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Friday, October 18, 2013

Immortal Beginnings: Amara by Kristin Secorsky

"Immortal Beginnings: Amara" is the highly anticipated prequel to Author Kristin Secorsky's popular "The Immortal Scrolls" and Ms. Secorsky definitely proves that the wait is worth it! 
We head into the early world of Amara, a main character in the Scrolls, to see why she is the way she is... And it is a doozy! We knew from the Scrolls that Amara was not a very nice gal, but as we find out in the prequel, she has so many reasons to be bitter.. 
Amara comes out to us in this book as being shy, delicate & full of love... Before her life takes so many tragic turns for the worse.. I found myself understanding her pain and her hatred, which was definitely a great work of art on Ms. Secorsky's part, as I absolutely despised Amara & her wicked ways when I read The Immortal Scrolls.. I couldn't understand how she would come close to even being so evil... Immortal Beginnings is well-written, detailed, graphic & shows exactly why she is the vicious & evil vampire that she is today.. 
I don't want to give away any details to those who haven't read the books but needless to say, if you love roman era work, sexy gladiators, vicious characters that you can sink your teeth into & scorching hot erotic scenes, then Kristin Secorsky is one author you must check out!

Platinum Reviews gives Kristin & "Amara": 
4.5 Platinum Rings!

Side notes:
Cover Model is Edward Mironenko
Photographer is Fifth Element Studios with Charles Paz.

Some curses leave deeper scars... Prequel to The Immortal Scrolls, Immortal Beginnings: Amara sheds light on the character Amara, her tragic origins, her attempts to block her painful past, her desire for power and money, her quest for love and companionship, and her descent into madness. After leaving Britannia for a new life in Herculaneum, the vampire Amara along with her werewolf husband, Tiberius, open a prosperous gladiator school. She amasses unimaginable wealth and power until her selfish desires get in the way. Focused on her new obsession, Amara won't stop until she gets what she wants. Warning: This book contains graphic language, explicit sex, and other subjects not appropriate for YA readers


It was darker in the world of men when she stepped through the portal. Time clearly moved differently here. Amara took off, not knowing—or caring—what direction she was going. She just headed for the depths of the forest. She didn’t know if she even wanted to go back. She sobbed loudly, not caring who might listen.
When her tears subsided, Amara stopped and looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. It was getting dark, and she had no idea where she was. How she would find her way back? Rationally, she had to return to Fae and try to speak to Torin. And she would speak to the council and the queen herself about her and Torin’s love. They would have to understand; after all, it was part of fairy code to honor love above all.
Suddenly the winds picked up and she heard wicked laughter. She looked around and saw a dark cloud coming from her left. Unseelie. She panicked. She would be outnumbered. She could not fight them alone. She flew quickly through the woods in the opposite direction of the oncoming Unseelie.
She risked a look over her shoulder. They were closing in on her, and Amara was filled with terror. Would they kill her immediately or would they capture her and take her back to the dark queen? There was only one thing she could think to try and it was a long shot. She didn’t know if he was nearby or if he would even hear her. Even if he was, there was no way to know if he would even help her. She had to try, though. The closer they got, the fewer options she had.
She began screaming his name as loud as she could as she flew through the trees.
“Galen!” she screamed. “Galen, help me!”
Galen had heard the Unseelie coming from miles away, and he could feel their malicious intent. What he wasn’t expecting to hear was someone calling his name for help. The only one it could be was Amara. He was angry at the foolish young fairy for stepping out of Fae and endangering herself, especially when he would give anything to be back in his realm. He was strong enough to take on many Unseelie, but could he get to her in time to help her was another question. He listened for their location and rushed to help her. The closer he got, the more he could feel her fear, and the more he could feel the Unseelies’s delight as they closed in on their prey. He ran as fast as he could as she screamed for him again and again. Then she was silent.
Amara felt something sharp prick her back. She realized she must have been hit with a drugged dart from one of the Unseelie, and she fell to the ground immediately drowsy. Her body felt heavy, and the world started to spin. Amara pulled out her silver dagger, ready to defend herself to the death. She crawled in vain to get away, but then everything went black and the dagger slipped from her limp hand as she collapsed on the ground.......



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