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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Winter's Tale by Emma Holly

***Warning: Erotic Romance.. This book is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. Graphic sex scenes and material..
Oh, my! I should know by now to be prepared for how hot Emma Holly can get a gal with her amazing books, considering I've been a fan of hers for ages.. But damn! Every time I think her work can't get any better, (ie: The Billionaire Bad Boys Club *swoon*) she goes and surprises me with something like this! Whew! This book gets the reader to toss away any preconceived notion of how love "should" be found and breaks through into that fantasy world that always seems just beyond our reach yet obtainable through Ms. Holly's tales...
In Winter's Tale, we meet December Wroth, a sensual, trouble-making, rule-breaking woman who has spent her whole life being shuttled from boarding school to boarding school and now at 18 years old, finds herself in yet another boarding school.. And she isn't happy about it. She just can't help her inquisitive nature and her feelings that something just isn't right about this new school.. She explores & finds a statue of a gorgeous man and he seems to call for December to help..  Hans Winter is stuck in a never-ending nightmare of living as a statue & tries his hardest to find someone to break him out of the curse that's dominated his life for years... He can't help but call out to December in her dreams.. And for a gal like December, she just can't help but respond to the magical lure from the beautifully stunning & mysterious half-elf, half-faerie, Hans.. But something or someone is out to make sure that Hans never breaks out of his curse.. And it won't hesitate to take December's life along with Hans' if she gets to close..
This tale is filled with rule-breaking steaminess, incredibly descriptive dramatic scenes, adventure galore and ohhhmygawwds hot sex! Seriously, steam up your glasses, mirror & bedroom sex! Emma never fails to disappoint with her amazing mind and the worlds she creates.. If you like paranormal erotic romance then be sure to put "Winter's Tale' and Emma Holly on your must-read list, today!

Platinum gives Emma & "Winter's Tale":
4.5 Platinum Rings!


Half-faerie, half-elf Hans Winter broke the heart of the wrong princess. Cursed to live as a statue at a school for human girls, only true love—and true bravery—can free him.
December Worth never met a rule she didn’t want to break, as the numerous institutions that have expelled her can attest. Bravery she can handle. Love she’s less sure about, especially if it involves believing in fairytales.
A kiss seems like the last thing these lonely souls would share, until one night in the cemetery where Hans stands trapped, Fate brings stone and flesh together . . .


A kiss seems like the last thing these lonely souls would share, until one night in the cemetery where Hans stands trapped, Fate brings stone and flesh together . . .
The figure was a life-sized naked man on a low pedestal, his form so white the marble he was carved from could have been sugar. The level of detail astonished her. Nails, lashes, the veins that fed each graceful muscle were all there. Whoever the man was, the sculptor had caught him with one hip shot and his head hanging. His hair was thick and slightly shaggy, his lips full and sad. Frost rimed his pale stone torso, feathers of it creating a patchwork over his washboard abs. A fig leaf the size of her hand guarded his male modesty.
“No full Monty for you, eh?” she murmured, fighting a shiver.
Wondering who he was, she crouched for a better look at the low block of granite on which he stood. When she scraped away the crackling leaves and twigs, she found no name or date. All the inscription said was, “For His Cruelty.”
“Huh.” She squinted up the tall body. Set against the dark gray sky, the marble figure appeared to glow. That was impossible of course. Grabbing the statue’s knee for purchase, she pulled to her feet once more.
How sad the face was—and how old-fashioned in its remorse! Did modern men feel guilty for being cruel? The spoiled rich boys she tended to meet through their sisters only minded being accused of it. December stepped onto the pedestal to examine the statue’s features more closely. The stone man was taller than she was: six two or three, she judged.
“Someone flattered you,” she said into the lowered eyes. “Men from your day were short.”
She thought they were at least. Who knew when this one had been born or died?
“You’re certainly pretty,” she added, noting the narrow nose and the clean carved lines of the cheek and jaw. “I confess you don’t look cruel to me.”
The night wind kicked up, skittering leaves and frost across the graveyard. December became aware of her solitude. If she screamed, it seemed unlikely anyone would hear. The school was far behind her. The woods she’d been warned were scary weren’t more than a stone’s toss away. Though the area wasn’t silent, no sounds of human civilization penetrated the dead’s abode. She felt off balance perched on the pedestal, tense in her muscles inside and out. Without thinking, she curled her fingers around the statue’s impressive upper arms. They were as developed as a gymnast’s, or maybe a swordsman’s. Helpless to resist, she rose onto the balls of her boots, leaning closer to the mysterious snow-white face.
As if they were long-lost puzzle pieces, her lips molded over the full cold mouth.
A thrill ran through her, icy turning hot where rivers of excitement hit her between the legs. The stone mouth fit hers, its lips silky and inviting despite their temperature. The wind seemed to sigh with longing. What would it be like to make love to a man like this? He was so hard, so perfect, so temptingly unable to get away.......

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