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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hungry Like A Wolf by Christine Warren

I read a lot of books, sometimes upwards of 10-12 per week so there are many authors that I love but only very few that I go absolutely fan-girl crazy over when a new release is out.. Christine Warren happens to be one of those "special few" and with the release of Hungry Like A Wolf, I have officially released a mega fan-girl "Squueeeeeee"!!!! 
This is the latest book in "The Others" series by the amazing Ms. Warren & like the rest of her novels, I could not put it down until I was finished! There is that unique quality which Christine shares with so few other authors that makes a reader want to immerse themselves in the book & never come up for air!
The uber-hot werewolf shifter Logan Hunter has been the beta to the Silverback Clan of Manhattan for a long time and he's been anxious, cocky & restless since his alpha has taken a mate... Logan knows the ins & outs of working with his boss, the sexy alpha Graham Winters.. 'Get your work done & move on'.. So it's not unusual that Logan thinks Graham is just sending him on a mission to check out the new female alpha for the White Paw Clan... However, Graham has noticed Logan's inattention & restlessness and thinks that this might be the perfect job to get Logan to loosen up & get away from city life & the stress that come with being the beta, at least as a temporary vacation... 
Logan heads out to visit the White Paw Clan in Connecticut with nothing on his mind but to judge & verify that a rare female will be able to hold the alpha position in the pack without getting herself killed..
The sexy & stunning Honor Tate is a very reluctant alpha. She was beta for her father for years until cancer stole him away and thrust her in a role that she doesn't truly want but has no choice to defend.. After all, Honor is her name & her stubborn self won't allow for anything else to happen. Within the first week of being alpha, she's had to deal with several alpha-challenges, including removing her supposed best friends hand...with her teeth... And there are more challenges popping up daily because all that testosterone in the male wolves of the pack does not seem to want to willingly accept a female as their alpha..
Logan is dropped dead center in the middle of the chaos of the elder Tate's death & the takeover of Ethan Tate's daughter Honor as the new alpha.. And it's not a place no one wants to be... Especially considering that Logan's inner wolf has finally scented his mate.. Who also happens to be the aforementioned alpha who is in danger of death, every moment that she is unprotected.. 
But Honor isn't going to just roll over & show her neck to this arrogant but drop-dead sexy Silverback beta.. Ohhhno.. She is going to fight every step of the way, both with verbal battles & the sexual kind... Because of course, her inner wolf is also crying out to Logan as her mate... And Honor isn't too happy about another complication like that.. Can Logan and Honor fall in love and somehow come up with a way for the White Paw Clan to gain stability in the often violent werewolf world? Or does Honor have too many hidden enemies that aren't willing to compromise for anyone's sake.. And if that means not only killing Honor, but also the nosy Silverback beta, Logan, then that's what very well may happen..
Ms. Warren writes another intriguing, captivating addition to "The Others" series and you will not want to miss this book.. It's firmly in place on my bookshelf next to the rest of her series & it won't be leaving it's spot anytime soon.. If you are looking for a sexy, stunning, danger-filled paranormal romance, then Christine Warren is the author you need to see! 
~ Vicki Rose

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Logan Hunter has finally found a woman he wants for his mate. The problem is, she's already married to his best friend, Graham Winters, who also happens to be his boss—Alpha of the Silverback Clan.

Honor Tate found herself moving up through the ranks of the White Paw Clan, attaining the position of beta when she was only fifteen. Nine years later the Alpha of the White Paw Clan is gone, leaving her to serve as alpha in his stead. Unexpectedly facing challenges from several males in her pack, she asks Graham Winters to acknowledge her right as the new Alpha. It's either that, or fight every would-be challenger, quite possibly to the death—theirs or hers.

Instead, Graham sends Logan to determine Honor's fitness as the new Alpha of her pack. Logan's grateful for the chance to get the hell out of town and get his raging hormones under control. Too bad for him that those hormones are going to rage even harder when he meets Honor face to face and realizes that sometimes fate is smarter than your average were.


