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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bound After Midnight by Sascha Illyvich, Margie Church & Bonni Sansom

***Warning: Book intended for readers over 18 years of age only!

Whoa!!! Steamy, sexy and oh-so-hot! This anthology from three of today's hottest authors really knows how to crank up the heat!
We start with "Finding Eternity" by Sascha Illyvich and if eternity looks like like Solan, count me in! Finding Eternity is a futuristic vamp novella that turns up the steam! Sascha knows how to draw the reader in by pulling out all the stops in a no-holds-barred tale of Solan, a man who doesn't understand what it's like to own or possess someone and Katherine a gorgeous  vampire who needs to be owned by him.. Unique writing, steamy hot sex & a compelling story-line make this a great short erotic read..

"Cream On The Crop" by Margie Church is next up in the anthology.. And wow... Talk about cranking up the heat! In this tale, we meet Jamaal, a ghost who won't release the ties to his home and Neha, the woman who unknowingly purchases the property to get away from a life she despises.. Ms. Church knows how to draw the reader in & pulls out a fascinating and ohmygawds sex & lust filled story complete with saddles, horses & riding crops, oh my! This is one erotic novella that you don't want to miss!

And finally, Author Bonni Sansom gives her first try at paranormal erotic romance & scores a huge hit with "Hunter's Bounty"! We are introduced to Lana, a gorgeous but all-business bounty hunting vamp and Devon, who definitely isn't human but leaves Lana confused as to what he may actually be... Right off the beat, Devon cannot resist this sex-on-a-stick vamp &  offers his blood to her, as needed.. He needs Lana's services to track down his missing sister who was kidnapped.. Enter in chaos, blood and yummy, wild sex along with a heart-rending search for Devon's sister & this short novella is one awesome read that you won't want to put down!

All in all, this is a fantastic anthology for lovers of paranormal erotic & these are three authors that you'll want to check out & add to your "To-Be-Read" lists, today! 

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4.5 Platinum Rings!

Three novellas of paranormal romance. There is something about the darkness that liberates our deeper, more sensual desires. Combine that with the power of true love and you have a recipe for perfection when the heart gets what it wants, and the body is satisfied through carnal stimulation. The ties that bind are not always visible, the universal concept of love, not always seen clearly through the eyes of the wandering traveler. This is no truer than in the case of Solan, a warrior with an unknown destiny in "Finding Eternity." Wounded on the battlefield, his rescue by a vampire who yearns to be his proves to be too much for a man with no concept of ownership. "Cream on the Crop" is a rather tongue in cheek, yet powerful story about a strong willed woman of privilege making her own way in the country until a specter appears and shows her carnal delights through submission of more than just will. Demanding blood lust fuels our characters in "Hunter's Bounty," a tale of rescue featuring a very unlikely type of shape-shifter as love interest for our vampire heroine. Each tale weaves the intricacies of kinky sensuality, sensual romance and story enough to keep you turning the pages of this hot collection. Perhaps you, too, may find yourself lucky enough to be Bound After Midnight...
Finding Eternity by Sascha Illyvich

"No cut too deep," he took a step forward. Then another. Dirt and gravel crunched beneath his boots. "No road too long. No wind too hard…" The words came out by rote, a chant he'd heard ever since coming to consciousness one day. Strain in his voice became apparent.
Nothing around the desolate battlefield could sustain him. With darkness setting soon, his only respite would be sleep, if he could find shelter.
The war between humans and the Other raged endlessly.
When he awoke to find the palace he called home ablaze, he knew only one thing. Find safety, then regroup. He'd been on the road so long that safety was no longer a priority. He'd soon discovered the world was in a chaotic state. The Others tried to conquer the humans, and the balance of power shifted often.
He supposed in the end, he was his own side.
Solan had to survive; he had a destiny to fulfill.
His vision blurred. Something dug into his uncovered knees and cut his skin.
Someone yelled.
Solan realized it was his scream permeating the air.
Tears streaked down his cheeks. Failure was not an option as long as blood flowed through his veins and his heart beat. What he wouldn't give to end his loneliness.
Someone, something, in the air flew toward him. A figure. He could only make out slender features in the fog and mist before the ground came at him too quickly and he saw black.....,,

