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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Night Visions by Elena Gray

I am a huge sucker for a good paranormal romance and Elena Gray did not disappoint with Night Visions. From the beautiful cover to the last page I was pulled in, anxiously turning every page. The story introduces us to Sam Cade, a bestselling author, who lives a quiet life with her dog, Ginger. As the story progresses we learn that Sam’s life is not as quiet as it appears. She is haunted by visions and whispers in her head and feels that she is missing a big secret part of her life. Will her best friend, Ian, who left her six years earlier be the key to unlocking these secrets? Or will the voices telling her not to trust him possibly be referring to the sexy hunk of a man she has known her whole life. The story of Sam and Ian picks up pace and becomes more suspenseful with every passing page. But Elena Gray does not stick to the suspense and mystery. She shows the reader a glimpse of true love and romance that will cause goose bumps. I loved the story being told from the point of view of both Sam and Ian and felt that added to the beautiful descriptiveness that made me feel like I was standing in the middle of the action. I look forward to reading the next story in this series and seeing what Ms. Gray has in store for us.

Platinum gives Elena and Night Visions:

5 Platinum Rings

Plagued by visions and voices, Samantha Cade must be losing her mind. Until she realizes there's a hidden message waiting to be revealed. Just how, she'll have to figure out.

When Ian Behr reappears in her life, after six long years, dormant longing awakens. To survive this turmoil, she'll need to guard her heart.

Will Ian be her doom...or her salvation?

Who is this guy?  Ceaser Millan?

Ginger never let anyone, let alone a stranger, within 100 yeards of her without baring her teeth or deciding if she'd use them as a chew toy.  Sam opened her mouth to tell him he was trespassing, but the words were trapped in her throat as he turned to face her.

A sense of deja vu washed over her.  There was something familiar about him.  His presence...his demeanor...his eyes...

Then he smiled.  A crooked smile that stole the air she breathed.  A rush of memories came flooding back.  Of her childhood.  Of happier times.  Of him.

Ian Behr.

He's disappeared from her life after their first stolen kiss on the dock.  A kiss that forever changed her life. Where had he been for the past six years?  Why didn't he say goodbye?  Why didn't he call?  Anger blazed in her soul.  Mind-numbing anger.  Ian had left her heartbroken, not respecting her enough to say goodbye.  But staring into those hazel eyes shattered the silence in her heart and it began to beat again.

He was still her Ian.  Except he wasn't a boy anymore.

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