Logan watched the slim, young brunette emerge from the bathroom in a cloud of steam, and placed an immediate stranglehold on his need to pounce. And sniff. And lick. And maybe taste. Even through the perfume-y fragrance cloaking her natural scent—bath salts?—she smelled nearly good enough to eat. He inhaled deeply and considered whether or not to try a nibble. Suddenly she turned and noticed him standing in the door, and he revised his plans.
Definitely nibble.
“How did you get in here?”
Logan tore his eyes from the plane of creamy, pale skin rising from the top of the woman’s towel and saw the weary suspicion in her gaze. He also made note of the long, fresh scratch across her forehead and the bite mark on her right shoulder. It looked as new as the scratch. Seeing the obvious wounds, he made a surreptitious inspection of the rest of the skin he could see—which was quite a lot, praise be—and noticed a good dozen bruises. Some looked a few days old, others just pale shadows, not yet fully formed. She also had one skinned knee and a slowly bleeding cut on her left shin. This would-be alpha had gone through an interesting couple of days.
“Your housekeeper let me in.” He looked her in the eye as he answered her question, curious to see how she would react to the aggressive expression. It also helped him ignore the stirring of involuntary interest he had immediately felt in her. She met and held his gaze, her brown eyes steady and serious, but made no other show of force. Maybe alpha, but not stupid with it. “She also offered me dinner but I stopped in town and ate while I got directions up here. You aren’t exactly easy to find.”
“She’s my cousin, not my servant. Now, who the hell are you?”
Logan raised an eyebrow. “Some say they’re all servants to the alpha.”
She didn’t answer.
“My name is Logan Hunter.” He watched her face for a reaction. “I’m beta of the Silverback Clan. My alpha has requested that I offer you his condolences on the recent death of your father.”
“Beta. Sent to offer his condolences.” She blinked; wide, chocolaty eyes seeming slow to focus, but her expression didn’t shift. “Right. Tell your alpha to shove them.”
Then she turned her back on him and walked to a closet.
Logan tore his eyes from the point where her towel dipped down far enough to threaten to reveal what looked like a truly luscious bottom. Before Missy, he’d never really been an ass man, but as Graham could tell you, that little human had an ass that could inspire men to poetry. It had inspired Logan to a thing or two over the last few months, but now the image of this stranger’s derrière had all but supplanted Missy’s from his mind.
The thought caught him by the scruff. Lately, part of Logan’s subconscious had compared any female he encountered with the Luna, because he couldn’t get the woman out of his head. Just because he knew he couldn’t have her didn’t stop his wolf from insisting that no other female was worth his trouble. Until now. When he looked at Honor Tate, his finicky beast made not a peep of protest.
With all that going on in his head, it took Logan a few extra seconds to register what she had said.
Shove them?
“Excuse me?” he ventured.
“You heard me. Tell him he can shove his condolences up his ass with a pogo stick. I don’t want them, and I didn’t ask for them.”
Logan watched as she pulled some things from a drawer inside the closet and tried to keep his mind off the possibility of that towel coming loose and landing on the floor. And of him coming loose and landing on top of her.
“He knows that. He doesn’t offer you sympathy because you asked for it. It’s just the right thing to do.”
“No, the right thing to do would have been to come here himself instead of sending his lackey. And to have agreed to my very sensible request for a formal recognition of my new position as alpha of this pack. Since he has done neither, he can go take his pogo stick and have a little moment of privacy with his thoughts.”
She began pulling on clothes with that peculiar talent women have for dressing without undressing first. She pulled a pair of loose cotton pants on under the towel and topped them with a tank top that she managed to don without displaying one additional millimeter of skin.
Logan bit back the wave of disappointment and shoved his hands into his pockets while he attempted to wrestle his attention back to the question at hand. “The Silverback alpha hasn’t made up his mind about whether he’s going to agree to that request or not. That’s why I’m here. Before he makes a decision, he wants to hear an outside opinion of the workings of the White Paw Clan.”
“The White Paw Clan works just fine,” she growled, turning to face him and tossing aside the towel. “You can tell Graham Winters I said that. And you can tell him that if he will not honor the request of his fellow alpha, then he and his pack members are not welcome in our territory.”
Logan heard the fierceness in her tone and scowled. “That sounds like a hasty decision. Breaking ties between the clans won’t benefit either one of them. And in your current situation, frankly, it can only make your position in the pack even more precarious. Your people are not going to like hearing you bu-fued three hundred years of cooperation between our clans because of a fit of pique.”
He hadn’t expected her to move so quickly, and only instinct kept him from jerking backward when he blinked and found her about three inches from the end of his nose, snarling up at him with a fierceness that surprised him.
And aroused him.
“This. Is. Not. Pique.” The low rumble in her chest told him she meant every word she spoke. “And I am not the one who ‘bu-fued’ anything between our clans. That would be your alpha, the one who has denied our request in our time of need.”
Logan did not back down; it wasn’t in his nature—the only creature on earth he backed down from was Graham, and even that was a struggle these days—but he willed his hackles not to rise to the bait she presented. He could make her regret taking this attitude with him, but he was here on a diplomatic mission and pinning and mating the alpha of another pack with no warning, no invitation, and no permission stretched the bounds of allowable behavior. Actually, it was out of bounds. But if would have been satisfying.
“If you would listen more carefully to my words, you wouldn’t need to make an ass of yourself by making groundless accusations and hurling unnecessary insults.” He spoke through clenched teeth until he managed to force his jaw to relax enough for normal speech. “Graham Winters has denied you nothing. What he has done is to send me to observe the situation in your pack and conclude exactly what decision he can make that will result in a positive long-term outcome for both our packs. Graham has no horse in this race; he doesn’t personally give a shit who leads this pack, but as the alpha of this region, he most definitely does give a shit that whoever leads is qualified to do it. The most important thing to him at the moment is preserving the peace we currently enjoy in this part of the country, and he’s not going to let anyone jeopardize it.”
She sneered at him, her tempting pink lip curling up to expose her white canines. “Right. And what exactly do you pan to conclude then, Mr. Hunter? How long will you hang around here pretending to mull things over before you run back to Papa Wolf and tell him no female could ever be qualified to lead a pack as well as a male?”
“I won’t be pretending anything, Ms. Tate.” He tried not to make it a growl, but a man could only do so much. “I’m here to do a job, and I intend to do it, not just go through the motions or phone it in. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got better things to do with my time than play games like that. I was sent here to check out the situation, so that’s what I’ll be doing, and if that takes me a day or a week or a fucking year-and-a-half, then that’s how long it takes. This isn’t something I can rush, Ms. Tate, and neither can you. When we last spoke, the alpha and I figured it would take at least a week or more before any conclusions could be drawn.”
She laughed then, though the sound had not a trace of humor that Logan could detect. “Right. In a week or more, I won’t need your alpha’s endorsement, Mr. Hunter. Because I will already have been forced to cripple every adult male in my pack. So don’t you tell me about waiting for a royal blessing from his majesty, the King of Indecision.”
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Angel's Wolf by Rebecca Royce