Cream On The Crop by Margie Church:

"You summoned me with your little pagan show, so here I am."
The shock of seeing Jamaal Cooper standing in front of her paralyzed Neha. As though vines suddenly grew from the ground and wrapped around her legs, she couldn't move.
She shook her head as she spoke in a breathy voice. "You're not here."
Jamaal stepped forward and touched her cheek with his fingers.
His skin felt warm, and a little bit rough like a working man's hands do.
Her knees quaked. Her mind spun with a million urgent commands to flee, yet she stood there, statuesque, staring at a man who had been dead for sixty-five years. His hair, neatly braided into cornrows, reached his shirt collar. At a moment like this, Neha really questioned her sanity when all she wondered about was how he'd kept the shirt crisp and white.
"Your body quivers. Is it from fear or something else?".......

Hunter's Bounty by Bonni Sansom

"I'm gonna get off this exit. I saw a sign for a motel a little ways back. You just rest while I handle this stuff. I'll have you in the bed in no time." That was his plan. Of course, he wanted her awake for the ride, but he could wait until she woke up. It would be murder on him, but he could wait.
He pulled into his assigned space in front of their door and stopped. When he shut the engine off, he heard her softly snoring.
Nothing louder than a whisper, but it made her look vulnerable, and that meant he would have to protect her, not the other way around.
She looked like she had a fight in her but makeup sex was just as fun as any other. He carried in the backpack and hid the weapons under the backseat. Next was carrying Lana inside. He opened the door slowly, so she didn't fall out; he caught her head in his hand and scooped her up into his arms, carrying her inside. "Yeah, you're one tough cookie aren't you?" He said into her hair as he carried her. She needed to feed and quickly, he shook her to wake her.
"What do you want? I'm sleeping here." She turned away from the sunlight peeking in between the curtains.
Devon immediately drew the shades which gave it a night effect.
He hung the 'Do Not Disturb" sign on the door handle, so there would be no interruptions. He went back to his little vamp and settled in beside her. He nudged her a few times, trying to wake her.
"What? I'm sleepy." She barely had her eyes open, but she was eyeing his neck.
"You need to feed, Lana. So I need you to wake up just enough to do that." He wanted her awake for more reasons than one, feeding was just an excuse.
She could only resist the blood lust for only so long and he counted on it.......


Steel Rose by Barbara Custer


"Even though zombies and aliens are really not my type of read, I really did enjoy this book. It was hard getting into at first, but once I actually got interested, the action grabbed my attention and would not let go. Some of the events that happened were mind blowing especially one of the  characters daily activities and.. ummmm.. crazy way of thinking, Laurel. This woman freaked me out, but I wanted to read more about her and her past. Occasionally, I would get a little lost in the writing method, but caught up, the more I read. The author has a very creative imagination. I would definitely pick up another one of her books." Jamie Gibson
(I would give it a 4 because I did struggle in the beginning and throughout the book became lost on what was going on during a few places.)

Platinum Gives Barbara & "Steel Rose": 

4 Platinum Rings!

The denizens of hell attack. The zombies feed. She's their meal.
Sometimes they come back. At least the Kryszka aliens do. Their leader injects captured humans with a drug, turning them into zombies. Yeron escapes the Kryszka Colony, hoping to practice medicine on the humans who fear him.
Alexis-a patient-is afraid too, until his seductive attentions arouse her. Despite his experimental drug, severe arthritis leaves her too weak to handle most guns. The Kryszka troops and zombies who break into the hospital are hungry. Very hungry. How will she fight them?


