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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Omnipotent Blood by CM Michaels


We have yet another hit on our hands, penned by the always-awesome CM Michaels! 
Omipotent Blood is the second book in the Sisters In Blood series... This is one of those unique, well-written novels that keeps you actively turning pages..
From the moment you pick it up, you'll start to feel that the things that go bump in the night are no longer simply just a part of your imagination..
The lead character Brooke, shows strength, endurance & shows the evil side of the world what true love is really about... The supporting characters are solidly written, consistent in their stances & they certainly know how help you dive into this fascinating new world...
As always, Mr Michaels is meticulous in his work & knows how to draw every single reader into his dark, dangerously sexy world of intrigue, action & terror... 
If you're a fan of the paranormal, don't miss this stunning series!

Platinum Book Reviews gives CM Michaels & Omnipotent Blood: 5 Platinum Rings!


Having survived the attack inside the Natick Mall, Brooke dreads the thought of spending decades in exile while she waits for the media firestorm from the superhuman brawl to run its course. But soon after fleeing Boston, she discovers the battle caught the eye of forces far more lethal than humans. Captured by the dark goddess Lilith, Brooke is transformed into her greater demon general and finds herself tasked with converting the rest of her family to form the advisory council she'll need to lead the largest demonic uprising in history. 
But not even Lilith could have anticipated the powerful bond Brooke has formed with her family. Seeing her resist even after losing her soul, angels soon take interest, as Brooke's unfettered access to Hell and greater demon abilities could shift the tide in the age-old war if she were to fight against her dark queen. Her love for Sienna, her sisters and her now girlfriend, Sandy, is all that prevents her from fully embracing the darkness. But with the demon spirit inside her claiming more control of her mind with each passing day, will the power of love be able to save her? 


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