The Westervelt Wolves series by Rebecca Royce has a little bit of everything for lovers of the paranormal! The amazing Ms. Royce is a fantastic author who knows how to draw the readers attention & keep it focused on her gripping paranormal thriller romances.. 
In "Angel's Wolf" we meet Angel Kane, on the run from her pack & family to avoid creating future issues.. Like her death, for instance.. At the hands of her father & his lackeys, no less..
She stumbles into a small town in New Jersey, during her flee for safety & meets the one man who may be able to save her life & gain her love & trust.
Parker Liberty doesn't speak & hasn't for almost 40 years.. He witnessed a horrible scene involving family and his mind chose to block it and he refuses to speak because of it.. That's not to say that he can't speak, because he can.. He just prefers not to do so.. 
Angel walks into the diner where he works and brings the enemy right at her back.. The sexy, silent Parker can't seem to help himself around the gorgeous but disaster prone Angel.. Both his inner wolf & her inner wolf call out to each other, making resistance futile.. 
Can these two bond together & learn how to love each other & leave their pasts behind while creating a new future? Or is it too late already, with death nipping at Angel's heels?
Ms. Royce adds it all in. Intrigue, mystery, drama, sex, horror and down-right beautiful romance.. She is a brilliant author & the Westervelt Wolves are one of my favorite paranormal series.. Pick one of them up today & see why I love them so much. You won't be disappointed.. "Angel's Wolf" is a perfectly engrossing novella that you must add to your TBR pile, today! Paranormal lovers won't want to miss this series!
~ Vicki Rose

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Angel Kane has always known who her family was and why she was hidden away from them in New Orleans. Now on the run, the last thing she wants is anything that could potentially get in the way of the plan she’s made for herself. That is, until she walks into a truck stop in New Jersey and encounters Parker Liberty—the wolf fate has picked out to be her perfect mate.
Parker Liberty hasn’t uttered a word in almost forty years. Not since the horrible day he watched his father murder his mother on the island of Westervelt. He ignores his inner wolf and contents himself with expressing his inner emotions through his tattoos. But when a pair of witches almost kill Angel, he will return to Westervelt to save her.
Meanwhile, Westervelt is under constant attack from Kendrick Kane, the pack's former Alpha, whose evil knows no bounds. His ultimate goal is to see all of his children dead --and that includes his daughter, Angel. It is questionable whether the Westervelt pack can even survive the week. Angel and Parker’s arrival will either turn the tide of the war or end the pack forever.