Alexis’s cell phone rang five minutes later.
“Alexis.” Laurel sounded like she was weeping. “I’m in room 415. Something’s wrong with Bernice Mayes. She’s choking.”
“Shit!” Alexis jogged to the Surgical Trauma unit, grateful for still healthy legs.
What’d happened now? During shift report earlier, someone declared Bernice Mayes stable enough for transfer to a routine care floor.
In room 415, Alexis squeezed past a crowd of nurses and peeked over Laurel’s shoulder. Mayes’s eyes rolled like those of a fear-maddened horse. Deltas of wrinkles converged on her gasping lips. Her mouth sought air and found none. The heart monitor tolled long, mournful notes, and each sound shuddered through Alexis’s heart.
A purple cap closed off Mayes’s trach tube and Alexis knew immediately what the problem was. “Laurel, get rid of that cap. She can’t breathe because you didn’t deflate her cuff.”
“What cuff?” Laurel hovered over the hapless patient, blocking Alexis’s access to the bed. “What did I do wrong?”
“The balloon on her trach tube.” Alexis nudged her shoulder. “Get out of the way.”
“Huh?” Laurel gazed at Alexis with vacuous eyes.
“Move, damn you!” Teeth gritted, Alexis elbowed Laurel aside and yanked off the purple cap. Green mucus spewed from the trach, streaking her splints.
Too late. The line on Mayes’s cardiac monitor went flat. Alexis reached for the resuscitator bag for the second time today. This time she used the elbow and palm technique straightaway.
“What happened?” Laurel wailed. “What did I do?”
Two interns rushed in, followed by nurse manager Morris. He glared at Alexis with eyes of deepest frost. “What are you...never mind. Laurel, take over and bag.”
“Huh?” Laurel’s vacant eyes turned toward the ceiling. “What did I do?”
“Morris, something’s up with Laurel,” Alexis said. “If you have a problem, call Dee.”
The senior intern started chest compressions. Even with the resuscitator wedged between her palm and elbow, Alexis paid for her efforts with white agony in both hands.
The cardiac line remained flat......

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Gwen Reaper by Jaz Primo

Paranormal & Urban Fantasy author Jaz Primo decided to try his hand at YA Paranormal with the riveting "Gwen Reaper" and he scored big time! Jaz is known for his amazing Sunset Vampire series and now you have another reason to love this wonderfully unique author! This is a fantastic book, with all the fascinating paranormal elements that adults love, yet it's still a great story for young adults to read & enjoy! 
Jaz introduces us to Scott, a high school football player from Springfield, Illinois, who is forced to relocate to the small town of Custer, South Dakota after a loss in the family and it gives the term "A whole new world" an incredibly realistic point of view...
Scott is struggling to adjust to his new life, being away from the big city & his lifelong friends.. He meets a mysterious young lady, Gwen, who isn't very welcoming to new people in her life, yet Scott can't help but be drawn to her beauty & her intelligence.. He persists and Gwen slowly allows him into her life but it's nothing like he would expect.. There are certain aspects about Gwen that would scare the daylights out of average teenagers and it also slowly opens Scott's eyes as to why most of the town avoids the quiet, introverted Gwen.. As Scott starts to adjust to his new life in the small town world, and starts to find more out about the beautiful Gwen, some shocking things start happening.. They witness an accident and Gwen seems to make something so incredibly unexplained happen, that Scott isn't even sure what to say or how to react.. And even worse, after the accident, Scott & Gwen are suddenly being followed and the person stalking them does not have good intentions..  
Can Scott somehow manage to open his mind enough to understand all of the mystery & stigma surrounding Gwen or will it be too much, even for him? Will he even live to get the chance? And will Gwen trust Scott enough to let him into her life & her heart or will she shut him out like nearly everyone else in her young, troubled life?
This is a beautiful, young love story and works so well with the amazing paranormal aspects.. I always like to say that Jaz Primo offers one of the most unique views and on the paranormal that I've ever seen and "Gwen Reaper" is even more proof of those views! This book is a must-have! Even if you prefer standard paranormal romances, this YA paranormal is one you will love just the same.. Another amazing novel by the equally amazing Jaz Primo! Grab this book today & fall into the world of "Gwen Reaper"! 

Platinum gives Jaz Primo & "Gwen Reaper":
4.5 Platinum Rings!! 


Scott's sure he'll lose everything he's worked for when his family suddenly decides to move after a family tragedy. But he soon realizes that there are some surprising benefits— and a mystery.
A girl, painfully shy, with a dangerous pet, and a dark past.
As trust is earned, secrets are shared, and powers revealed, until Scott is drawn into a love, and a world, he couldn't have imagined.


