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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Bifrost Bridge by James Bradley Clarke

When I first looked into this book, I was sure that the world of fairy tales had been overdone so many times that I wouldn't see much difference between this one & the other classic favorites that I have enjoyed over the year,s with my children... However, I was proven wrong.. This is such a beautiful and entrancing fairy tale! Mr. Clarke takes the often repetitive world of fairy tales and adds an elegant, dramatic twist to it, producing an epic and moving adventure that children will forever cherish! My daughter and I read it together and had many nights where we just didn't want to put it down! His characters, including the feisty Silya and Hedda, are memorable and seem so very real! The princesses are creative & never give up their battle to save themselves & their homes! It's a hard thing to create a children's fairy tale that even parents don't want to put down and again, I commend Mr. Clarke for releasing a wonderful new fairy tale to pass on to generations to come! I don't want to say too much about the book, as I believe fairy tales should be discovered and looked at by each person & child individually, to allow for their own interpretations, but rest assured, I absolutely loved this book! 
I highly recommend this tale for parents, grandparents, aunts uncles & others who love to see their beloved children get lost in the fantasy world and to also help encourage an active imagination..This book is a must-have and will make a fantastic Christmas gift! 

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The Bifrost Bridge is a Viking princess fairy tale intertwined with Norse mythology. Silya, the feisty ten year old Princess of Norway, eagerly awaits the arrival of her cousin and best friend, Princess Hedda of Denmark. The princesses are both looking forward to the summer solstice celebration, but trouble lurks in their future as magical villains see the girls as being vital for their deadly conspiracy. Hedda and Silya find themselves cast into a dangerous adventure filled with fire giants, female warrior angels and the God of Thunder. Can the princesses save themselves and their kingdoms, or will the forces of chaos overwhelm and destroy them?


Queen Lena made certain the princesses sat with Guardsman Brandt’s twin sons, eleven-year-old Bragi and Wiglaf. As the lead guardsman in King Harald’s court, Brandt was both counselor and good friend to the king.
After a long time of awkward silence, Wiglaf built up the courage to talk to Hedda.
“Princess Hedda, may I—”
“Wiglaf, you can just call me Hedda,” interrupted Hedda. Silya giggled and nodded in encouragement to him. “Thank you,” replied Wiglaf as his face turned red.
“It won’t be long before King Harald and Queen Lena will begin the first dance with your parents.”
“I never knew dancing interested you, Wiglaf,” teased Silya.
“He has not mentioned dancing since he tripped on a bench at the last banquet,” added Bragi.
“Wiglaf was trying to speak,” said Hedda with a compassionate tone. “Do you like to dance, Wiglaf?”
“Yes, Princess. I mean, Hedda,” replied Wiglaf.
“Well I happen to need a gentleman to dance with me,” explained Hedda. “Do you think you can help me with that?”
“Only if you don’t mind a lout stepping on your
toes all night,” answered Bragi. Wiglaf looked ready to knock Bragi to the floor when the musicians suddenly began playing the first dance song. Hedda patted Wiglaf gently on the hand and his temper returned to normal. After the kings and queens finished the first dance, the twins led the princesses to the floor where they twirled around for hours.
When the banquet ended, the two princesses climbed up to the ring castle gate balcony to look at the calm sea in the midnight sun. The night temperature became cool, so they cuddled together under a blanket as they looked at the horizon.
“I wish this solstice would last forever,” said Silya after sitting awhile in silence.
“Me too, Silya. Me too,” replied Hedda flashing a ready smile. “And you were right about what you said last night. We will always be friends no matter what happens in the future. Let’s go back inside and get warm by the hearth before our parents make us go to sleep.” Silya nodded in reply. She and Hedda linked their arms and walked back to the royal longhouse.........


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