Two repugnant odors wafted through the door and she darted to her feet. Oh no. How had they caught up to her so fast?
Julian and Houston stood staring at her from the doorway of the diner, like they’d stepped out of a Wild West movie side by side ready for a fight.
This is not going to be good.
Her wolf growled. We can take them.
In the diner? In front of all of these people?
Her wolf paced inside of her, itching for a fight. Angel tried her damndest to not lose her cool. If she had to shift and fight, it would be outside. Still, maybe there was a chance left to reason with Cole’s deranged enforcers before she had to resort to violence.
“Listen boys, I get it. Cole sent you after me. He wants to look tough. He told you whichever one of you got me, could keep me as a mate.”
She raised her hands hoping they weren’t getting too many stares from the other patrons. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dumb were not the brightest wolf-shifters to ever grace the planet. The fact that they worked for Cole, who only made women servants and didn’t rape them, as opposed to Zack who kept his females locked in the basement, made them only slightly less disgusting to her.
“You really don’t want me as yours. I’m not worth it. Truth is, I’m a big pain in the ass.”
Houston nodded and she wanted to deck him. Okay, maybe her priorities were warped but she didn’t want him agreeing. Screw him. He was an imbecile. He had the nerve to think anything but highly of her?
“We agree.” Houston rubbed his chin. “That’s why me and Julian, we think we’re gonna share you.”
She looked between them. Neither of them was taller than her five foot ten frame. Julian had red hair and freckles that might be cute on someone else and Houston had blond hair and blue eyes. They didn’t do it for her. Not in the least.
Her wolf might be right. She could probably take them.
“You’re going to share me? Doesn’t that kind of go against the grain in terms of mating? Isn’t the purpose of mating to own me?”
The door to the kitchen swung open and she had one second to scent him before Parker was in front of her and picking up Houston and Julian by the back of their collars. Three seconds later and they were both out on their behinds in the parking lot.
Parker turned around, not even glancing at her, and walked back into the kitchen. Angel was so confused. What had happened? She turned to follow him and walked into Nancy instead.
“Don’t worry about that. Bob has a standing policy, if anyone bothers a customer, we’re to kick them out. Parker handles this type of thing all the time.”
“He does, does he?”
So he hadn’t come out of the kitchen and charged to her rescue because he had some sort of sense about her? Well, this had to stop. With the two idiots temporarily handled, she moved past Nancy to enter the kitchen.
“I want to say thank you,” she called over her shoulder to Nancy.
The kitchen was surprisingly small, barely ten feet across, but clean and well organized. She’d stomped into it like she owned the place but now that she was inside she felt her nerve leave her. She rocked on the balls of her feet. What was it she wanted to say, exactly?
Clearing her throat, she looked at Parker who kept his back to her even though she was certain he knew she was there. Her scent would have told him if nothing else and she knew he could hear just fine so he had to have heard her enter.
Turning to her left to the scent of the other man in the room, she smiled. “Are you Bob?”
He was older, she would guess from the sounds of his heart struggling and the way his bones creaked when he moved even a little that he wasn’t much longer for this earth. Smiling, she walked to him and placed a hand on his shoulder letting some of her magic make him feel better.
His smile was practically instantaneous and she let go of his arm. “Are you Bob?”
He nodded, moving back to the oven to flip the eggs simmering there. “I am.”
“Would it be okay, sir, if I thanked your dish washer for helping me out back there?”
Bob shrugged. “You can thank him but he won’t answer you. He’s not dumb.” Bob shouted presumably so Parker could hear him clearer. Angel could have told him Parker could have heard him blocks away if he’d wanted to concentrate. “Just stubborn.”
“Okay,” she smiled. “Thank you, sir.”
Angel walked from Bob to the other side of the kitchen where Parker washed dishes. She moved up next to him until she stood directly at his side. He smelled better than heaven; he was like ambrosia and her wolf rolled around like she wanted to ingest his aroma.
Angel cleared her throat. “Um, Parker. I wanted to thank you.”
Nothing. Parker didn’t even look up or stop what he was doing to acknowledge she was there.
Try again. Her wolf encouraged. Maybe he’s shy.
“My name is Angel. Those men out there, well, they’ve been chasing me for some time and you are the first person to ever help me. Thank you.”
Parker glanced at her from the side of his eyes. It wasn’t much, but halfway to full eye contact was better than nothing.
“Um…” She gazed at Bob and decided he was busy but not wanting to risk exposure, lowered her voice. “I think you and I both know that we’re the same in a very important way. I’m wondering if it would be possible for me to speak to you, alone, at another time? I can wait. The truck driver who is going to take me from here to some place called Poughkeepsie isn’t leaving until tomorrow. I’m supposed to spend the night out in his haul if I can’t find a motel room.”
Silence met her query but really what had she expected? He didn’t speak.
“Would that be okay? Could you meet me whenever it is that you get off work?”
Parker growled and stormed from the room out the backdoor.
Apparently that was a no.
Yeah, sometimes her wolf was the queen of understatement........
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Reality Hero by Ashlynn Monroe

Another intense heart-rending, seat-gripping, sexy fantasy romance from the fantastic Ashlynn Monroe! I've always adored the way Ms. Monroe can take a concept, regardless of how serious, scary or silly the premise is, and turn it into a work of art! 
In Reality Hero, we meet an actual Superhero who goes by the name "Mind Man" in his hero persona and by Zane Blair in his everyday life. The incredibly sexy Zane seems to have it all. He's a superhero, saving lives & leaving women everywhere wanting him... But in his real life, it's just an everyday hum-drum job and his dreams of wanting the woman who seems to not want him back..
The gorgeous, intelligent Dina Dell spent many years of her life as a youth, trapped in cages with Zane, Dina's sister Ella & some other friends, being experimented on in the most horrific ways so the scientists were able to "awaken" the children's super powers. It was a horrifying childhood & something that no one wants to relive. Dina was the only one who walked away without super powers..  Dina & Zane had a beautiful relationship, regardless of their differences until Dina realized in one moment of clarity, that she was a danger to her family & friends, because people would use her human weaknesses to exploit her family & friends, so she did the only thing she could think of doing.. She left Zane to protect them all..
Flash forward a few years & Dina is struggling to make it as a TV producer in a dog-eat-dog world.. Not a day goes by that she doesn't think of Zane.. However, her programs have been less than expected lately & she heads for a last-minute save to keep her career on track.. She offers up a date with a Superhero, ala The Bachelor style.. The superhero she asks? None other than Zane..
Zane agrees to participate in her show, rather unwillingly, because of his past with Dina.. Can Zane show Dina that the only perfect woman for her is him? Or will her stubborn nature not allow it? Before Zane even has a chance to start winning Dina back, her worst fears are realized when monsters from the past end up surfacing in reality & try to tear away Zane & her sister Ella.. And some don't care if Dina herself lives or dies.. But a former stalker wants Dina very much alive and has nefarious plans.. Can Zane, Dina or Ella escape before all hope is lost, along with their lives? Or is this one instance where reality wins and the good guys go down?
Ashlynn keeps readers on the edge of their seat in this fantastic page-turner.. It has fantasy, drama & horror aspects yet she never lets us down with her trademarked steamy sex scenes, either.. Yum! This is another compelling, dramatic & oh-so-sexy novel by Ms. Monroe that you MUST add to your collection.. Another reason that I love Ms. Monroe's writing so much is that she knows how to take us to new worlds, yet she always keeps it real, with everyday instances & she never forgets to add in that beautiful love story that she is so incredibly adept at doing.. Definitely a book that will stay in my collection for years to come..
Well done, Ashlynn! ~ Vicki Rose