The women in the Webber family were just as full of surprises as they were of mysteries, it seemed.
I couldn’t help but notice all of the healthy-looking plants decorating the living room.
“Somebody has a real green thumb thing going on,” I quipped.
“That’s Mom,” Gwen replied.
“I’m not the plant nurturing type, it seems,” she added somewhat ruefully.
I noted her somewhat somber-looking expression.
“I’m not much on plants, myself. Mom’s the green thumb in our house, too,” I offered. “So, what’s the plan for this afternoon?”
“Well, first of all, good job dressing comfortably,” she observed. “You look like a respectable roadie.” I frowned, dubiously glancing down at my jeans and Tshirt.
“Actually, you look great,” she added with smirk.
“C’mon, let’s talk about the plan.” Her added comment bolstered my confidence.
I followed her into the kitchen, where she turned on the oven and reached into the refrigerator for a foil-covered pan.
She placed it into the oven with an exaggerated flourish.
“Dinner is now being prepared,” she said. “Mom helped me put it together this morning.”
“And dinner would be?”
“A surprise,” she said. “Meanwhile, you get to have the cola of your choice; meaning either Coke or Sprite.” I grinned and accepted a Coke as she pulled out a Sprite for herself.
Then she reached out to take me by the hand and led me through the house to the back door leading outside. On her way out the door, she grabbed a small portable speaker that had an iPod dangling from it.
“Stay, Dundee,” she ordered, carefully closing the door behind us.
“Dundee doesn’t get to come?” I asked.
“Not this time,” she said.
Her covered patio held a perfect view to the forest behind their house. Along one side of her yard, a relatively wide grassy path sloped down an incline for about fifty yards.
We proceeded down the path to an open grassy area interspersed with medium and tall trees that sheltered the shoreline of a small, slightly murky-looking pond. It looked like there was a small, partially dried up creek at the back of the pond that wound further into the trees.
A large, flat-topped boulder, long and wide enough for me to lay down upon, sat partially-buried at the edge of the pond.
Gwen led me over to the boulder and perched atop it.
“Have a seat,” she said.
I sat beside her, taking in the sight of the peaceful, yet strange, area before us.
She switched on her iPod, and Aimee Mann’s “Save Me” began to play.
“This is where I come to contemplate,” Gwen said. “And read.”
I chuckled.
“You seem to read almost anywhere,” I said.
“True enough,” she agreed. “Except at football games.”
“Glad to hear that.”
Save for the sound of the breeze rustling the trees, we sat in silence, basking in the relatively warm late summer sunshine.
I had to admit that it was a very relaxing spot, and I momentarily wondered if the pond was stocked with fish.
“If I share something really private with you, can you keep my secret, Scott?” Gwen asked in a mysterious tone.
I turned to her and saw the searching look in her eyes.
“Of course, I can,” I assured her.
She regarded me with an arched brow.
“Look around,” she said.
My eyes once again swept the peaceful scene surrounding us. Then I noticed a partially submerged object in the pond, not far offshore from where we were sitting.
It was an object with eyes and a snout!

“Damn! That’s the—” I nearly shouted as I grasped at her arm, ready to leap from the boulder with her in tow.
It was the animal that I’d first seen with her at the lake. I was shocked at how stealthily it had maneuvered close to us.
Gwen put her hand on my arm in calming fashion.
I stared at the creature, which had to be well over six feet in length..........

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Whispers On The Breeze by Tamara McHatton

"Whispers On The Breeze" is the second novel by Tamara McHatton and it immediately caught my attention with a unique love and loss fable, disguised inside another modern story! Even the hidden romantic inside you will stand attention at this fantastic novel by the amazing Ms. McHatton! *blissful sigh* I used to stick with my "paranormal romance"-only genre & then slowly started expanding into new worlds and finding great new books, but when I come back to my genre with a gorgeous book like this, it feels just like coming home..

