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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Way To Bleed by Susan Harris

I will start out by saying this... Susan Harris is one of the best first-time authors that I've ever read.. Just... Wow!! I read every genre and I have done reviews for plenty of first-time authors before & this gal is going to be a force to reckon with in the paranormal romance world! 

We meet the beautiful, no-nonsense Cassie, who is a half-witch & half-demon and learning how to survive in a world where the supernatural has only recently come out & have taken control. She is the lead assassin for the gorgeous & mysterious Luka, the Keeper Of The City... and she's in love with him, too.. Luka knows something about her past & her powers but doesn't want to tell all... He is too busy fighting his attraction to Cassie, the girl he rescued from hell when her mother was turned into a wicked vamp.. Cassie throws her emotions & anger into her job as assassin & let me tell you, this girl can kick ass! Cassie, along with the sexy fallen angel, Archer and Luka are sent on a mission by the Queen Of  The Damned herself, the wicked Lillith, to return her wayward son... However, this mission may very well end up revealing secrets that Cassie is better not knowing.. Including why Luka won't let her get too close to her... The mission sends them into The Forbidden City, amongst lurking demons & horrible supernatural creatures of every kind.. And into Cassie's worst nightmares.. Can Luka & Archer help Cassie pull through the torture? Or will she succumb under the shadow of darkness when the Demon Of Nightmares gets a hold of her?

This book is non-stop action, drama & that edge-of-your-seat sexy romance that we love so much. Ms. Harris's writing just flows throughout each page, her characters are well thought out & realistic and her descriptions of the world is graphic & spot-on.. I honestly cannot wait to read book number two in the Midnight Assassin series! What an amazing & fresh new author & I'm thrilled to have had the chance to read her first work of art! ~ Vicki Rose

Platinum Book Reviews gives Susan & Another Way To Bleed:
4.5 Platinum Rings!


In a changed world Cassie Murphy has learned to adapt and use her pain to become the most skilled killer the supernatural world has seen. Trained by the ruthless keeper of Cork, Luka, she struggles against the very thing she has become and the vampire she has lost her heart to, but destiny has other plans for her and when her past catches up with her, Cassie will learn secrets that could tear her world to shreds and pull her and Luka further apart. Cassie will find out there is most certainly another way to bleed.


She stared into the darkness. She could smell the dying embers of hellfire that was raining down amongst them. She gulped in short, shallow breaths, knowing that they would sense the slightest imbalance in her posture. Tears flowed from her eyes as Cassie tried to drown out the cries of her dying coven. Helena had told her to hide, that she had foreseen how important it was for her to live, no matter who else had to die.
Cassie could taste blood, not her own, but that of the blood that was spilled in her home. It was something she had always been able to do, smell someone’s particular scent, taste it on her tongue.
She prayed to the Goddess to keep her safe, or at least make her death quick. A rumble of thunder crashed from above as another angel fought a demon, a now daily fixture as they headed towards the end of days. The whole house shook with such force that Cassie braced herself to fight as shadows danced outside the closet door. She clutched the sword with both hands, preparing herself to fight as wood cracked and the door frame was torn from its hinges.
Looking up, Cassie stared defiantly into the eyes of the monster that had once been her mother.
“Cassie, darling put down that silly, old knife and come give your mother a hug.” The vampire in front of her smirked, its fangs sharp and blood stained. The vampire’s eyes were red with thirst; Cassie knew that the mother she once loved and adored was long gone. Summoning all the courage she had, Cassie inclined her head before saying, “Come on then, bloodsucker. I ain't got all night.”
She swung the sword towards the creature, just like she had been taught, but it side-stepped her strike. They went toe to toe with one another. The vampire reached Cassie before she could avoid her, and raked a claw from Cassie’s left eye to her mouth. Cassie gasped with pain but never eased up on her assault. A sudden noise behind them distracted the vampire, momentarily, before she turned back to face her daughter. Cassie took the opportunity and swiped the sword one last time, slicing the vampire’s head clean off. Her mother’s eyes opened wide in shock before her body dissipated into ash
“Goodbye, mom,” Cassie whispered before dropping to her knees, sobbing with her head in her hands.....
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