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4.5 Platinum Rings!


Content Warning: graphic sexual content

Can reality TV handle a reluctant superhero bachelor, ten attention-seeking women, and one evil villain?
Dina Dell's career as a television producer has hit bottom. Desperate to save her job, she comes up with the idea for a reality show called I Want to Date a Superhero. But the only superhero bachelor she knows is the only man she's ever loved—Zane Blair.
Zane was once a normal human, but a traumatic childhood incident mutated him, along with Dina's sister and their friends. Dina was the only one who escaped without any superhero abilities. And while she might be the "normal" one, that only left her feeling like more of an outcast.
Her lack of powers put Zane in danger. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before someone used her to get to him, she left, breaking both their hearts in the process. After all the pain she caused him, will he be willing to help her now?
Then an old enemy emerges, putting Dina's plans on hold. When her superhero friends are the ones who need help, Dina just might learn that sometimes little Miss Average can be a hero too.
(Note: This book was previously published under the title Reality Stinks, but it has been substantially revised and expanded.)

Heat burned in Dina's cheeks. Zane had no idea just how much those old feelings still lived inside of her.
She opened the door—this time he didn't get it for her—and ran up the stairs and into her building like the chicken she was. Her inner voice made clucking sounds the whole time she fled. Nothing terrified her quite like her longing for him. She wondered if he knew it and hoped he didn't.
She'd never get any rest and she had a mountain of work so she sat down and started going over everything. There was a lot more to putting on good TV than just turning on a camera. The phone rang and she jumped. Her hand slapped around on top of the papers on the desk until she found her cellphone buried under them. Her eyes were so blurry that she didn't even bother to look at the caller ID.
"Hello," Dina said.
"I've never been ashamed of you until today. Dina, how could you? You know Zane would never let you down. You used his feelings to abuse his good heart. I'm so angry with you that I don't even know the right words to express it. If you needed something, why didn't you talk to me first? I could've helped you. We could've come up with something different."
There was a pause. Dina didn't know what to say. It was a small relief when Ella continued.
"He hates the media, and now he'll not only just be on your show, but the tabloids will eat him alive too. They'll do all they can to find out his secret identity. You know the lies those rags print. This will start a feeding frenzy."
Dina knew she deserved the tongue lashing, so she said nothing. She had no defense, because her twin sister was right.
"Call this off. Please, as my sister, do this for me and save the best man in the city from this horrible mistake. I know how you feel about him, and you know how I feel about him. We both know how he feels about you."
There was another pause. Dina's throat closed. She knew, and it tore at her heart.
"Are you still there?" Ella sounded annoyed.
"Yes," Dina whispered brokenly.
"When you left, you ripped out his guts. Don't destroy his life. He still loves you."
"I know." That was what made asking him to be on the show so damn hard.
"I don't know why you turned your back on us, but you owe him. We all do. He's the best of us. We've lost Aaron. Don't take Zane away too. If he's exposed, God only knows what will happen to him—us. Don't do this, Dina."
She bit her lip. She wanted to tell her sister she'd come to her senses, but it was too late.
"Ella, I'm so sorry. I hate myself, but it's too late. They're already airing the promos on the network, and the casting call went out. In the morning, I'm going to have dozens of women begging me to be on this show. Zane and I have been over for a very long time. We both know which one of us is in his life. You should be with him, not me. I'm his Achilles heel."
"Being in his life isn't the same as being in his heart, sis. He's always loved you, and while we look alike, I'll never be you. He wants you."
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Monday, July 15, 2013

What The Heart Wants by Kelli McCracken

***This is review is done by Veronica, a Platinum guest reviewer. Let us know if you like her style!


Heaven Lewis is on her way to California to see her best friend. Along with her siblings Faith and Hope. Heaven has been out of sorts though because of a recurring dream. After arriving in California she is surprised to learn she is going to a wedding in less than 24 hours. Her best friend is getting married to a famous rocker and while Heather is happy for her this has always been a dream of hers. She longs for the man in her dreams to be real.
Dylan McBride is a rock star who just finished a recent tour. He has been plagued by dreams of a girl who he believes cannot be real. The girl of his dreams haunts him even when he is awake. Tired and ready for a break, he still has one thing to do before he van have a rest. His friend  Kyle has asked him to stand with him in his wedding.
When the two meet will both their dreams become a reality?

