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Friday, August 11, 2017

*Author Feature* Jamie White


Hello, readers! Our next author interview is with the charming Ms Jamie White! I've been friends with Jamie for a few years now. She's a fun, bright & intelligent lady who has written several amazing books that you *need* to read! Check out her interview! 


 Why did you decide to start writing?

I've been involved in writing in some form or another since high school, mostly journalism with a few poems and (bad) lyrics added in. LOL. I did a couple of short stories (junior high), and a (very bad) play (high school), but didn't start writing fiction seriously until 2010. 


Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

I think it's possible. If the author has found their tribe, and they love the person's style, I think it won't matter exactly what genre. I know I personally love a couple of others who write in different genres.


What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

Just getting the stories out and knowing that someone enjoyed them, or were moved by them.


Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

Marni Mann, because she brings the plot twists and pain.
Dawn Sullivan, because she's got some awesome characters and an engaging style.
Christopher Pike, because he is my writing idol. His mix of suspense and the supernatural/paranormal, combined with real religious, historical, mythical elements are so inspiring.


What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

Finding your audience, for one. Making the time in the day for everything that needs to be done is another.


Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

Read all the advice you want/can find, but don't take it seriously. You need to stick only with what works for you/your story. Also? Write for the love and passion of writing, not the sales. Being an author is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, and you'll be miserable if that's all you're in it for.


Tell us a few random personal things about yourself personal & professional!

Let's see.... Poltergeist was my favorite movie at five years old, and I knew every line by heart. 
I wanted to be like Debbie Gibson when I was a kid. 
Related to that, I <3 singing and do it all the time. I also can't go long without listening to music. 
I'm a Reiki practitioner, and love meditation.


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