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Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey, everyone! I'd like you to meet the lovely, talented & oh-so-adorable MK Meredith! MK is a fairly new author on the scene but she's burning up the charts with her books! She took a little bit of time to sit down with me & answer our Q&A recently.. I hope you enjoy it! :)

1) Why did you decide to start writing?

MK: I was working as an occupational therapist, and though I loved my patients, I didn't love the work. Or the medical field with insurance and billing etc. I basically asked myself if I could do anything in the world, and it not feel like work, and possibly make a living at it...what would that be? Writing romance, of course! I'd been a voracious romance reader from a too young age. LOL! And my brain never stopped with my stories, even if I didn't write them down.

2) Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

MK: I think keeping up with the branding and promo could be challenging, but if the author has a good business plan and is organized and writes a good story...then the sky is the limit!

3) What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

MK: Making the connection with a fan - hands down. When they 'get' something you did, or your words made them feel...there's nothing better.

4) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

MK: I've always loved Nora Roberts, she writes stories in a way you can see yourself in them. Susan Elizabeth Phillips because the emotional side of the relationships always draw me in. Victoria Alexander, Tessa Dare, and Stephanie Laurens because I LOVE historicals and they write amazing ones! 

5) What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

MK: Sensitivity to criticism...there is no way we will ever make everyone happy. What one person adores another abhors. That is just the way it is. So I think being able to keep writing, move forward, improve, and stay in love with writing regardless of reviews and opinions is a super power. And, of course, if there is something said you don't like, let it go, don't engage. Just keep moving forward full of positive energy. There are more books that need to be written!

6) Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

Keep writing, keep moving forward. Get it in your head that 'no' does not mean you are done as a writer, it means you send out another query, it means you write another book. You have to go into the submission process determined that a 'no' will not stop you. And NEVER stop learning. 

7) Tell us a few random personal things about yourself personal & professional!

MK: Things a lot of people already know....I'm a huge fan of Peanut Butter (totally obsessed). heels, and Gerard Butler...or is it David Gandy? LOL!

I am head over heels in crazy love with my husband Brian. He hung the moon and stars for me. I tell him if he ever leaves, I'm going with him.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Before that I was a huge fan of I am finding my way back to it. LOL!

I was an Occupational Therapist and a Pharmaceutical rep.

I was valedictorian in high school...and learned it really didn't matter the day after high school! Ha!

I am a GINORMOUS hugger with a very little bubble. I have to remember that other people are not made the same way, but I often forget until I'm mid hug and they're breaking out in a cold sweat. ;-)

I love books, shows, and movies. A story junky this one. *points to self* I love it all!

I cry easily. Happy, sad...doesn't matter. If I FEEL it, my eyes leak. 

Thanks so much, MK Meredith! You ROCK! :) 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

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