This is a touching love story where dreams really do become reality, but it is a little more complicated than a simple dream come true. The cast of characters pull you in and you immediately embrace them. A story of heart and soul you will be left wanting more time with Heather, Dylan and the gang. A brilliant beginning to a love story that spans dreams and reality. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a little magic.  I found the characters to be really interesting and I want to know more about what makes each of them tick.  You get drawn into the story and from one twist to the next your are further hooked into Heaven and Dylan's story.   ~ Veronica

Platinum Reviews Gives Kelli & "What The Heart Wants":

4.5 Platinum Rings!



Do dreams foretell the future? Are there soul connections that go deeper than love?
Dylan McBride is tired of his rock star lifestyle. Between the nosy press and crazed fans, all he wants is to be left alone...and find the angel who's been plaguing his dreams for months. Maybe longer.
When he meets Heaven Lewis, his world is turned upside down. Not only is she the girl from his dreams, he notices he can sense her emotions at any place and time.
Being involved with a celebrity is the last thing Heaven imagined...or wanted. Especially since her last relationship nightmare. Yet resisting Dylan doesn't come easy. Something about him pulls at her heart. And her soul.
Will Dylan's celebrity status be too much for Heaven, or can he convince her to surrender to What the Heart Wants?


Calling her beautiful would be unjust. A sin even. Lust came natural to anyone. But with her, it went deeper. She radiated like an angel. Soft. Sweet. Heavenly. It drew him in. Yet her presence, the way it made him shake inside, kept him wanting more.
The breeze blew her ringlets from the nape of her neck. Each swaying lock carried a hint of sandalwood. The same scent rushing through his nose. One more breath and he’d be intoxicated.
Her skin, a soft shade of peaches-and-cream, glistened every time gilded sunrays broke through the swaying branches of the weeping willow.
When he gazed down into her eyes, his breath caught. He tried swallowing the lump in his throat, but his constricted chest held it in place. Her warm, inviting eyes were a rich shade of gold woven with flecks of olive green. She was looking past him to the broken, shale wall surrounding the estate.
Something about the lush green grass and the smell of roses tugged at him. Wasn’t I about to… God, she’s beautiful.
He ignored his duties. Why shouldn’t he? Nothing could be more important than this moment under the willow tree with her, his golden-eyed angel.
His eyes searched hers for proof that she sensed the same magnetic force drawing them together. A force so powerful it was irrefutable as it called to his soul.
He waited for her to meet his gaze, shifting his weight from one foot to the next. The motion captured her attention. Her mesmerizing eyes focused back on his face. He released his breath, exhaling a slow sigh as he watched a smile spread across her lips.
Those lips…
He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. It made his heart hasten when he imagined them pressed to his, allowing him to taste their sweetness.
She stepped in, closing the distance between them. Her eyes descended from his, lingering on his shoulders. He watched in silent awe as her arm stretched toward him. When gentle fingers touched his arm, a line of fire coursed through every nerve, wrapping him in a cloud of desire. He fought against the groan creeping up from his lungs as her fingertips stroked his skin.
Her eyes wandered further down his body, causing his muscles to flinch.
In the passing breaths, his eyes fell to her tiny waist and well-curved hips.
Every single inch—a masterpiece.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hidden Dragons by Emma Holly

Emma Holly does it again! I've been a huge fan of Ms. Holly for quite some time now and I was thrilled to see that the newest book in the ""Hidden" series was out. I've followed it since the beginning & I know that sometimes authors tend to get repetitive & lose the desire to create completely different story lines for new series books but this isn't the case here.. As usual, Emma Holly kept me completely enthralled from beginning to end.. This book has it all! The paranormal, the romance, the danger, the mystery & the intrigue.. Not to mention some sexy shifters of both the male & female persuasions! 
We are re-introduced to the deep-thinking, but oh-so-dreamy sexy shifter Rick Lupone who is a werewolf police officer.. He has never forgotten his first high school crush, the gorgeous & independent Cass Maycee who is half-fae... A new danger throws these two together & they have to battle the people out to hurt Cass & also their renewed attraction for each other... Of course, who can resist the other when they are thrown together in close quarters while fleeing? This book is a must read for lovers of the paranormal & the romance... Ohhhmy... This story definitely includes those incredibly sexy & erotic elements that Ms. Holly is known for... If you get a chance to read a few great books this summer, make sure it includes Emma's fantastic & fascinating "Hidden Dragons"! ~ Vicki Rose

Platinum gives Emma & "Hidden Dragons":

4.5 Platinum Rings!



Do you believe in dragons? Werewolf cop Rick Lupone would say no . . . until a dying faerie tells him the fate of his city depends on him. If he can’t protect a mysterious woman in peril, everything may be lost. The only discovery more shocking is that the woman he’s meant to save is his high school crush, Cass Maycee.
Half fae Cass didn’t earn her Snow White nickname by chance. All her life, her refusal to abuse fae glamour kept men like Rick at arm’s length. Now something new is waking up inside her, a secret heritage her pureblood father kept her in the dark about. Letting it out might kill her, but keeping it hidden is no longer an option. The dragons’ ancient enemies are moving. If they find the prize before Rick and Cass, the supe-friendly city of Resurrection just might cease to exist......