Tamara introduces us to the beautiful, headstrong Maura, a harrier pilot in the US Marines Corp who is recovering from the devastating loss of her pilot brother, Sean.. She meets Sean's friend, Aidan, a tall viking of a man who oozes sex & charm and she cannot resist this gorgeous god, try as she might.. Aidan is not only a former Marine, who served with Maura's brother, but he is still a current pilot at his own air base and he shares her deep Scottish heritage and accent. She tries her hardest to remain distant, as she has had nothing but bad luck in the past with relationships, as has Aidan, but she finds this man so incredibly compelling that she can't seem to help herself. Well, that and she also swears that she hears an inner voice, urging her to take a chance with Aidan.. On the other hand, Aidan wants Maura with a passion and he listens to the inner voice he hears, urging him on.. But will he push things too far, especially since Maura is still recovering from the loss of her brother and other difficult changes?  A hidden danger is also revealed & Aidan realizes that if he doesn't alert Maura, she just might end up joining her brother on the other side, before she is meant to go.. But with her headstrong ways, will Maura listen or turn a blind eye? Can Aidan manage to protect her, without pushing her away? 

A unique aspect in the book is the introduction to two old spirits who were torn away from love in their real lives and these are now the "inner voices" that Maura and Aidan are hearing.. This is one story you must read! This dramatic, engrossing storyline is amazing and draws a reader in so deeply that you never want to leave this world of true love, across distance, across fate, across lifetimes.... 

Pick this novel up today and fall into the amazing world of "Whispers On The Breeze" by the wonderful Tamara McHatton! This is a must-have for all lovers of true paranormal romance.... 

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4.5 Platinum Rings!

Three hundred years ago, on the night before they were to wed, two lovers, true soul mates, made a foolish decision that ended up tearing their souls asunder. The gods chose to use them as an example for others and forced their spirits to remain linked, yet apart, until they saved four couples from the same destructive destiny. Once they united these couples for life, then and only then, could Evina and Bryce’s spirits be reunited for eternity. This is the tale of the last couple, Maura and Aidan, and their tragic and difficult fight for happily ever after in today's modern world. 

Aidan walked up and slid his arm around her waist. “There’s an emergency in the hangar. Ya wanna tag along?”
She raised her face to look at him, and settled herself into the crook at his side. To hell with reservations. “Try and stop me, Aidan Savage.”
“That’s m’lady.” He tipped her chin up with his fingers then placed a tender kiss on her forehead. “Come on.”
Maura walked arm and arm with Aidan out to the first hangar as her mind buzzed at all the confusion over her feelings for him in so short a time.
He slid the door of the hangar to the side and let her stroll in ahead of him.
She gazed around the glorified warehouse, amazed at how clean and tidy the entire area appeared. Loud clanking and clanging came from the engine bay of a Cessna 172 parked in the middle of the open area.
Just as Aidan stepped toward the small plane, a wrench flew his way. “Whoa now Smitty. Ya got to be a mite gentler with the lady.”
A dark-haired man popped his head up; a scraggly beard covered his lower face. Grease smeared his face. His black-eyed glare shot sparks toward Aidan after glancing Maura’s way. “I’d be a mite more gentle if the bitch--sorry ma’am--would cooperate with me.”
Aidan let out a roar of laughter. “Maura MacCleary, meet my best mechanic, Smith Fairfield, Smitty.” He let go of her hand and walked up to the plane. “What’s the problem?”
Smitty inclined his head toward Maura then shoved it back down in the bay. “Ever since that crew from the base took her fer a spin the damn thing keeps leaking oil, and I’ve rebuilt her twice. I can’t figure out why she’s still seeping.”
“Have ya checked all the rings? Made sure they were seated right?”
Maura chuckled when Smitty let out a loud snort.
“Course I did. Ya take me for a fool?”
While the two men haggled over the fate of the plane, Maura looked around. Aidan ran a very organized operation. He’d even gone so far as to post each pilot’s accident-free status. She nodded her head in approval. He stressed safety. She liked that. She lost herself in reflection, and jumped when Aidan’s arms went around her waist.
“I’ve done all the damage I kin do here. Ya want to look at the other planes?”
She leaned against him for a second, basking in the warmth of his embrace then nodded and they began to walk around the hanger. She could tell very quickly of Aidan’s deep love for these small planes. As much a love as she had for Harriers. That’s good, she thought, they would understand each other. Unlike her other dates.
For once, Maura felt another man could comprehend her obsession, that he could accept her occupation as a military pilot. How could he not? Once the bug hit, flying high above the clouds became an adrenaline rush, a drug too potent to give up. Aidan Savage knew that first hand.......

