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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blood Flows Deep in the Empire by N. Isabelle Blanco

***Warning: Erotic Paranormal Romance…This book is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.  Graphic sex scenes and material…
Holy.Hotness.Batman!!!  I am a HUGE fan of paranormal romance and paranormal erotica. With that being said I am not sure I have ever read a erotic paranormal romance that I loved as much as this.  The author has created the sexiest, most badass males who happen to be Gods.  Not just your average Gods, however, but ALIEN Gods.  I seriously got hot flashes during several parts of this, no lie.  Please do not let the glossary at the beginning of the book scare you off.  I was a little intimited at first and decided to skip over that part and dive right in.  Ms. Blanco does a wonderful job of explaining everything you need to know in the text and I never felt lost.  This book follows the story of Dyletri, the fine as hell God of Fertility who makes a deal to sacrifice a human girl so that her sbring her back to life.  Dyletri will not find this an easy task as the human, Ismini, is causing him to feel lust and then some.  Along the way we are introduced to some other uber smexy Gods.  Zenial, (OMG) Ianthen, (*faints*) and Crius (yum).  Though the story is full of sizzling hot, swoon-inducing sex scenes, there is also a good share of action and humor that makes the book impossible to put down.  I gladly gave up almost an entire night of sleep to spend some time with these hot males and the amazing world that Ms. Blanco created.  I will be very impatiently awaiting the next story and more hotness from my new favorite Gods.

Platinum Book Reviews gives N. Isabelle Blanco and Blood Flows Deep in the Empire:

5 Platinum rings!!!
Dyletri, God of Fertility, has locked away his powers. No woman is allowed to touch him, not until he can return his long-dead lover back to life. All he has to do is sacrifice one human girl. A girl who unlocks his powers and rips his dormant lust right out of his body. Trapped by his promise, Dyletri has no choice but to watch her die, no matter how much he wants her. Yet the darkness of his calling is spiraling within him, demanding he claim the human as his. If he goes back on his promise, the energy of the Fates will cause untold destruction in the Universe. That doesn't change how Dyletri's begun exhibiting symptoms that point to more than just lust. How does he allow Ismini to die when she's come to own him from the inside out?

Someone tried to hurt her.  Tried to hurt what's mine.  Rip them apart.  Destroy them...

Ismini's voice pulled him back from the edge.  "Two guys.  Things.  They were chasing me before you came."  The pounding in his head grew worse, but she was still shaking, and the need to get her somewhere safe overrode everything else.

She looked both scared and agonized.  Sweat gathered on her brow, and her skin turned a darker shade of red.

Wait.  Red?

Something was wrong.  Something was happening to her that he didn't understand.


The fear in her voice was too much.  Everthing within him demanded he protect her.  He knew it was ridiculous, considering what he'd come for, but he was powerless against his instincts.  He lifted Ismini into his arms as gently as he could.  She cried out from the movement, and her skin reddened further.


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