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Friday, November 13, 2015

***AUTHOR FEATURE*** Angel Rose

Hey, everyone! I'd like you to met a new author on the scene! This is the delightful Angel Rose & she took some time to sit down with us recently & answer our Author Interview Questions! I hope you enjoy this little peek into the mind of this wonderful gal! <3

Author Q & A Questions

Why did you decide to start writing?

I've always been a writer, ever since I was about six years old. I used to write cartoon strips and give it to my teachers. I would write plays and give it to the neighborhood kids and we would act it out. LOL

Do you think authors can succeed in multiple genres or should they stick with a single genre?

I plan to write a biography under my real name about my life with a child with a disability. I also plan to write a young adult novel on teenage boyfriend/girlfriend physical and mental abuse.

What do you feel is the biggest reward to you with writing?

The biggest reward with my writing is that people read and like it. I love to tell stories that people can relate to, even though this series is dark, I know someone will relate to the characters.

Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

You might not believe me, but I was never an avid reader...ever. I only read textbooks. I started reading in 2014. I read fifty shades of grey and the this man series by Jodi Ellen malpas and black lies by Alessandra Torre. I starting writing my book in 2007, then lost the black and white composition notebook in the garage and found it again when I moved in 2014, ready to dump it in the  dumpster! LOL

What are the biggest hurdles to overcome as an author?

The biggest hurdles to overcome is the sense of insecurity and that journey into the unknown. Being a newbie is awful. I've cried so many times in the process. Luckily, I've met some fabulous authors who have taken me under their wing. Alessandra Torre was the first and we still communicate and she gives me advice all of the time. :) and Audra Hart, the sweetest author on the planet and others.

Is there any advice that you can offer for new writers?

Chin up. Stay Strong. Believe in yourself. Don't do this for the money, do it because you LOVE to WRITE! :)

Tell us a few random personal things about yourself personal & professional!

I write under a pen name. I have a full-time job which I cannot disclose :(, but that I love very much. I am married with two beautiful boys. I live in upstate New York. My favorite season is the Fall and I love Harvest and Halloween! I love chicken fajitas and nestle chocolate chip cookies. I love to drive and I'll drive to another state at the drop of a dime. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm definitely a people person. :)