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Friday, March 22, 2013

Whispers On The Breeze by Tamara McHatton

"Whispers On The Breeze" is the second novel by Tamara McHatton and it immediately caught my attention with a unique love and loss fable, disguised inside another modern story! Even the hidden romantic inside you will stand attention at this fantastic novel by the amazing Ms. McHatton! *blissful sigh* I used to stick with my "paranormal romance"-only genre & then slowly started expanding into new worlds and finding great new books, but when I come back to my genre with a gorgeous book like this, it feels just like coming home..

Tamara introduces us to the beautiful, headstrong Maura, a harrier pilot in the US Marines Corp who is recovering from the devastating loss of her pilot brother, Sean.. She meets Sean's friend, Aidan, a tall viking of a man who oozes sex & charm and she cannot resist this gorgeous god, try as she might.. Aidan is not only a former Marine, who served with Maura's brother, but he is still a current pilot at his own air base and he shares her deep Scottish heritage and accent. She tries her hardest to remain distant, as she has had nothing but bad luck in the past with relationships, as has Aidan, but she finds this man so incredibly compelling that she can't seem to help herself. Well, that and she also swears that she hears an inner voice, urging her to take a chance with Aidan.. On the other hand, Aidan wants Maura with a passion and he listens to the inner voice he hears, urging him on.. But will he push things too far, especially since Maura is still recovering from the loss of her brother and other difficult changes?  A hidden danger is also revealed & Aidan realizes that if he doesn't alert Maura, she just might end up joining her brother on the other side, before she is meant to go.. But with her headstrong ways, will Maura listen or turn a blind eye? Can Aidan manage to protect her, without pushing her away? 

A unique aspect in the book is the introduction to two old spirits who were torn away from love in their real lives and these are now the "inner voices" that Maura and Aidan are hearing.. This is one story you must read! This dramatic, engrossing storyline is amazing and draws a reader in so deeply that you never want to leave this world of true love, across distance, across fate, across lifetimes.... 

Pick this novel up today and fall into the amazing world of "Whispers On The Breeze" by the wonderful Tamara McHatton! This is a must-have for all lovers of true paranormal romance.... 

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Three hundred years ago, on the night before they were to wed, two lovers, true soul mates, made a foolish decision that ended up tearing their souls asunder. The gods chose to use them as an example for others and forced their spirits to remain linked, yet apart, until they saved four couples from the same destructive destiny. Once they united these couples for life, then and only then, could Evina and Bryce’s spirits be reunited for eternity. This is the tale of the last couple, Maura and Aidan, and their tragic and difficult fight for happily ever after in today's modern world. 

Aidan walked up and slid his arm around her waist. “There’s an emergency in the hangar. Ya wanna tag along?”
She raised her face to look at him, and settled herself into the crook at his side. To hell with reservations. “Try and stop me, Aidan Savage.”
“That’s m’lady.” He tipped her chin up with his fingers then placed a tender kiss on her forehead. “Come on.”
Maura walked arm and arm with Aidan out to the first hangar as her mind buzzed at all the confusion over her feelings for him in so short a time.
He slid the door of the hangar to the side and let her stroll in ahead of him.
She gazed around the glorified warehouse, amazed at how clean and tidy the entire area appeared. Loud clanking and clanging came from the engine bay of a Cessna 172 parked in the middle of the open area.
Just as Aidan stepped toward the small plane, a wrench flew his way. “Whoa now Smitty. Ya got to be a mite gentler with the lady.”
A dark-haired man popped his head up; a scraggly beard covered his lower face. Grease smeared his face. His black-eyed glare shot sparks toward Aidan after glancing Maura’s way. “I’d be a mite more gentle if the bitch--sorry ma’am--would cooperate with me.”
Aidan let out a roar of laughter. “Maura MacCleary, meet my best mechanic, Smith Fairfield, Smitty.” He let go of her hand and walked up to the plane. “What’s the problem?”
Smitty inclined his head toward Maura then shoved it back down in the bay. “Ever since that crew from the base took her fer a spin the damn thing keeps leaking oil, and I’ve rebuilt her twice. I can’t figure out why she’s still seeping.”
“Have ya checked all the rings? Made sure they were seated right?”
Maura chuckled when Smitty let out a loud snort.
“Course I did. Ya take me for a fool?”
While the two men haggled over the fate of the plane, Maura looked around. Aidan ran a very organized operation. He’d even gone so far as to post each pilot’s accident-free status. She nodded her head in approval. He stressed safety. She liked that. She lost herself in reflection, and jumped when Aidan’s arms went around her waist.
“I’ve done all the damage I kin do here. Ya want to look at the other planes?”
She leaned against him for a second, basking in the warmth of his embrace then nodded and they began to walk around the hanger. She could tell very quickly of Aidan’s deep love for these small planes. As much a love as she had for Harriers. That’s good, she thought, they would understand each other. Unlike her other dates.
For once, Maura felt another man could comprehend her obsession, that he could accept her occupation as a military pilot. How could he not? Once the bug hit, flying high above the clouds became an adrenaline rush, a drug too potent to give up. Aidan Savage knew that first hand.......

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