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Friday, August 7, 2015

Lust Bites by Vanessa Liebe

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened up the vampire short story anthology "Lust Bites" by author Vanessa Liebe.. I was already a fan of her anthology book Spellbound so I was definitely hoping that she would keep the same pace with this one.. I was not disappointed in the least! This collection of short vampire stories is just panty-melting hot!! Ms Liebe kept me glued to the pages, reading one sexy tale after the next! Her vampires are all strong, seductive and oh-so-sexy.. If you're a paranormal fan, you certainly don't want to miss this collection! Warning: Do not read in the presence of children or anyone you're not comfortable with, because this book will have you squirming all over the place with it's uber-sexy erotic scenes!! Don't miss this anthology!! Vanessa scores yet another hit with Lust Bites!! :)


Could you refuse the ecstatic bite from a vampire? 

Trespassers Will Be Bitten – College student, Ashley discovers what delicious things can happen to those trespassing into a vampire’s lair. 

Dark Desire – Julie, a debutante in Regency England succumbs to her dark desire when the gorgeous vampire, Lord Deveraux visits her at night. 

Seventy-Two Hours – Carla finds herself unable to refuse spending seventy-two hours with the irresistible Sebastian – fangs and all. 

Strictly No Men – Desperate to escape men for a while and finish her manuscript, Charlotte soon changes her mind when the heavenly Matthias shows her that vamps are real and they’re particularly good at pleasing a woman in bed. 
Excerpt (Dark Desire):
    Julie was breathless from several dances and sat down with Kate and Charles. 
    “You’re popular tonight, Julie.” Charles was quick to observe with a smile. 
    She fluttered her fan to help cool herself down. “Yes, I’ve danced almost every dance and I’m really enjoying myself.”  
    “And has anyone caught your eye?” Kate teased. 
    Julie laughed. “No, I’m afraid not.” 
    “You’ll find someone worthy one day.” Charles pointed out kindly. “In the meantime, you can put me down for a dance.”
     “Why, thank you, kind sir.” She put a mark on her dance card. The evening was going well and she was having fun, until Julie happened to look up and see a dark head through the crowd. People moved away and the man looked straight at her. It was him!  Her heart jumped in response and she felt hot and flustered. What did this mean? She was dreaming about a man touching her - whom she’d never met – one who actually did exist!
    The crowd closed together again and the man disappeared from Julie’s sight. Feeling faint with shock, she was desperate for some fresh air and excused herself from her friends. On trembling legs and with a quivering stomach, Julie made her way to the garden outside and stood in the shadows of a tree. Closing her eyes, she leant back in its shade and took several deep breaths to try and calm herself. 
    “Hello, Julie,” drawled a deep voice from behind her. 
    His voice. From her dreams. It really was him. 
    She gulped, before opening her eyes and spinning around. “Who are you?” She demanded. 
    The man smiled at her and his brilliant blue eyes pierced her soul. “My name is Liam. Liam Devereaux, Lord Alton.” 
    Liam. Her mystery lover in her dreams finally had a name and Julie couldn’t look away from his mesmerising eyes.  
    “How are your dreams, Julie?” 
    She gasped in shock. “How do you know about my dreams?” She was mortified. He couldn’t possibly know she’d dreamt about him.
    “Because they’re not dreams, my sweet.” He looked intently at her. “I really have been visiting you in your bedroom.” He stepped towards her, and began to lightly run a finger over the cleavage peeking out from her bodice. “You’ve let me in, to kiss you; suck on your delightful, tight nipples - and best of all, open your petals and taste your sweet nectar.” 
    Julie stood frozen to the spot, taking in his words, but unable to react in any way. This couldn’t be happening, the rational part of her brain tried to tell her......

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