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Friday, March 22, 2013

Gwen Reaper by Jaz Primo

Paranormal & Urban Fantasy author Jaz Primo decided to try his hand at YA Paranormal with the riveting "Gwen Reaper" and he scored big time! Jaz is known for his amazing Sunset Vampire series and now you have another reason to love this wonderfully unique author! This is a fantastic book, with all the fascinating paranormal elements that adults love, yet it's still a great story for young adults to read & enjoy! 
Jaz introduces us to Scott, a high school football player from Springfield, Illinois, who is forced to relocate to the small town of Custer, South Dakota after a loss in the family and it gives the term "A whole new world" an incredibly realistic point of view...
Scott is struggling to adjust to his new life, being away from the big city & his lifelong friends.. He meets a mysterious young lady, Gwen, who isn't very welcoming to new people in her life, yet Scott can't help but be drawn to her beauty & her intelligence.. He persists and Gwen slowly allows him into her life but it's nothing like he would expect.. There are certain aspects about Gwen that would scare the daylights out of average teenagers and it also slowly opens Scott's eyes as to why most of the town avoids the quiet, introverted Gwen.. As Scott starts to adjust to his new life in the small town world, and starts to find more out about the beautiful Gwen, some shocking things start happening.. They witness an accident and Gwen seems to make something so incredibly unexplained happen, that Scott isn't even sure what to say or how to react.. And even worse, after the accident, Scott & Gwen are suddenly being followed and the person stalking them does not have good intentions..  
Can Scott somehow manage to open his mind enough to understand all of the mystery & stigma surrounding Gwen or will it be too much, even for him? Will he even live to get the chance? And will Gwen trust Scott enough to let him into her life & her heart or will she shut him out like nearly everyone else in her young, troubled life?
This is a beautiful, young love story and works so well with the amazing paranormal aspects.. I always like to say that Jaz Primo offers one of the most unique views and on the paranormal that I've ever seen and "Gwen Reaper" is even more proof of those views! This book is a must-have! Even if you prefer standard paranormal romances, this YA paranormal is one you will love just the same.. Another amazing novel by the equally amazing Jaz Primo! Grab this book today & fall into the world of "Gwen Reaper"! 

Platinum gives Jaz Primo & "Gwen Reaper":
4.5 Platinum Rings!! 


Scott's sure he'll lose everything he's worked for when his family suddenly decides to move after a family tragedy. But he soon realizes that there are some surprising benefits— and a mystery.
A girl, painfully shy, with a dangerous pet, and a dark past.
As trust is earned, secrets are shared, and powers revealed, until Scott is drawn into a love, and a world, he couldn't have imagined.


The women in the Webber family were just as full of surprises as they were of mysteries, it seemed.
I couldn’t help but notice all of the healthy-looking plants decorating the living room.
“Somebody has a real green thumb thing going on,” I quipped.
“That’s Mom,” Gwen replied.
“I’m not the plant nurturing type, it seems,” she added somewhat ruefully.
I noted her somewhat somber-looking expression.
“I’m not much on plants, myself. Mom’s the green thumb in our house, too,” I offered. “So, what’s the plan for this afternoon?”
“Well, first of all, good job dressing comfortably,” she observed. “You look like a respectable roadie.” I frowned, dubiously glancing down at my jeans and Tshirt.
“Actually, you look great,” she added with smirk.
“C’mon, let’s talk about the plan.” Her added comment bolstered my confidence.
I followed her into the kitchen, where she turned on the oven and reached into the refrigerator for a foil-covered pan.
She placed it into the oven with an exaggerated flourish.
“Dinner is now being prepared,” she said. “Mom helped me put it together this morning.”
“And dinner would be?”
“A surprise,” she said. “Meanwhile, you get to have the cola of your choice; meaning either Coke or Sprite.” I grinned and accepted a Coke as she pulled out a Sprite for herself.
Then she reached out to take me by the hand and led me through the house to the back door leading outside. On her way out the door, she grabbed a small portable speaker that had an iPod dangling from it.
“Stay, Dundee,” she ordered, carefully closing the door behind us.
“Dundee doesn’t get to come?” I asked.
“Not this time,” she said.
Her covered patio held a perfect view to the forest behind their house. Along one side of her yard, a relatively wide grassy path sloped down an incline for about fifty yards.
We proceeded down the path to an open grassy area interspersed with medium and tall trees that sheltered the shoreline of a small, slightly murky-looking pond. It looked like there was a small, partially dried up creek at the back of the pond that wound further into the trees.
A large, flat-topped boulder, long and wide enough for me to lay down upon, sat partially-buried at the edge of the pond.
Gwen led me over to the boulder and perched atop it.
“Have a seat,” she said.
I sat beside her, taking in the sight of the peaceful, yet strange, area before us.
She switched on her iPod, and Aimee Mann’s “Save Me” began to play.
“This is where I come to contemplate,” Gwen said. “And read.”
I chuckled.
“You seem to read almost anywhere,” I said.
“True enough,” she agreed. “Except at football games.”
“Glad to hear that.”
Save for the sound of the breeze rustling the trees, we sat in silence, basking in the relatively warm late summer sunshine.
I had to admit that it was a very relaxing spot, and I momentarily wondered if the pond was stocked with fish.
“If I share something really private with you, can you keep my secret, Scott?” Gwen asked in a mysterious tone.
I turned to her and saw the searching look in her eyes.
“Of course, I can,” I assured her.
She regarded me with an arched brow.
“Look around,” she said.
My eyes once again swept the peaceful scene surrounding us. Then I noticed a partially submerged object in the pond, not far offshore from where we were sitting.
It was an object with eyes and a snout!

“Damn! That’s the—” I nearly shouted as I grasped at her arm, ready to leap from the boulder with her in tow.
It was the animal that I’d first seen with her at the lake. I was shocked at how stealthily it had maneuvered close to us.
Gwen put her hand on my arm in calming fashion.
I stared at the creature, which had to be well over six feet in length..........

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