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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Winter's Demon by Eric R. Asher


Winter's Demon ~ Book Three in The Vesik Series
Book 2: Wolves And The River Of Stone
Book 1: Days Gone Bad

This is "Winter's Demon", the third book in Author Eric R. Asher's "Vesik" Series. I was extremely excited to get a chance to read it, as I've been a huge fan of Mr Asher since his first book, "Days Gone Bad" and I wasn't disappointed! One again, Eric wrapped me up in his web of dark humor & even darker urban fantasy & reeled me in! You know how you occasionally find a book that you just can't put down, no matter what you try? Well, this entire series has been that way for me! 
Eric's lead character, Damian, has been growing by leaps & bounds, as he adjusts into the world of necromancy, demons, fae, voodoo, vampires, werewolves & more.. As you would expect, Damian is constantly surrounded by death & evil, yet he sticks to his roots & works hard to not let it corrupt his soul, along with his mentor, the necromancer, Zola.. Damian's vampire sister, Samantha, and his best friend, the fae warrior, Foster, are at his side once again, along with several other favorite characters from the past books. 
Damian's mother is kidnapped by an evil necromancer & his father is devastated. Damian will do anything in his considerable power to bring his mother back home safely.
Damian, Zola, Samantha, his father Dimitry, Foster, and the rest of the Fae & vampires & even the quirky, yet loyal fire demon, Mike, work at Damian's side to help bring down the evil that has taken his mother & has even further plans to wreak disaster on the world..
The action is non-stop, yet easy to follow along. Eric has this intense way of writing his heart & soul into Damian's character & it shows in so many ways. Damian's loyalty is rarely questioned & his strength rarely falters because he knows he's not only fighting to get his mother back, but he truly is fighting to save the world. There are many intense, gory situation in the book and they are oftentimes accompanied by Mr Asher's trademark dark humor & it makes the book flow wonderfully, without any boring parts and you never feel left out of the world he has created. 

Damian's best friend, Foster brings in lots of extra laughter & shocked gasps, with his quirkiness & his naughty sense of humor. Foster became one of my favorite book characters after the first Vesik novel. This is one unique character that you absolutely must check out! His humor & unwavering loyalty to Damian brings so many scenes together in perfect harmony. We all need that best friend in our life, who is there regardless of what difficult times are ahead or regardless of what danger you find yourself in.. Foster is that friend, indeed.. (A little note.. You must check out the coffee mug hot tub scene!:) 
The battles for Damian's mother & their very lives are intense & you'll be gripping the edge of your seat, making those little gasping noises as you read, because again, Eric knows how to write an truly engrossing novel!
The humor I love so much ends up showing up when you least expect it & sometimes you'll be crying one moment & bursting out in laughter, snot-bubbles & all, the next moment! Seriously, if you are a fan of urban fantasy plus some intense dark humor, you don't want to miss this author! 
Check out Eric Asher & Winter's Demon today! 

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Some things can never be undone. The horrors I've defeated—or even caused—with my own hands … they are nothing compared to what’s coming. Philip Pinkerton has brought his madness upon my family, my own blood. His army of necromancers is on the move, harbingers of a great darkness. I fear the war has begun ... and damn, I don't get paid enough for this.



“Zola, it’s okay. Thunderbirds have never acted against the Fae,” Cassie said, her hands out in a placating gesture.

“And if we had come to find you?” Zola asked. “If we had set foot here without Amon and the bird decided we were an imbalance?”

Cassie’s hands fell and she turned toward Edgar. “Would he destroy them?”

Edgar shrugged. “It is unlikely. The old Fae legends are much more severe than a living Thunderbird. There is far more evil in the world than there are things trying to destroy it.”

We all stared at Edgar. A shiver ran down my spine. For all his talk and disdain for all necromancers, he’d just said—out loud—we aren’t all evil.

Edgar laughed, pulled his bowler off, and bowed slightly. “Don’t take that the wrong way. You still irritate me to no end.”

