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Monday, October 21, 2013

Wolves and The River Of Stone by Eric R Asher


This is Author Eric R. Asher's second novel in The Vesik series, following the best-selling "Days Gone Bad" and I have been anxiously (and nagging Eric quite often:) awaiting it... Is it really any surprise that I absolutely LOVED this book?! 
Eric is the consummate story-teller! He first captured my attention when I happened to see his work on FB and I asked for a copy of Days Gone Bad to review.. Loved it! I'm always one of the first to admit that I don't usually like books that are written in the first person... Reading this series absolutely puts me right in Damian's shoes & I totally forget that it's first person! The book reads smoothly, with no story-line gaps & has near perfect editing. Eric is nearly as OCD as me though, so again, no surprise, lol:)
Damian, the gorgeously good necromancer, is back in the second installment & at his side once again are his mentor Zola along with his best friend, the protective fairy yummyness that we refer to as Foster, who has managed to single-handedly fuel my addiction for cheese & crispy treats (not in the same recipe, of course:)... Also joining them again are the fairies Cara (aka: Mom) and Aideen (Foster's mate).. This book drops us into a nightmare of a scene where Zola has been kidnapped by Phillip, a dark necromancer who wants to bring demons & other evil-doers back into this realm.. Not a good idea, because, as most of us know, demons & humans don't get along so well... Zola has her reservations about killing Phillip because he once meant something to her, many years ago.. Damian comes in with Foster to save his beloved mentor.. They manage to do so, for a short time.. And then Phillip is back on the loose & building an army of dark necromancers.. Foster introduces Damian to the werewolves, who agree to help in the battle against Phillip, for the protection of their own species.. We meet some fantastic new characters who bring depth & humor to the story along with a good dose of courage.. Damian will not relent when he has to protect Zola & the world and one thing I've learned from him, throughout both books, is that he does not walk away from a fight when it involves someone he cares about. Foster, being the quirky little fairy that he is (in fairy form, of course, or 7 foot hottie form, when he needs to provide muscle:) is always at Damian's back along with Mom & Aideen & Damian's vampire sister, Samantha. and other new & old friends. There is even a love interest for our Damian in this one! Absolutely unexpected but perfectly matched!
As always, Eric truly knows how to capture a reader & draw them into his world.. Damian is a perfect example of courage under fire, Foster represents true friendship & together, along with several other characters, this world is one that you don't want to miss! Or leave, as is my case, considering I almost cried when I finished the book because I was that emotionally attached! If you absolutely adore a great book, an incredibly detailed author, great story lines, well-developed characters & quite a bit of paranormal, then Eric Asher is the author you want to meet! Wolves And The River Of Stone is truly one of the BEST books I've read this year and I will anxiously be awaiting (and relentlessly nagging on Eric) until the next book in the Vesik Series makes it's appearance! And, of course... Awaiting the day when Foster decides that it's truly me that he needs in his fairy life! :) 
Enjoy the book! You'll thank me after reading! :)

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Philip, Zola’s boyfriend from one hundred and fifty years ago, is not nearly as dead as we thought. I really wish he was. Not only has he kidnapped Zola, but he’s raising an army to scour humanity from the earth. Hopefully the local werewolf pack will help. What could possibly go wrong?


The bell on the front door jingled as I finished hanging the candles on the rack by their wicks. I turned to find Carter walking in and waved before three morose looking men followed him. They were all bigger than Carter, dressed in Saint Louis Rams sweatpants and plain gray sweatshirts. The first was a black man built like a brick wall. He smiled and nodded to me once. The man behind him was a pasty blond youth who just glared at me. I noticed the third man was Native American, but my attention trailed back to the blond youth as he cracked his neck without breaking eye contact.

I raised my eyebrows as Carter sat a plate of crispy rice squares on the counter behind me.

“From the wife,” he said as he brushed a crumb off his sweatshirt.

“Thanks.” The pleasantries didn’t go much further before the pasty one broke the mood.

“You’re the piece of shit who dared trespass in the Alpha’s home.”

“Trespass?” I said. I glanced to my left as the cu siths came tearing into the room, barking like rabid wolves. My heart sank when they stopped running and started backing away slowly.

What the hell had Carter brought into my shop?

The pasty man blurred from across the aisle and suddenly had his hands twisted up in my shirt. His breath was rank. I could see a smattering of acne across his pale right cheek and the throbbing veins smattering of acne across his pale right cheek and the throbbing veins in his neck and head as I slowly raised my eyes to his.

“Shit,” I muttered as I saw the sunburst gray iris within the black ring of his eye.

The werewolf opened his mouth to speak again, but Carter was on him before he could issue so much as a grunt. Carter tore the other wolf’s hands away from my shirt and punched him hard enough in the face to floor him.

“Alan, hold him down,” Carter said.

The black mountain moved forward and placed one foot on the downed wolf. He was casual about it. “Got him,” he said once it was obvious the kid was pinned.

I finally got a good look at the third man. He had the calm fa├žade of a Native American elder, much like that of an Illiniwek elder I’d once met, one of Zola’s old, old friends I’d been introduced to years ago.

The man in my shop crossed his arms over his chest and nodded once, his motions slow and precise.

I nodded back and turned to Carter. I pointed at the werewolf beneath Alan’s foot. “Did you try to bring the biggest jackass in the pack?”

Carter laughed and ran his hand through his hair. “No, Damian, I brought the friendliest wolves in the pack.”

“Great,” I said as I looked at the rage in the trapped wolf’s face.
“That’s phenomenal.” I gestured back to the counter. “At least you came bearing crispy rice squares. Otherwise I might be annoyed.”

I saw the Native American’s face twitch as he fought a smile....

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