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Timely Curse by Joseph DiBartolo

Genre: Paranormal, Horror, Urban Fantasy & Dramatic Elements
Please note: This is a novella, not a full sized novel, so I'll keep the outline light, so as not to give away too many elements of the story..
This is a solid debut novella by Author Joseph DiBartolo. The writing is well-thought out and the elements & visuals are realistic and well-described.
Mr. DiBartolo pulls us into his world by introducing us to William, a physically abused teen, stuck in his own personal hell as his father Gary, a local police officer & the true nightmare in his world, continues to inflict pain & terror on William, his mother & his younger sister..

The story leads William into the clutches of Alexander, a man who has been watching William and his situation for quite some time... Alexander will either turn out to be Williams saving grace... Or an even bigger nightmare than the one he is already living in....
William makes the decision to seek out Alexanders type of help.. And before he knows it, William now has the ability to save himself and his family... 
But will Williams untimely curse come too late? Or will Williams father, his thugs & his excessive firepower end up being even too much for a being of superhuman powers? 
Pick up this novella and find out! It's a quick & exciting read and I was genuinely interested in how such an abused child would deal with saving himself & his family through something that would be a horrendous curse upon anyone else... Mr. DiBartolo knows how to to keep the reader wanting more & I'm looking forward to his next release.. Head to Amazon & grab this compelling story today! 


For William Danver, High School was a breeze, academically that is. Although he wasn't popular, at all, his real problem was at home.

His father Gary Danver was an abusive, sadistic man, who also happened to be the sheriff in their small town. Unable to get any help from the authorities, William vowed to protect his mother and little sister by any means necessary.

His wish to protect his family came in the form of a mysterious stranger, Alexander, who would change the boy's life forever. Was it a curse or a blessing he granted William with? And did he do this to help the boy protect his family or did he have his own selfish reasons?


That night consisted of constant violent thrashing in his bed as he could not get the image of that thing in the woods out of his head. The battle of mixed feelings inside of him between fear and curiosity were ripping him apart. But William knew that he would never sleep again until he found out what that was in the woods that nearly made him soil himself. After hours of extensive research online, there was really nothing that fit the description of what he saw. It was so massive and tall that it seemed to be standing on two legs. He even went as far as to research Lycanthropy, but quickly dismissed it once he realized what he was researching.

William laughed as he closed his laptop. “"Werewolf",” he said....
His laugh was abruptly drowned out by a loud gasp he let out when he saw Alexander standing across the street, staring right into the boy’s soul. The anxiety quickly turned to excitement as he put on his sneakers with the intention of going out to talk to the enigmatic man about the offer he proposed on their last encounter.

William closed his window after quietly stepping out into the windy darkness. He was startled when he turned to see Alexander, standing not three feet from him.
Shivering and cowering against his window with the tall man towering over him, William said, "“I need your help.”.."
“"I know, that’s why I stand before you."” replied Alexander.

“"What are you going to do?"” asked William.

“"Savor the fear you are feeling right now, as this will be the last time you will ever be afraid",” Alexander said as his eyes changed colors and razor sharp teeth sprouted.
Before the boy could make a sound, Alexander lunged at him, sinking his teeth into his neck, instantly changing the boy’s life forever.........

