. I had the misfortune to be born first , andow I have all these expectations, not only from our parents, but all our kind as well. Showken treats me just like a normal brother. I fight with some of my other brothers, and blood has been shed more than once. When I got word that we had to visit Earth, I was displeased. I love living in Kalin, the home of the most powerful dragons. I’m what you may call a shifter. Not all in the land have this ability, but all the Draglen Brothers can..........



Friday, September 6, 2013

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