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"COVER MODELS" 9:) Christopher Winters




                        Hey, everyone! Meet Christopher Winters! 

I was lucky enough to finally meet Chris at the 2013 RT Convention in Kansas City and he's just as gorgeous in person as he is in his photos! Not to mention that the warmth just RADIATES from this man! I can easily see why women tend to make a beeline straight toward him when they see him! He never once seemed unapproachable & always has a smile for everyone. If you get a chance to meet up with Chris when he's out & about, take it! This amazing man will welcome you with hugs & smiles! He is easily one of the most likable cover models out there, today!
Now on to the interview questions that I've sent to all of my boys... And let me tell you, Chris held nothing back!  Love these answers!

1) Are you really this outgoing in everyday life?

I try to keep a positive approach in life. Although I am very dysfunctional in many ways, I like to keep a smile on my face, push the pedal to the floor and live life on all cylinders because it doesn't last long!
I have people who look up to me (on the social sites) because I seem to be this ball of bright light that people like to float towards. . . Not, the one at the end of the tunnel (the oncoming train, ha!), but, as one of those individuals that other people like to be around. I tend to take life not-so-seriously and love to enjoy the laughter and smiles. I like to shine humor in other's lives because there's already too much drama in the world, ya know?
Being outgoing also means being confident, which is an attribute for obtaining goals and objectives important to you. Being outgoing means you also open yourself up to others and relax them. As we live in a virtual society when we socialise, I'll be that sexy guy you meet, in person, who makes you feel fully comfortable being yourself instead of trying to be someone else. Confidence is contagious. Pass it on!

2) Hook-ups or relationships?

A true gentleman never kisses and tells, and I like to keep you guessing! (chuckles) But, I have this friend of mine who . . . (chuckles) just kidding! In general, though, hook-ups can be an issue, especially with women who often don't care for empty sex. That's why guys shouldn't expect it. If the hunger exist between two people, who are friends, then that's cool. I can't, however, go looking for a hook-up. There's too many unknowns for that.
Relationships: I enjoy being in a relationship and it brings a lot to the table, when it's right. You get to know someone on a very personal level and relationships are fun when they work out. You get more out of a relationship when you get to put more of "yourself" and have to put less "work" into it. My typical relationship lasts for a long time, as I try my best to commit to that person and make them part of my everyday life.
I also believe if the relationship doesn't work out then you should still love your ex as a good friend. There's nothing worse than seeing two people hate each other when they used to love each other. Since when did love stop? Even if you both left on very bad terms, it takes balls (and boobs) for two people to say: "Hey, I love you. Let's be friends. Let's love each other as human beings -- after all, we were an important part of each other's lives at one time."

3) Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads?

Any! Curvy, thin, in-shape, Black, Hispanic, Asian, German, Irish, Italian, Muslim... If she has a /very/ cute smile and messy or "done-did" hair, then she wins my desires.

4) If you had just one wish, what would it be?

Humanity becomes civilized. How can we call ourselves a civilization when we aren't?

5) Would you ever consider modeling for Playgirl?

I didn't know they still existed! Sure! (Playgirl, call me.) ::wink:: However, I would not do full frontal. Many lovely ladies, I know, aren't jonesing for the johnson. In fact, some think they're ugly. They are! Could you imagine a woman framing a picture of the package and placing it on her desk at work? Absolutely not! It's a tool, not a piece of art. I do however, think a male nudity could be a work of art if we pose in certain ways to look more appealing and leave a little to the imagination. I've learned that different women like different and specific things about men -- their eyes, a great smile, a nice butt, just-woke-up-out-of-bed hair, a crisp sharp suit and tie, or a manly sweaty look. Women have GREAT imaginations when it comes to that! If you're goin' to do a nude portrait, at least stand with a counterpose or do something so intense in nature that it captures a perfect moment that a woman loves about a man.
As I understand, Playgirl also is viewed by women and the gay community. If a model can win the hearts and desires of both genders, then that's wonderful, and that admiration will be always be appreciated and respected.

Thank you for the interview! I really enjoyed it, and hope you did, as well.


Chris was born on November 7, 1970, in Hopewell, a small town outside
Richmond, Virginia, USA. He currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca.

Working as a software developer for major companies like G.E. and
Symantec Corp, he has been acting and modeling part-time for several
years. During his part time work, he became involved with various
aspects of modeling and acting and realized that this was the
direction to go. Chris has worked with various companies and
photographers throughout his part time career. These include, Subaru,
Arby's Dollar Tree, Swimways, and other various local and national
work. On the acting side, Chris has appeared in various local
commercials and then earning him a few episodes on Discovery Channels'
"F.B.I. Files" and "A Haunting". He studied under Antonio Zarro in
Virginia and Laura Gardner at the famous Howard Fine Acting Studio.

Chris' introduction to the romance world has also realized that there
is more to it than just conventions and fans. The romance world has
taught that romance and writing is a ongoing study and expression.
This is true, because that kind of attitude earned him some great
friends from the Booklovers' RT Conventions. He was a contestant in
the 2007 Mr. Romance Competition, but lost to Jason Santiago. The next
year, 2008, he won. One of his largest supporters was Christine

Mr. Winters refuses to sit idle. He is currently working on a huge
science-fiction epic novel. After that he has plans for a few more (in
different genres). He also works with music, sound engineering,
synthesis, video production, and sound production. His favourite
choice of digital audio workstation is Ableton Live and Corel
VideoStudio Pro. He plans on using the Canon 5D Mark III for his own
production work.

Mr. Winters' outside interest include: Reading (mostly science fiction
and research material), photography, nanotechnology, and gaming on the

Physical Characteristics
Height:  6 feet and 1 inch
Weight: 200
Eyes: Mysterious Dark Brown
Hair: Dark brown / Soft Black
Shoe Size:  12.5

Notable Appearances:
Discovery Channel's- A HAUNTING and FBI Files
Action Hero (Directed by Brian Thompson)
VH-1's Tough Love
Fox Reality's Battle Of The Bods
Trent Duncan's - Check, Please

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  2. Best Interview EVER!!
    I love me some Christopher Winters!
    #1 Fan here!!!

  3. Amazing. I heard that he is one of the most popular cover model world-wide. He has lots of incoming projects next month that every one is waiting for. I'm his avid fan and I'm looking forward for more updates about his shows and interviews. Thank you for sharing this informative blog.

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