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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cursed by Georgina Hannan

      This book reminded me of an episode of The Twilight Zone, one of my fave shows as a kid (yes I still watch it today)! Unexplainable events, weird noises, memory loss, ghostly encounters, old town myths and legends...everything you would expect in a "creepy" classic read! I honestly would've finished the book in one sitting, had work not been so busy. 
       Georgina Hannan put a lot of thorough detail into the history and background of the groups vacation spot, which created a vivid detail of their surroundings in my head. I wish she would've indulged a little bit more information on the mysterious village folklore because I am somewhat lost and unclear about several things. I will DEFINATELY read Obsession, so the pieces to the puzzle of the figure in the window won't haunt me for all eternity, I'm dying for closure! And in all honesty, as I read page after page, I "saw" the book in black and white, just as you would a classic horror show....with one exception ...I can still see, and feel, "The Beast of Dartmoor's" red eyes. 
        Platinum gives Cursed and Georgina 3.5 Platinum rings ~Jaime J


 A young adult story about a group of four friends who embark on a holiday together to the gorgeous countryside of Dartmoor, Devon, each of them hoping for an adventure, something they will always remember. However it isn't long before they get what they want. The group are plagued by noises after hearing the myths and legends of the area. Is it just their overactive imaginations or is there a visitor in the spare room who is trying to get their attention? Join the group on a spectacular journey as they discover what Dartmoor has to offer.



The house was surrounded by dense trees and open moorland. All the colours danced in front of her and she was overcome by how beautiful the whole area was. 
Behind the luscious dark trees lay vast green grass with bright purple yellow flowers breaking up to the green. The green varied from light to dark and Daisy was sure the dark patches were bogs. She could just make out a heard of white sheep on the hill. She smiled to herself because at first she had thought it was a low lying cloud. 
Daisy felt a sense of excitement building in her tummy as she thought of relaxing and fun days that lay ahead of them. 
Looking around, Daisy thought to herself: despite a somewhat rocky start, now that we're here and I see all of this, I really am glad we decided to take this holiday


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