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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Secret Brokers by Alexandrea Weis

***This review has been done through a guest reviewer here at Platinum. Please welcome Chelle to the site & let us know how you like the review & the book! ~ VRS

I was given a copy, of The Secret Brokers by Alexandria Weis, for my honest opinions of her book.I must say that I fell in love with Dallas August immediately! I mean, who doesn't love a sexy, brooding man? As soon as I started this book, I was hooked and had trouble putting it down. The banter, between Dallas and Gwen, had me laughing frequently. All of the characters were well thought out and I loved each of them in their own way. The only downfall I found in the book, was that I had figured out the "big twist" long before it happened. I truly hope the Alexandria writes more books with these character. I know I would would to read them. ***Chelle***

4 out of 5 Platinum Rings

Head of an organization of elite spies, Dallas August is asked to uncover what secrets a reclusive woman, Gwen Marsh, is hiding about a mafia kingpin’s death. Dallas must pose as a bodyguard in order to get close to Gwen, but the stubborn woman wants nothing to do with her cool and contentious protector. Dallas soon learns that others are interested in Gwen when he stumbles upon the FBI monitoring her every move. Intrigued by the challenge of her analytical mind and aloof demeanor, Dallas has found his equal in Gwen. But with the FBI and the Mafia vying for the woman’s information, he can’t afford to lose his objectivity. The sexual tension grows between them until Gwen finally lowers her defenses and confides in Dallas. His job done, Dallas returns to his organization in New York. But an unexpected turn of events leads Dallas back to Gwen’s doorstep, where he discovers the Gwen Marsh he thought he was protecting, wasn’t Gwen Marsh at all. Determined to find out who betrayed him, Dallas must put his life on the line to search for answers about a woman he thought he knew. Dallas August is about to find out how dangerous life can be as one of …The Secret Brokers

“I do have one thing,” Lance offered. “She’s rumored to have killed her mother.”
“You’re kidding.”
“She was six when Nell Pioth took a shotgun and blew her face off. Gwen witnessed the whole thing. Crazy woman had her daughter help her get ready to commit suicide. For years people thought Gwen pulled the trigger. But the police said a six-year-old couldn’t have held the shotgun in the position needed to create the fatal shot.”
Dallas rubbed his face in his hands. “Christ, that must have scarred her.”
“You would never know it. Gwen is a real grounded, practical, and together woman. A lot more together than…well, a lot of woman I hang out with. I guess something like that in your childhood either rips you apart or pulls you together.”
“She’s ripped apart, Lance,” Dallas stated as he glimpsed the leather steering wheel in front of him. “The mother’s suicide, the fake marriage, the lack of close relationships…there is a pattern here.”
“What pattern?”
Dallas took a breath and nodded to Lance. “She’s troubled, probably deeply troubled. And that gets me an angle to use to get close to her.”
“What? Therapy?” Lance joked.
“No,” Dallas countered. “Empathy.”
“But your parents didn’t commit suicide, they were killed in a boating accident—Nicci told me about it. You were almost married twice—to women you loved. And as far as I know, you have a few friends and no pets. So what empathy?”
Dallas smiled, slyly. “It’s all part of the cover, Lance.”
Lance reached for the door handle. “Your cover? Let me know how that works out for you, Dallas. In the meantime, may I suggest another approach?” He climbed out of the car.
“What?” Dallas asked, leaning over the passenger seat and looking up at Lance.
Lance placed his hand on the car door and glared back at Dallas. “Why don’t you just try and get to know the woman? You’d be amazed at how far you might actually get.” He gave a wave of his hand and slammed the door closed.
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