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Days Gone Bad by Eric Asher

Genres: Paranormal, urban fantasy, horror, thriller, drama
I picked up this book, not sure of what to expect.. First: It was written in the first person, which doesn't always work in my mind... After reading a few pages, it wasn't a problem... Second: It wasn't a paranormal romance, which is the genre I usually aim toward reading... Again, just a few pages in, it was no longer a problem! Come to think of it, there wasn't one bad thing about this book! Well, other than the fact that it ended & I didn't want to leave Damian's world yet! 
Eric Asher is one helluva an upcoming new author & I have a feeling this man will be soon in the ranks of Dean Koontz, Stephen King & James Patterson. The book has it all! Drama, intrigue, horror, fantasy, and some of the best dark humor I've read in years! I can't tell you how many times I laughed aloud while reading this book, even in the middle of intense dramatic scenes, just because Damian is such an incredibly relatable, witty, believable & sarcastic character whom I absolutely loved! Eric Asher knows how to draw a person in with creative writing, and the worlds he invents to share with us are nothing short of astounding! I'll be in line first, for any other books this fantastic author decides to release!
We are introduced to Damian, who is a human necromancer that owns an inherited quirky little spell/magic shop and is surrounded by all species of creatures including vampires, demi-gods, fairies, demons, other necromancers and more.. As a matter of fact, his own sister is a vampire.. Damian handles it well, between cu-sith dogs (green blobs of fur, lol!) attacking him & fairies popping in & out, (they live in his grandfather clock:) demanding his attention. His necromancer mentor suddenly reappears back into his life & he realizes that this time, it's not just for fun & games.. If he fails the mission Zola is attempting to complete, it could mean the end of his existence or the end of the entire world, in general! 
Damian embarks on this mission with his mentor, Zola, his fairy-bff, Foster, (I loveeee Foster!) and gets help from his vamp sis, Sam, along with Foster's mom & wife and a few other unique friends. This book is not for the faint of heart, so there's your warning. It contains gory scenes and a lot of dark humor, but to me, it was about as close to perfect as a book could get!
If you are up for a wild, thrilling, crazy ride through the world of necromancers, magic, demons, vamps, fairies & more, don't hesitate and run out to buy this book immediately! It is one of my top pics of the year and I'm proud that I was given the chance to do a review on this fantastic book by this great author!

Platinum Reviews Gives Eric & "Days Gone Bad":

My name is Damian Valdis Vesik. I am a necromancer, an ability feared and hated as much as the powers my master and I set ourselves against. We've vanquished many evils, but now something is releasing a new evil, forcing us to hunt an enemy beyond anything I’ve faced before. I was already busy enough with vampires, fairies, witches, Watchers, weddings, and … damn, I need a vacation.

