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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Speak of the Devil by Shawna Romkey

I knew from the second I laid eyes on the cover of this book I was going to fall in love.  And Ms. Romkey did not disappoint.  Everything about this story had me hooked.  The setting in my home state of Missouri.  The YA genre with a unique paranormal storyline.  Strong characters, both male and female, some who have you rooting for their success, and some who you just wish would disappear.

The story follows Missouri native, Lily Tyler, who is involved in a tragic accident with her best friend Julie and almost boyfriend Mike.  Both of her friends are killed and she is brought back from death by first responders to the scene.  Unable to handle living in the town and attending the school where the ghosts of her friends still haunt her, she moves to Kansas City to live with her dad and his family.  There she meets a group of theater friends all too eager to make sure she is okay and fitting in to her new school.  At the center of these new friends are Mo and Luc.  Mo, the geeky theater boy is full of kindness and a need to take care of her.  And Luc, the gorgeous yet mysterious young man who Lily feels drawn to and always shows up at the right place and the right time.  A war between good and evil will feature Lily right in the center of the action.  She will learn who she must trust to stand beside during the struggle and who will ultimately wish her gone.

Ms. Romkey took me on a rollercoaster with this story and I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.  It is a beautiful tale and I will be anxiously awaiting a sequel to see where the characters are taken and who will ultimately win the war between good and evil.

Platinum Book Reviews gives Shawna and Speak of the Devil:

5 platinum stars!!

When falling in love and falling from grace collide... High school junior Lily Tyler dies along with her two best friends in a car accident, but miraculously she comes back to life several minutes later. Unable to deal with her loss and her survivor's guilt, she moves to her dad's. While there trying to heal from this tragedy and come to terms with the event, she meets some people at her new school who are all too eager to help her. Struggling to fight her feelings for two of these strange new acquaintances, Luc and Mo, she finds out their true identities. Lily must move on from the past, reconcile her feelings for Luc, and find a way to stop a divine war with the fallen angels, all while trying to pass the eleventh grade.

"I'm Luc." He smiled when I glanced up at him.  People talk about love at first sight, and I had always thought it was a bunch of crap, but I got lost in his smile.  There was something about him. He didn't smile, really.  He had a certain kind of funny grin or a smirk. He was pleased with himself, I could tell.  I could actually see those eyes this time.  Green and deep.  I could drown in those eyes.  Confidence.  He stood strong and tall.  He didn't blink.  He didn't look away.  His eyes just pierced right through me to my core.  Most of the people I knew at school would break eye contact out of insecurity or shyness or whatever.  I tried to do just that, but I couldn't.  It was like looking at a book I just couldn't put down.  I had to keep reading because there was something more there, maybe something he was trying to tell me?

Mo bounded in between us and broke it up.  Had he not done something, God knows how long I would have stood there, staring at this boy.


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