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"COVER MODELS" 1:) John Quinlan


My first cover model featured is the total awesomeness known as John Quinlan!
YAY!!! I managed to beg, plead and..... oh, wait.. I just asked him to do the questionnaire that I've been having the cover models do for me and he did it!! Ladies, this man truly freakin' ROCKS!!!!! 
Interview Questions:

1:) Are you really this outgoing in everyday life? 
 I am a very mellow kind of guy who does enjoy being social. I enjoy being outgoing because it has allowed me to meet beautiful people like you, that have made such lasting impressions on me and I will have them forever.
(Awwww, Yes, ladies, he is for REAL! )

2:) Hook-ups or relationships?
 Answering these on impulse is the best way to approach these questions and both have good qualities that people need. I think relationships bring us closer and we feel that love with that special someone which is a great thing in itself. Hook-ups are also great because they lead to great sex that is new, kind of like a fantasy that becomes reality which is REALLY a great thing!  

3:) Blondes, brunettes or redheads?
 I love all women regardless of hair color. There is something about redheads to be honest with you but hair doesn’t make the woman. Her overall presence and personality are they keys with things like hair just being tacked on.
(Aww, again! I'm a natural redhead and he doesn't even know, teehee)

4:) If you had one wish, what would it be?
Wipe out cancer. It makes me angry that I can’t snap my finger and make it vanish! 
(Yes, he is a hero in my book considering I'm fighting lymphoma:)

5:) Would you ever consider modeling for Playgirl?
Yes, if they would have me.
(We all want to see this!!!)


John Quinlan has been involved in athletics, professional

wrestling, fitness & modeling over the years since the age of 

19. He has been an image model for dozens of apparel 

brands over the years along with appearing in television 

documentaries, commercials, art gallery print work and  

having his likeness used on children’s literature book covers. 

He has been a spokesmodel for apparel brands as far away 

as Japan and Asia just to name a few.  He is also a former 

NPC Physique competitor and a current Romance Novel 

Cover model as well. 

He has been a supplement company 

image model and was just signed as a sponsored athlete 

with Athletic Xtreme Supplement Co. (AX)

Personally, John has been a great friend & is a truly cool 

model, daddy, man & human being and one of the best & 

most friendly cover models that I've been blessed to meet! 

He also has the distinction of being the most tattooed male 

cover model in the romance world!


Authors and publishers: Please visit John's stock cover 

gallery and pick any one of the images for your next 

romance novel book cover. All images are 

available upon request in professional grade super size high 

resolution. Leave John a message and he will get back to 

you. Here is the direct link to the current gallery:

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