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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Safe And Sound by Lindy Zart

Review done by: Tina Cochran Hargis (Reviewer Name: Tina Marie)

This is my very first review for Platinum Book Reviews and I am honored to do this and it is also the first time I've read any works by Lindy Zart.. I can tell you that she has gained a fan for life!!!  I love the way she can draw you into the story.  As she describes each character, I can easily envision them as I walk through the pages of their lives.  I cant wait to read more!!!

We are introduced to Lola Murphy, a seventeen year old who up until a year ago, lived a pretty normal life with her mother, Lana, in Morgan Creek, Wisconsin.  Her life had seen some sadness with the passing of her father when she was younger but her mother did what she could. A year ago, things were happy. A year ago before Bob Holdren. 

Her mother took a job at the local Ray-O Vac factory, working third shift. Lana met and married Bob Holdren soon after starting at the company. That’s when everything changed for Lola Murphy. Nothing will ever the same again. No one knew, no one understood, no one even cared… or so it seemed. 

Lola finds the one person who understands all too well the fears, the pain and the bruises that her life has become over the last year. The one person who will give her the strength to fight.  The loner with those pale green eyes and shaggy black hair, Jack Forrester. 

In this amazing story you will find a young woman about to breakout of her reality to find a lost relative, who can finally answer questions her mother had always tried to avoid. Rekindle friendships that she thought she had lost forever and to find the love she never knew could exist. I would highly recommend this book to any and all who truly enjoy a great story.  

(A million thank you's to Vicki Rose for giving me the opportunity to read and recommend such a wonderful story by an amazing author. ~ Tina Marie)  




This is Lola's story. She has a secret no one can know. Once a safe haven, her home has turned into a prison, and she fears if she doesn't somehow escape, she will lose herself completely.

She finds her escape in Jack; a troubled young man with a cynical smile and eyes that see all Lola tries to hide. But even Jack can't save her from the evil at home.


Every night for the past two weeks when Lola got home from work,
there he stood. This night was no different. He’d either somehow
managed to find out her work schedule or he simply liked to stand
outside in the cold and dark for whatever reason.
Lola had a sneaky suspicion he had a hero complex and felt it was his
duty to make sure she made it home from work okay every night.
The irony of that did not escape her.
She wasn’t in the mood for his charity, for his guilty conscience trying
to make up for past snubs by looking out for her now.
With the pale glow of streetlamps directing her to him, Lola strode
across the street and toward Sebastian. The grass was stiff and
crunched under her shoes. Even in the dark she could see his
eyebrows lift as she approached him. Sebastian’s hands were shoved
in the pockets of his jacket, his breath left him in short spurts of frosty
Lola’s nose and hands were cold, but the pull of her warm bed
wasn’t enough to keep her from confronting him.
She stopped a few feet from him and looked up at him. His gray eyes
met hers as he silently waited for her to speak.
“Stop it.”
Sebastian cocked his head. “Stop what?”
“Stop… this.” Lola waved a hand at him and her.
“Stop standing in my yard?”
“I don’t need you looking out for me. I don’t want you to. I’m fine.
Always have been, always will be.” Her throat tightened at the lie.
“I happen to like standing outside and it’s my yard, so I can.” She
remembered that look. He’d worn it when they’d argue, when he
wouldn’t admit to being wrong, when he made her do something she
didn’t want to do, but knew would be best for her.
“In the dark?”
“In the dark. And cold. And snow. And heat. Even in the rain.” He
leaned close and said, “Whenever I like.” Lola didn’t know whether
to laugh or get mad. Instead she made a sound of exasperation.
“Fine. Whatever. Freeze. See if I care.” Lola spun on her heel.
“Is everything okay, Lola?” he called after her.
She paused, but kept walking. “Yep. Everything’s okay.
Perfect. Wonderful. Super. Couldn’t be better.”
“I think you’re lying.”
“I think you’re lying.”
That stopped her. No one had called her out before .....


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