Involuntary gasps broke out as people identified the object the beams came from. Nestled within the padded red velvet was a quartz crystal sphere. Joscela would have given her right arm—at least temporarily—for ten minutes alone with it. That clear orb contained the blueprint for the proposed Pocket: the magical rules by which it would be governed, its capacity for expansion. As Manfred’s staunchest opposition, Joscela hadn’t been invited to participate in planning. He and his cronies wanted to stack the new territory’s deck in their own favor, to suit their own agendas. Though this was to be expected, the exclusion offended her more than any of Manfred’s slights.
To ignore the genius of a mind like hers was criminal.
Manfred was too enamored with his grand experiment to consider how dangerous humans were. The race seemed weak and easily dazzled compared to fae, but their very susceptibility to fae glamour seduced their superiors. Mixed blood children brought shame to proud families—nor were Joscela’s concerns theoretical. Just as fae had been trapped beyond the Veil when it dropped, humans had been trapped here. Her sensibilities rebelled at the results. Pure humans could be useful, but halves? And quarters? They were a mockery of what fae were supposed to be, always causing trouble or getting into it.
As a wise fae once said, a little power is a dangerous thing.
The dragon master removed the crystal from its nest of velvet.
The dragon nosed it, smart enough to be curious. Joscela wondered how the keeper felt to stand so close to the ancient beast. She’d never had a dragon. Once every queen possessed one, but their number had dwindled by the era in which she’d assumed the throne. Some compared the creatures to dolphins in intelligence, others to small children. Though they couldn’t speak, they understood commands. Crucial to tonight’s proceedings was the magic that packed each cell of their huge bodies. Pure magic. Old magic. The very magic the one-time gods used to form fae reality. Never mind combatting poison or piercing good armor, the spell power within one dragon could create or destroy worlds.
Compared to that, burning enemy villages couldn’t measure up. Every hatchling was a weapon someone, someday wouldn’t be able to resist deploying.
Though the dragon’s playful nudge nearly pushed him over, the dragon master didn’t scold or shove her off. Perhaps he couldn’t bear to with so little time remaining. He braced his back leg instead, closed his eyes, and composed himself.
As if sensing the seriousness of the situation, T’Fain settled back onto her forelimbs. Her keeper held the sphere between them. As he connected his mind to it, the crystal began to glow. The detail Manfred and his cohorts had encoded into the quartz soon poured into him. The keeper’s eyes moved behind their lids. Unlike inferior races, pureblood fae could grasp immense amounts of knowledge, each bit as clear and accurate as the rest. This dragon master’s lineage endowed him with yet another skill: the ability to communicate with his charge telepathically.
The dragon’s wings twitched as the river of information hit her awareness. Fortunately, like her keeper, she could hold it. Comprehension wasn’t needed, only accepting what was sent. The beast seemed to be doing exactly that. Her upper and lower lids closed over her ruby eyes.
At last the transfer was complete. The keeper set the empty crystal on the cracked sand, then gently clasped the dragon’s cart-size muzzle. The creature blinked as if emerging from a dream.
“Be,” the keeper said softly in High Fae. “Be what I have shown you.”
He let go and stepped back. T’Fain shook her body and raised her wings, not for flight but in display. The keeper retreated faster. Despite her misgivings, Joscela couldn’t deny a thrill. It wasn’t every day one witnessed new realities being born. The dragon tilted her great bronze head as if listening to faint music. Joscela’s heart thumped behind her ribs. If she’d been in the beast’s position, she’d have been screaming or belching flame. The dragon didn’t seem upset, merely attentive. The keeper turned and ran.
Joscela wasn’t prepared. Possibly no one was.
Like a star exploding, a blinding brilliance replaced the bronze dragon. The power blasted Joscela’s hair back, and her ship jerked to the end of its anchor line. She couldn’t tell if the tether snapped, because her senses were overwhelmed. Lightning swallowed the world around her, rainbow sparks dancing in the white. Her ears rang with alien chords. The air was so thick with power it felt like feathers against her skin.
He’s killed us, she thought. The dragon keeper wanted us all to die.
Even as this possibility arose, the sight-stealing radiance ebbed. Her vessel was still aloft, still anchored, though she’d been knocked onto her ass on the wooden deck. Everyone around her had, from what she could see through her watering eyes.
Ignoring the disarray of her long silk gown, she stumbled to the railing to see what had transpired below. The scene she discovered made her smile unexpectedly. Manfred’s fancy throne had toppled over with him in it. He didn’t appear hurt, but half a dozen shaky soldiers vied comically with each other to help him up. Everywhere she looked, fae pushed dazedly to their feet. The dragon was gone. Her death had produced that great white light.
Joscela focused on the spot where T'Fain had been standing. Beside her, Ceallach pulled himself up as well.
“Look,” he said, a note of grudging awe in his voice. “The new portal is forming.”
She’d already seen what caught his attention. The opening was round or would be when it finished coalescing. Years might pass before the doorway was mature enough to use. For now, streaks of green and brown and blue swirled like clouds within the aperture. Though she’d had no part in its design, she understood what was happening. The essence of the realm of Faerie was outfolding into the human world, blending with it to form a combined reality bubble. Silver glimmered and then disappeared at the top of the portal’s ring—a pair of dragon wings taking shape, she thought.
“The sacrifice succeeded,” she observed, though this was obvious.
“The dragon master should find that some comfort.”
“That presumes comfort matters. The last living reason for his bloodline’s existence was just wiped out. The protectors among the Guild can hire out as mercenaries. Gods know what purpose he and his kin will find.”
Ceallach put his hand on her arm, and they gazed at the man together. The dragon’s trainer had run as far as he could from the explosion. Now he stood on the sand, a solitary figure looking grimly back toward the forming door. Char marks streaked his face and leathers, as if he alone had passed through real fire. The soot obscured his expression, but still . . .
“Shouldn’t he be more devastated?” she asked Ceallach quietly.
When she glanced at her companion, one corner of his mouth tugged up. His nearly white eyes met hers, and the grin deepened. “I believe he should, my queen.”
Joscela’s heart skipped a beat. “Perhaps the rumors are true.”
“Perhaps they are.”.............
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The Secret Brokers by Alexandrea Weis

