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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Little Broken by Juli Valenti

Everyone who reads my blog knows how much I love my indie authors. This gal is near & dear to my heart, as I've been following her writing progress from the very beginning! I was super excited to read the debut novel, "A Little Broken" by Author Juli Valenti. It did not disappoint! 
The book centers around the courageous Jessie who loses someone very dear to her heart.. She leaves everything she knows to start a new life, far away from her old one, in a way to try & help herself cope with all that life has thrown at her.. Her strength is inspiring! She meets the sexy & oh-so-awesome Dominick after work one day.. She does not want to deal with another man in her life but Dominick persists until he gets her to agree to a date... Jessie is drawn to this wonderfully strong man and he is just as drawn to Jessie, helping her bit by bit with her coping & helping her start to smile again.. However, Jessie thinks she might be a little too broken & ends up self-sabotaging the budding relationship.. Will Dominick be strong enough to help Jessie find herself again or will Jessie's troubled past bring her new life crashing to a sudden halt? 
You absolutely MUST read this wonderfully written debut novel! Ms. Valenti provides the most meticulous details on her characters and you actually FEEL what they are experiencing! I laughed, cried & gasped throughout this book and was utterly enthralled with the world that Ms Valenti created along with the incredibly expressive characters & the detailed story line! Warning: Keep the tissues handy! 
Run out and pick up "A Little Broken" by Juli Valenti today & fall into an enticing & compelling, emotional-laden novel of epic proportions!

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"Jessie Braden thought she had it all. A husband, a new baby – her life was on course, exactly what she always wanted…Until one day, she loses everything.
Ruined and broken, she’s left alone to pick up the pieces of her life.  Unable to cope, she spontaneously packs up and moves across the country, hoping that new scenery will help.
Once in sunny Florida, she finds an apartment and a job but while Jessie is surviving, she isn’t living…until one night she meets someone. Dominick. 
Desperate for an escape from the pain of her memories, she relents to his unerring determination and agrees to spend time with him. 
Through his patience and understanding, she will learn that she’s not ruined…she’s just a little broken."


“I just sat you a hottie, Jess,” Courtney, one of the diner’s only hostesses, whispered in her ear. “He’s at thirty-four, and he’s alone!”
Jessie raised her eyebrows. It was almost nine o’clock and she was pretty sure she was going to be cut soon. It was a slow night. Nodding, she grabbed her order book and made her way toward her newly, and only, seated table.
“Hello, can I get you something to –”Jessie stopped midsentence as familiar honey eyes looked up at her. In the light, he was even more handsome than he’d been just hanging out his car in the dark. His face was clean shaven, revealing a strong jaw line and a kind smile. She could smell his cologne and it was amazing, manly and musky at the same time.
“Jessie! What a surprise seeing you here. I didn’t know this was where you worked!” Dominick said, smiling up at her. Something in his tone told her that it wasn’t really a surprise to him, and that he was here, in her section, on purpose.
“Donald, right?” Jessie said, secretly enjoying the look of indignation that filled his face as she called him the wrong name. She knew his name, how could she not? She’d been thinking about their encounter for the last two days.
“Dominick. Dominick Wace,” he corrected her, still smiling.
“Ha. You sound like James Bond. Okay, Dominick, what can I get you to drink?”
“Hmm, how about a coffee?” he answered, eyes sparkling.
“Sure, I’ll be right back,” Not giving him a chance to saying anything else, she went in search of Courtney. She found her in the prep area, giggling with Layla, Jessie’s serving partner for the evening.
“Courtney, did he specifically ask to be seated in my section?” Jessie asked as she poured Dominick’s coffee, and gathered sugar and fresh cream from the cold storage.
“Yeah, and good for you, girl! He’s so hot!”
Unsurprised, she walked the coffee over and placed it in front of Dominick.
“You do know that stalking is illegal in all fifty states, right?” she asked him, trying to make it sound tart and unfriendly, but failing.
“Stalking is only illegal if it has malicious intent. I don’t think the law says anything about a man’s determination to get a beautiful woman to agree to go out for coffee. I mean, it’s coffee. Everyone loves coffee, right?”
“I’m allergic to coffee,” she told him. Liar, liar pants on fire a small voice, that sounded a lot like the ‘old’ her sounded off in her head.
“Why, Pinocchio, I believe your nose is growing,” he teased.
“Okay, so I’m not allergic to coffee, you caught me.”
“Go out for coffee with me, Jessie. You won’t regret it. I promise to not hog the cream and sugar.”....



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