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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Falling: A Spirits & Shards Novel by A J Hawkins

There is only one word that comes to mind to describe the world and characters A J (Ade) has created in the first novel of his Spirits and Shards series.  AMAZING.  I was hooked from the beginning and found it difficult to stop to do things like eating and sleeping.  I had a difficult time writing my review without giving too much of the wonderful story away.  The novel is set in the world of Silandrius in the year 25032.  I found myself taking note of every difference this world had to offer.  The calculation of time, the transportation, and the beauty of a secret underground garden in the middle of the city just to name a few.  But within this world that the author has created is a story of love, struggle, and loss so relevant to the world and life we as readers live in.  Jerin is a creative, hardworking man, who due to an accident and the debilitaing effects this has had on his health, is struggling to rediscover himself, his sanity, and the reason he and his live in girlfriend, Juli have fallen in love.  Juli also finds herself dealing with the effects Jerin's accident and financial hardship has had on their relationship.  They struggle every month to make ends meet and find themselves going through the motions and living almost separate lives full of secrets that strain their bond.   I found myself realizing how important it is to slow down and appreciate what I have.  Stress and hardship will test your relationships, resolve, and your meaning in life.  But ultimately we must look past all of this to remember the love and the beauty. I thank A J for introducing me to this world and can't wait to lose myself in the next book.

Platinum Book Reviews gives Ade and Falling:

5 platinum rings!

Many say love will get you through the toughest times, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to pull you free of a black hole.

Despite the love Jerin found in Juli, their union placed him on a path that would ultimately lead to isolation and despair via a very unfortunate sequence of events.

As the headaches that once blighted Jerin’s otherwise care-free existence return, he is offered a new wonder-drug, never pausing to consider how strangely perfect it sounds.

Jerin soon discovers that these new capsules have a most unexpected side effect, allowing him a glimpse into the secret life of the partner he now rarely sees.

Falling is a story of love, loss and self-discovery, set in a high-concept science-fantasy universe.

The air was warm and sweetly clean, filled with chatter, chirruping and the soft sough of the artificial wind through the trees’ bountiful foliage.  With Jerin’s newly sharpened senses, it was the most exquisite sensory overload.

Juli release his hand and did a summery twirl, stopping to face him, rising onto her tiptoes, bringing her lips to his, stealing a kiss which he quickly stole back as she dropped onto her heels.

He could live with moments like this.  If this could last, perhaps the next few years wouldn’t be such a toil after all...


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