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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Coded G6 (The Trexel Series: Book One) by Hillary Layelle

***Please note: This review was provided by Lisa Angel, a trial reviewer to our site.. Please make Lisa feel welcome into our big Platinum Reviews family! Thank you! ~ VRS

Great Story! This was my first time reading anything by Hillary Layelle and I really enjoyed it. The book is very well written and hard to put down. I had no previous exposure to the book, so I had no clue what it was even about. It was not at all what I was expecting as far as story line, but that was part of the fun. The buildup of the story and the characters was extensive, so that you get to know them really well. It was just getting to the fun part when it ended and I can't wait to see what is next!!

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Claire is undeniably lured into Michael’s realm when she returns to Anchorage, AK to earn her sophomore credits. She questions their intense chemistry, however, when she turns privy to his extraordinary thought bending abilities. Beneath his role as a student, Michael has other obligations; primarily, acquisition of the next viable prospect for his exclusive group. Testing Claire and others without their consent, he learns that she meets biological prerequisites to membership. Her safe, predictable life shifts into a bizarre reality when limitations of mortality and restrictions of human capabilities begin to dissipate.

“It’s a nice night.” I froze. The statement startled me despite the soothing voice that spoke it. The low rumble of words did not carry as far as they should have—muffled by the thick weather. I twisted slightly from the half wall to acknowledge the source. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” A tall, dark figure was leaning back against the closed half of the double doors as if he’d been there the whole time. Had he?
“It’s okay. I just . . . didn’t expect anyone else to be out here.” My hands rubbed the sides of my arms to smooth out the goose bumps. He slowly made his way to my end of the covered patio as if trying to ascertain whether he was welcome. Suppressing a strange, physical pull I felt toward the stranger, I looked back to the forest. My vision was drawn to the moon, which miraculously made its presence through the storm clouds. The somber sky became angry and poured with more power, forcing us speak louder.
“Quite a party back there,” he said, trying to steal my gaze with his masked eyes. “They seem to be getting a little carried away with the anonymity,” he said casually, placing his hand on top of the half wall beside me. The roof’s overhang only allowed a light after-mist from the downpour to reach us. He wore all black like the blathering Zorro, minus the cape.
When I looked over to respond, I saw that his dark costume was actually a tuxedo over a black button-up with no tie. It looked expensive. His eye-mask was an extension of a bandanna that covered his hair and tied in back with two long tails. My fingers itched to lift it off his face.
I softened to his presence and replied, “Not to mention the alcohol.” A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth as I imagined Emma and Lindsay throwing themselves at a group of hockey players.
“Exactly. It’s their excuse to act the way they want to,” he chuckled, “or something to blame it on later.” The temperamental rain slowly let up. He looked out to the trees and must have spotted the brilliant moon because his thoughts seemed diverted. A crackling rumble of thunder echoed across the valley gaining volume as it reached us.
I took advantage of his distraction to stare at his features. He had a nice mouth that begged for touch. His impressive jaw line cast a straight shadow against his chest. Where had I seen his face? An Armani advertisement, probably. I thought about his words, which could have been the theme song to most college parties. “Well the masks don’t help either. You could get away with murder tonight.” My statement brought his attention back to my face, which he urgently cupped in his huge hands.
The way he stared at my lips, I expected our mouths to crush against each other, but instead he held me hovering an inch away. I could feel his breath on my mouth. A breeze ran between us as he waited for my answer. My body was thrilled with the sudden passion, but my thoughts whirled in war. The victor’s side wanted him.
My lips brushed lightly against his, which responded intensely, and I found I wasn’t just kissing a stranger, but my secret identity was boldly giving in to unexplained cravings. He moved his hands to back, generously warming my arms in his embrace. I wanted to be trapped there. My fingers gripped the tux lapel against his chest, pulling him closer. This triggered his lips to part mine for a deeper lock.
Nothing else mattered. The world outside this kiss did not exist. The rain fell heavy and pounded on everything around us, smashing out the wind.......

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