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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Angel's Name by Selena Rivera

Selena Rivera
Wow! Where to begin? This is an excellent debut novel from a fresh new face on the indie author scene! It's written in such a manner that it feels like the book reaches right out to you! Ms. Rivera knows how to combine the perfect elements of sweet, romantic, sexy, dramatic & adventurous & it turns out to be an addicting romance novel that you just can't seem to put down! 
Rebecca has the perfect elements of a sweet, beautiful, kind young woman.. She isn't sure what to expect when she meets Bobby-James, a famous football player, but she certainly wasn't expecting to lose her heart to him... If you're looking for a different type of love story that will pull you out of your book slump, then you absolutely MUST check this book out! The Angel's Name is on the Top 20 List of Platinum's Favorite Books Of The Year, thus far! 

Platinum gives The Angel's Name and Selena Rivera:

A love story that happened at first glance with a whirlwind of events about to to change both their lives. When songwriter Rebecca Evans moves to Tennessee to pursue her career in writing music for a country singer, she meets cowboy football player, Bobby-James, who becomes an angel in her life. But she's worried she must leave her world behind. Her grandma would never understand. Will Rebecca take a chance on a new life with the man she loves? Will it be the right choice?
I love the way he looks at me, and the way he treats me as a person, something
about him makes me fall for him more and more every day. I think I’m in love with
Out of the blue, Tim and Carrie came towards us.
“Hey you lovebirds. What a surprise seeing you guys here.”
“Hey Carrie, it’s so nice to see you.” I got up and gave her a hug.
“What are you doing here?”
“Well I was in the mood for pancakes and I didn’t feel like cooking breakfast
so I asked Tim to bring me here.”
“Mind if we join you guys?”
Carrie couldn’t believe he would want to interrupt them. ”Honey, it’s her day
off don’t you think we should go and let them enjoy their day together?”
“You’re right my love.” He looked at Bobby-James. “Sorry I don’t know what I
was thinking.”
“No worries Bud! It’s all good.”
“See you guys tonight.” Tim waved goodbye to us as they went to find their
own table.
Bobby-James looked at Rebecca. “See I told you that the pancakes were
amazing. Tim and Carrie came.”
I started flirting with him. “You love to tease me don’t you?”
“In so many ways.” He leaned in to give me a kiss. I leaned into him and
accepted his hot mouth.
A young fan came towards Bobby-James with his mom. You could see the
excitement in his face.
“Bobby-James #43! Can I have your autograph?”
“Of course you can. Thanks for supporting the team.” Bobby-James posed
while the young fan’s mother took their picture.
Before his mother made him leave he told Bobby-James. “Thanks keep up
the great work.”
“Aww how cute.”
“Yes. That happens all the time. Now where were we?” His eyes burned with
I cleared my throat before I told him. “You were kissing me.”......

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