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Friday, April 19, 2013

Henry (The Beck Brothers) by Andria Large

   How do I describe my experience with Henry *contemplating my answer* I am not a Romance fanatic..but recently I have read several "popular" romances. Tortured male, tortured female, having shady backgrounds and starting a rocky relationship together...blah, blah, blah....NOT what you get when you read this book. Henry is not harboring any hidden secrets, and Claire has laid her cards on the table from day one. Neither character was looking for the other, but love and an adorable child, had different ideas. Being the oldest of four brothers, with an extremely over protective mother, love wasn't in the cards for Henry. Claire, a single mother who was intent on raising her son alone, never thought she would find herself in the situation that arises after working as a personal assistant for Henry for several months. Insert the Beck family, and you will be instantly hooked. Momma Beck will give you a run for your money as you shake your head at her overbearing antics while your hearts are battling over which Beck Brother is your favorite. (personally I am team Sebastian) I was taken on a roller coaster of  a ride with this story..starting from lust at first sight, to I honestly bawled my eyes out the last several chapters. I greatly appreciate Andrea for the sneak peak of the next book. I am desperately awaiting the arrival. 
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Henry Beck, the gorgeous CEO of an advertising company, was in need of a new personal assistant. He expected HR to hire someone older, more experienced, maybe even with gray hair. Who he got instead was the beautiful, young, single mother - Claire Russell. A woman who he is having a hard time keeping his eyes off of...

Claire never expected her new boss to be the most gorgeous man she's ever laid eyes on. She also never expected him to be sweet to her two year old son, Ethan. But Henry is her boss and there is no future with him. Or so Claire thinks...

Will Henry and Claire be able to fight the obvious attraction between them? Will Henry's overbearing mother come between them? Or will a freak accident change their perspectives on life and what's most important...


Henry had closed his eyes, enjoying his sandwich when he felt like he was being watched. When he opened his eyes, Claire was watching him, a small smirk curling her lips. "What?" he asked after he swallowed. 
"Nothing, you just seem to be really enjoying that sandwich," She murmured, a small flush creeping up her pretty cheeks. 
"I am enjoying it. They make the best sandwiches here," Henry stated. 
"Okay," Claire said, shrugging, as if she didn't agree but she wasn't going to argue.
Henry narrowed his eyes at her. "You think you know of a place that's better?" he challenged.
"Not necessarily. You have your favorite place and I have mine," Claire said, an amused twinkle in her blue eyes.
Henry raised an eyebrow in question. "Is that so? Where is this place that you love so much?"
Claire smiled and it made his damn heart stutter. "It's a few blocks away from where I live."
"And what makes them so much better?" Henry asked, liking their little banter. It was refreshing. 
"I'm not sure. I think I like their rolls better," Claire said.
Henry snorted and took another bite of his sandwich. ....

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