“That’s a relief,” I said. “Thought my world was ending there for a second.”

“Not yet,” Edgar said as he started back up through the cavern.

I scooted closer to Zola as Edgar became a shadow in front of the cavern entrance. “What the hell is going on with him?”

“He has hidden himself from the world for many years,” she said. “Not many people have been betrayed as badly as Amon. Those that violated his trust the worst were necromancers.”

“Betrayal leaves a mark,” Cassie said as she came up behind us, picking her way around the debris on the floor of the cavern. “Most of us were surprised when he joined the Watchers. He’d been all but a hermit before that.”

“So what’s the Thunderbird like?” Foster said to Cassie as he landed on my shoulder. I guess he’d decided the risk was over for the moment.

I caught Cassie’s frown as the sunlight temporarily blinded us.

“It is … different,” she said. “I understand it thrives on balance, but I don’t think it is always balance as we see it.”

“Gods rarely see things the same way we do,” Zola said.

“A god?” I slid on a patch of loose rocks as I contemplated what that could possibly mean. “Thunderbirds are Old Gods?”

“Shit,” Sam said. “You mean that thing is a god?”

“Oh yes,” Zola said.

“What’s an Old God?” Dad asked.

“Some things you are better off not knowing,” Zola said as she patted Sam’s arm.

“Bullshit.” Dad turned to face us in the entryway, somehow seeming to block the entire cavern entrance. “You let this man drag me down here as bait, bait for some kind of god that’s sensitive to the fact I just
lost my fucking wife! You think there’re worse things I don’t need to know? Things I can’t deal with? I’ll tear this world in half to get her back!” His chest heaved and a vein throbbed at his temple.

Zola folded her hands gently over her cane and sighed. “Ah meant no disrespect Dimitry. Would you not do this to keep your children safe, to help find your wife?”........





Saturday, June 14, 2014

Author Feature: Meredith Millen

We took some time to chat with the lovely Author Meredith Millen for a brief interview recently. Mere will be releasing her second suspense novel in July, so keep an eye out on this fantastic author! 


1) Why did you decide to start writing?

I started writing  because I needed an outlet for all of my emotions when I found my birth family.


2) Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

I believe authors can succeed in multiple genres, but that they have one specific one that will out shine the rest.


3) What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

I feel the biggest reward to myself with writing is a safe and effective way of venting out my frustrations and mixed emotions.


4) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

A few of my favorite authors are Cassandra Clare - I am a huge fan of the shadow hunter world and I love how she gets my emotions wrapped up in the story and makes me feel like I'm there. I also love JK Rowling for her imagination and drawing my attention into a series so much that I now will (time allowing) will sit and read for days at the time completely losing myself in the series I'm reading. Rick Riordan, Pittacus Lore, James Dashner, and James Patterson are also a few of my favorites.


5) What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

The biggest hurdle I've had to overcome is actually letting someone else read my work. Growing up I wrote, but to this day what I wrote is still locked up where no one else can read it. Until Searching for Blood no one read any of the short stories I wrote growing up. Once I finished the book I started with my best friend and then slowly branched out, getting a few opinions of people I trusted before even considering releasing it to strangers.


6) Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

Don't over think things, don't push yourself to write. Just let it come. Sit down with your idea and see what becomes of it.


7) Tell us a few random personal things about yourself, both personally & professionally!

I came up with the idea for my series while sitting on the couch talking to my birth father after my grandmothers funeral just 11 months after meeting her for the first time at 25 years old. I had no idea what I was going to do with the idea but it's evolved into one of the most amazing things I've ever done and I'm very proud of the work I've done and most importantly it was the best outlet I could have imagined for my feelings. It was much easier for me to write down my feelings and vent them out through my characters than it was to talk to someone, because no matter what I said they always "understood", but in reality everyone I talked to couldn't understand because they never went through it themselves. I love spending time with my daughter, cooking, playing pool, swimming, traveling, reading, and of course writing.

Thank you, Meredith! Best of luck on the upcoming release!

You can find Mere here on Facebook!