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Friday, February 8, 2013

Call Of Duty: Deadly Obligations by Tamara McHatton

This is the first published novel by the beautiful Tamara McHatton & I was more than happy to give it a read.. She now has a huge fan for life!! I don't think I have ever seen a better first novel out there! Not a single carry-on part, no mistakes in characters or their locations and incredibly engrossing, I truly could not put this book down! 
We are introduced to sexy alpha Green Beret Garrett Jensen, a man who doesn't exist in most of the world's eyes, because of the intense secrecy of his job. He is on a military mission when his beautiful, beloved wife Catherine, ends up in premature labor & loses their infant son, leaving her distraught & devastated.. It is many months before she can even get word to Garrett, but before she is even able to reach him, she feels she can no longer handle being the wife of an absentee military man, and decides to move away with their two young daughters & file for divorce. Garrett comes back off of the mission and is devastated with Catherine's decision.. He vows to do anything he can to get Catherine & his girls back home and together as a family, again.. But before he gets the chance to put much effort into the reconciliation, his world is once again thrown in upheaval as his military enemies have found his family & his daughters are kidnapped.. Catherine will not be left behind as Garrett heads out to find his daughters. She soon realizes the dangers that Garrett has had to face everyday and she  soon understands his reasons for continuing to head out on life-saving missions in third-world, war torn & drug infested countries.. Even as she decides that she wants Garrett back in her life, that decision may end up being taken out of her hands.. Can Garrett & Catherine manage to save their daughters & get them all out alive? Or are Garrett's enemies not about to let him leave the country alive? 
This book was spell-binding from the beginning until the end & I cannot wait for the next book in this series! Ms. McHatton manages to weave a dramatic, intense and emotional novel, full of intrigue & sheer terror not to mention the sensual & oh-so-hot scenes she squeezes in this intense novel. I am a true fan of Tamara Mc Hatton for life! The cover is truly gorgeous and shows the intensity of the life of a Green Beret.. Run right out & grab this book for your TBR list, today! Tamara McHatton will is a force to be reckoned with in the world of new authors!



Green Beret captain Garrett Jensen has two great loves in his life.
His country and his family.
Until he's forced to choose.

Catherine Jensen is a non-issued SF wife fed up with coming in second.
Family or country.
Her choice is easy until her girls are kidnapped.

Their priorities collide when they're forced to team up in order to save their children.
Their enemies are within, and without, but which is which?
That becomes the ultimate question.


