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Monday, July 15, 2013

What The Heart Wants by Kelli McCracken

***This is review is done by Veronica, a Platinum guest reviewer. Let us know if you like her style!


Heaven Lewis is on her way to California to see her best friend. Along with her siblings Faith and Hope. Heaven has been out of sorts though because of a recurring dream. After arriving in California she is surprised to learn she is going to a wedding in less than 24 hours. Her best friend is getting married to a famous rocker and while Heather is happy for her this has always been a dream of hers. She longs for the man in her dreams to be real.
Dylan McBride is a rock star who just finished a recent tour. He has been plagued by dreams of a girl who he believes cannot be real. The girl of his dreams haunts him even when he is awake. Tired and ready for a break, he still has one thing to do before he van have a rest. His friend  Kyle has asked him to stand with him in his wedding.
When the two meet will both their dreams become a reality?

This is a touching love story where dreams really do become reality, but it is a little more complicated than a simple dream come true. The cast of characters pull you in and you immediately embrace them. A story of heart and soul you will be left wanting more time with Heather, Dylan and the gang. A brilliant beginning to a love story that spans dreams and reality. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a little magic.  I found the characters to be really interesting and I want to know more about what makes each of them tick.  You get drawn into the story and from one twist to the next your are further hooked into Heaven and Dylan's story.   ~ Veronica

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Do dreams foretell the future? Are there soul connections that go deeper than love?
Dylan McBride is tired of his rock star lifestyle. Between the nosy press and crazed fans, all he wants is to be left alone...and find the angel who's been plaguing his dreams for months. Maybe longer.
When he meets Heaven Lewis, his world is turned upside down. Not only is she the girl from his dreams, he notices he can sense her emotions at any place and time.
Being involved with a celebrity is the last thing Heaven imagined...or wanted. Especially since her last relationship nightmare. Yet resisting Dylan doesn't come easy. Something about him pulls at her heart. And her soul.
Will Dylan's celebrity status be too much for Heaven, or can he convince her to surrender to What the Heart Wants?


Calling her beautiful would be unjust. A sin even. Lust came natural to anyone. But with her, it went deeper. She radiated like an angel. Soft. Sweet. Heavenly. It drew him in. Yet her presence, the way it made him shake inside, kept him wanting more.
The breeze blew her ringlets from the nape of her neck. Each swaying lock carried a hint of sandalwood. The same scent rushing through his nose. One more breath and he’d be intoxicated.
Her skin, a soft shade of peaches-and-cream, glistened every time gilded sunrays broke through the swaying branches of the weeping willow.
When he gazed down into her eyes, his breath caught. He tried swallowing the lump in his throat, but his constricted chest held it in place. Her warm, inviting eyes were a rich shade of gold woven with flecks of olive green. She was looking past him to the broken, shale wall surrounding the estate.
Something about the lush green grass and the smell of roses tugged at him. Wasn’t I about to… God, she’s beautiful.
He ignored his duties. Why shouldn’t he? Nothing could be more important than this moment under the willow tree with her, his golden-eyed angel.
His eyes searched hers for proof that she sensed the same magnetic force drawing them together. A force so powerful it was irrefutable as it called to his soul.
He waited for her to meet his gaze, shifting his weight from one foot to the next. The motion captured her attention. Her mesmerizing eyes focused back on his face. He released his breath, exhaling a slow sigh as he watched a smile spread across her lips.
Those lips…
He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. It made his heart hasten when he imagined them pressed to his, allowing him to taste their sweetness.
She stepped in, closing the distance between them. Her eyes descended from his, lingering on his shoulders. He watched in silent awe as her arm stretched toward him. When gentle fingers touched his arm, a line of fire coursed through every nerve, wrapping him in a cloud of desire. He fought against the groan creeping up from his lungs as her fingertips stroked his skin.
Her eyes wandered further down his body, causing his muscles to flinch.
In the passing breaths, his eyes fell to her tiny waist and well-curved hips.
Every single inch—a masterpiece.
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