***This review has been done through a guest reviewer here at Platinum. Please welcome Chelle to the site & let us know how you like the review & the book! ~ VRS

I was given a copy, of The Secret Brokers by Alexandria Weis, for my honest opinions of her book.I must say that I fell in love with Dallas August immediately! I mean, who doesn't love a sexy, brooding man? As soon as I started this book, I was hooked and had trouble putting it down. The banter, between Dallas and Gwen, had me laughing frequently. All of the characters were well thought out and I loved each of them in their own way. The only downfall I found in the book, was that I had figured out the "big twist" long before it happened. I truly hope the Alexandria writes more books with these character. I know I would would to read them. ***Chelle***

4 out of 5 Platinum Rings

Head of an organization of elite spies, Dallas August is asked to uncover what secrets a reclusive woman, Gwen Marsh, is hiding about a mafia kingpin’s death. Dallas must pose as a bodyguard in order to get close to Gwen, but the stubborn woman wants nothing to do with her cool and contentious protector. Dallas soon learns that others are interested in Gwen when he stumbles upon the FBI monitoring her every move. Intrigued by the challenge of her analytical mind and aloof demeanor, Dallas has found his equal in Gwen. But with the FBI and the Mafia vying for the woman’s information, he can’t afford to lose his objectivity. The sexual tension grows between them until Gwen finally lowers her defenses and confides in Dallas. His job done, Dallas returns to his organization in New York. But an unexpected turn of events leads Dallas back to Gwen’s doorstep, where he discovers the Gwen Marsh he thought he was protecting, wasn’t Gwen Marsh at all. Determined to find out who betrayed him, Dallas must put his life on the line to search for answers about a woman he thought he knew. Dallas August is about to find out how dangerous life can be as one of …The Secret Brokers

“I do have one thing,” Lance offered. “She’s rumored to have killed her mother.”
“You’re kidding.”
“She was six when Nell Pioth took a shotgun and blew her face off. Gwen witnessed the whole thing. Crazy woman had her daughter help her get ready to commit suicide. For years people thought Gwen pulled the trigger. But the police said a six-year-old couldn’t have held the shotgun in the position needed to create the fatal shot.”
Dallas rubbed his face in his hands. “Christ, that must have scarred her.”
“You would never know it. Gwen is a real grounded, practical, and together woman. A lot more together than…well, a lot of woman I hang out with. I guess something like that in your childhood either rips you apart or pulls you together.”
“She’s ripped apart, Lance,” Dallas stated as he glimpsed the leather steering wheel in front of him. “The mother’s suicide, the fake marriage, the lack of close relationships…there is a pattern here.”
“What pattern?”
Dallas took a breath and nodded to Lance. “She’s troubled, probably deeply troubled. And that gets me an angle to use to get close to her.”
“What? Therapy?” Lance joked.
“No,” Dallas countered. “Empathy.”
“But your parents didn’t commit suicide, they were killed in a boating accident—Nicci told me about it. You were almost married twice—to women you loved. And as far as I know, you have a few friends and no pets. So what empathy?”
Dallas smiled, slyly. “It’s all part of the cover, Lance.”
Lance reached for the door handle. “Your cover? Let me know how that works out for you, Dallas. In the meantime, may I suggest another approach?” He climbed out of the car.
“What?” Dallas asked, leaning over the passenger seat and looking up at Lance.
Lance placed his hand on the car door and glared back at Dallas. “Why don’t you just try and get to know the woman? You’d be amazed at how far you might actually get.” He gave a wave of his hand and slammed the door closed.
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