She felt, more than heard, the explosion on the outside of the aircraft. Heard what she thought was the detonation of hand
grenades, and each sound got louder by the second. A whirring noise filled the air, though she didn't know what it was or where
it originated from.
Abruptly, the air inside the cabin filled with smoke. Gunfire rattled up from below.
Cathryn peeked around the edge of the door and sucked in a deep breath. Escara's men were shooting up at the helicopter. 
She stared in horror as more of them seemed to spread into the area from everywhere, reminding her of the continuous
movement of an ant colony. She surveyed the floor of the cabin. Four of Escara's men and a crewmember lay dead, Bucky and
the co-pilot were wounded, and her girls were huddled as far back under the nav table as they could get. She'd never witnessed
anything like this before. The sight alone was terrifying. She shook her head and trembled, unsure if she would be able to hold
the contents of her stomach down. The big machine swung precariously from side to side, scaring the living hell out of her; her
stomach swayed in unison with the helicopter, churning and rolling in protest.
"Hold this chopper steady. The Cap'n's still hanging on," Bucky yelled to the front.
Curtis took a glance backward through the open space and shouted to be heard above the roar of the engines. "Sergeant, if he's 
not onboard inside of ten seconds, then I'm outta here." He swiveled in his seat, flinching as bullets pinged off the glass.
"I wouldn't do that, sir!" Bucky Stevens hollered back.
Cathryn heard the sound of a metal gun bolt being drawn back and saw Kelso standing with a pistol to the head of the pilot.
Curtis jerked his head around, his amazed stare drawn to the loaded weapon fixed on a spot in the middle of his forehead. 
Licking his lips, he let out a nervous laugh, swallowed hard, and stuttered, "I, I guess-ss I'll w-wait." He smiled weakly, relief
flooding his features as the gun lowered.
"Good idea, sir," Bucky replied.
Cathryn was impressed. The loyalty of these men was phenomenal. Did her husband really garner such devotion, such 
allegiance? From the looks of these rough and tumble men of Special Ops, apparently so. Everything about them spoke
volumes for the way they felt about Garrett, and it took her by surprise that she felt pride in their loyalty. Pride in the fact that her
husband commanded such respect from men of this caliber.
Seconds ticked by like hours.
Bucky leaned over the side of the helicopter again, extending his right arm over the side. The wound in his shoulder continued to 
seep through his fatigues.
Cathryn peered over the edge as well. Her heart lurched at the sight of Garrett, almost within the safety of the helicopter, hanging 
on to his sergeant by nothing more than his fingertips, suspended from the door in midair. The rescue harness, with Rivera still
strapped in to it, wasn't far enough off the ground. She had to turn away, to hide from the terrifying sight, to block out what might
come next.
Bucky shouted, his words incoherent against the loud whine of the engines.
"What?" Cathryn leaned toward Bucky.
"Son of a bitch! I dropped him!" Bucky looked at Cathryn, a mixture of horror and denial written all over his face.
Cathryn didn't even hesitate. She scooted forward, panic racing through every inch of her soul, and saw Garrett some twenty feet 
below on the sand, still moving. "Go back down. Go down!" Her body leaned out over the edge, she felt her balance shift forward.
Bucky threw an arm around her waist. She pointed to the ground, trying to get her purpose across. They had to go back down 
and get Garrett. He wasn't hurt that bad. Good Lord, they couldn't leave him there!
"He wouldn't want that." Bucky shook his head, his eyes telling her all she needed to know. "He'd want us to get the girls out of 
Cathryn screamed. She had to make him understand. "We've got to go back down and get him."
A voice came in over Bucky's headset, Cathryn leaned in to hear.
"Two, this is One. Over." Garrett's voice was shaky, rushed.
Bucky held his hand to his ear, pushing the earpiece in tighter. He waved for the others to be quiet. "One, this is Two. We're 
coming back down. Over." Bucky set the mike on loudspeaker, allowing the entire helicopter to hear
the exchange.
Garrett's voice came back over the airwaves. A disembodied croak, sounding so close, yet so far away. "Two, this is One. 
Negative. Get my girls out of here. Evacuate the area immediately. Over."
Cathryn's heart thudded against her chest. She clutched the edge of the door, looking into Bucky's face. He wasn't going to let 
that happen, was he? He couldn't. That was her husband down there, the father of her children. What would happen to her if he
was killed? How would she go on?
Bucky spoke. "Guys, I don't care what he says. We have to go back and get him. I know he's put his ass on the line for you many 
Cathryn stared at Bucky. He wavered, uncertainty in his expression. They had to go back and get him! If she was prepared to do 
whatever necessary to rescue her husband, they damn well better be prepared also. Every head in the chopper nodded in
Bucky keyed his mike. "One, this is Two. Am set to land. Over."
Again, Garrett's voice crackled over the airwaves. "Two, this is One. Get out of here. Now. Am not worth the risk, repeat, am not 
worth it. Get the hell out of here now. Please." The mike was silent for a moment. "That's a lawful order, Bucky. Acknowledge.
Now. Over."
"Damn it!" Bucky looked around then slowly stared at her.
What did he want her to say? Go ahead, leave him? No way. She wouldn't do it, couldn't do it.
"Mommy?" Missy's call came from under the nav table, the tiny voice trembling. "Is Daddy going to die?"
Cathryn stared into Missy's eyes, unable to answer her daughter. How did she answer? I don't know honey, it's up to these 
men? Dear God, she hoped not. She turned back toward Bucky.
He responded to Garrett, his eyes telling her how sorry he was. His voice caught as he answered. "One... this is Two. Will... 
comply. Over."
Curtis heard the exchange. Throwing the helicopter into gear, he lifted the aircraft higher, putting space between the Black Hawk 
and the bullets. As the huge machine rotated and buzzed over the treetops, Cathryn lay on her stomach and watched the ground
grow smaller.
The gunfire below increased.
Two jeeps roared into the area, driven haphazardly by what she could only assume were Escara's men firing machine guns. 
Grenades and other explosives made a fireball of the tiny space below, flames lapping and licking at everything in sight. Smoke
obscured the area now as the helicopter got farther away.
"Damn," Bucky cussed. "The captain and Rivera have taken most of the heat off us. Look... "
Cathryn had already been memorizing the scene; she couldn't take her eyes off it even if she'd wanted to. Her breath caught in 
her chest.
Garrett stood within a ring of fire, a short distance from the landing zone, lobbing thrown grenades back at the advancing enemy 
as he protected a prone Rivera. As the helicopter circled around to leave the area, he held his hand aloft in the thumbs-up sign.
"Give 'em hell, Cap'n," Bucky muttered under his breath.
Static came over his mike, still keyed into the loudspeaker. "Bucky, it's been good." More static. "I'm very proud... her," static "tell 
Cat I... tried," static "... always love her."
The helicopter swung around to put more distance between them and the beach. Cathryn's last sight was of Garrett jerking as 
blood sprayed from his left leg. The radio died.
Cathryn slumped to the deck, lost. Silent tears slid down her cheeks as her chest filled with a pain so intense, so deep, nothing 
else mattered. Her husband, her hero, was gone…forever.


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