We didn’t even make it three steps from the door before two silhouettes walked toward us from either end of the parallel-parked SUV. They moved into the halo of light at the edge of the street. Dressed the same, they were both clothed in dull black leather pants and skin-tight jackets. My eyes flicked between the blond and the raven-haired vampires. The latter was grinning.
“Vesik.” The raven-haired vampire laughed.
“Rogues,” I said. “You know my name …”
“Rogues?” He shook his head, eyes never leaving mine. “No, he is only my puppet, just as you will be my master’s. It is unwise to stand against the master.”
“Who are you?”
He pointed his finger at me and the blond vampire struck.
I reached out with my power, ready to grab hold of the blond’s aura and pull his skull out through his face.
“No fucking aura-” was all I spat out before he was on me. Colin moved fast. Faster than I could see, but by the time he swung the massive claymore the vampire was out of his reach. Colin’s sword cleaved through the side of the rental.
No aura meant zombie. Zombies should be slow. This zombie was flashing vampire fangs and was anything but slow, otherworldly fast. The supercharged zombie tore the backpack out of my hand and threw me through the windshield of a minivan across the street.
“Damian! Holy shit, are you alright?”
As the stars cleared, I found Foster running his eyes over me from his perch on the minivan’s dashboard.
“Dandy.” I glanced back at the blond as I scrambled for the passenger door. I hurt, but the surge of adrenalin was pumping hard enough I could easily ignore the wounds pumping blood down my left arm. The blond was still as a dead tree, eyes focused on nothing but the sidewalk. “What the hell is a puppet, Foster?”
“I don’t know.”
The other vampire was laughing again. He was practically hysterical. “Too long, it’s been too long,” he said as he took a deep breath and clenched his outstretched hands into fists. He pointed at me again.
“Impadda!” I screamed before the blond reached me. This time I was expecting it. Power surged and thickened into a shield arching over my head. He slammed head-first into the wall of force at a flat out run. There was a horrible crunch and he slid to the ground. No strings of power stretched back from the crumpled vampire to his master, no aura shifted around him. No way was he getting up again. I dropped my shield and stepped past him to focus on the rogue. Silly me.
The grounded vampire grabbed my ankle and tossed me into the brick face of the closest building. My back hit first, and then my head cracked hard enough to make my vision cross-eyed. I slid down the wall and landed on my ass.
I stared at the blond vamp as my vision congealed back into something resembling normality. He was deathly still again. I looked hard and focused my Sight. “Oh, fucking god no.” The aura was there, it was just beneath the skin. It was black and dark and tainted with the deep red of infection. His fingers were twitching in random patterns. I hadn’t noticed it before. The vampire was possessed. Not only that, his own aura had been extinguished. He was something else now, but I had no idea what.
Zola’s training kicked in and I reached out to that unholy aura. My power swarmed over the vampire. I waited for the hook, the telltale feeling of an aura I could latch onto, the surge of forsaken knowledge that came with necromancy, but nothing came.
Colin struck at the rogue with two quick slashes. Both were turned away in a thunder of sparks by a shield incantation. “Pulsatto!” A wave of force threw Colin away from the vampire. He landed out of sight, up the street just to the north of the shop.
“What the hell?” My voice slurred a bit.
“Vampires can’t do that,” Foster said.
The black haired vampire spoke again. “The Unseelie Sidhe will rise with our power and crush this world.” His hands balled up into fists. “They will rule the nether lands from the underworld to the Wild Hunt by sword and spell. Gwynn ap Nudd will lay dead at our master’s feet.” His voice rose to a scream and his eyes bulged. “Our Sidhe enemies will die.” He pointed his finger at me. “And you, the righteous necromancers, you’ll never stop us. I’ll break Adannaya’s neck for what she did.”
“Did you just monologue at me?” My speech was slurred and I couldn’t stop the somewhat incoherent giggle dripping from my mouth.
“Gut the blond, Damian!”
I spared Foster a glance. It was an idea, and a better one than I’d come up with during the vamp’s monologue efforts. As I stood up, I took a step forward, brought my arm down in a diagonal line and screamed, “Modus Incidatto!”
The blond didn’t even flinch as a deep and ragged wound opened across his shoulder and guts. It was a massive cut and things never meant to see light began a slow push through the wound.
I could see the aura come out with the viscera and I latched onto it with my power. It slithered and fought and felt like Zola’s godforsaken dolls, but there was no surge of knowing. It was exactly like Zola’s dolls. I pushed it out until it touched the rogue’s aura and opened a hole.
His eyes went wide for a moment and I screamed, “Pulsatto!” My power raced down the connected auras and then everything went wrong.
My power rebounded off the raven-haired vampire’s aura. Something was riding it back, right through my defenses. By the time I could even think the incantation for my shield, I couldn’t move.
“Nice try, Vesik,” he hissed. “See if Zola can put this back together again.”
I don’t even know what the bastard hit me with. I knew I was airborne, and I knew it was going to hurt when I landed, but holy shit. The impact was agonizingly slow. My leg smashed into a fire hydrant. I felt the bolts dig into my knee, heard the crack as something broke, and screamed as my body followed my leg into the hydrant. Something popped in my hip and my heel was suddenly touching the back of my head as I twirled and rolled across the sidewalk. I didn’t pass out. If ever I had wanted to pass out, it was then. The tears that ran down my face in torrents would have vouched for me.
The blond came at me again.
Foster struck. “DAMIAN!” I heard his scream. It changed from his normal voice into the basso war cry of a giant. I’d seen Cara grow before, but even through my haze of pain I could tell Foster was bigger. In the span of a single breath he grew to the size of a seven-foot colossus. Rage creased his face and his claymore was so big it was almost comical.
Comical until Foster launched himself into the air with a sweep of his wings and another cry of rage. He folded his wings and came down on the blond from eight feet in the air. His sword met the crown of the possessed vampire and continued in a smooth slash to his crotch. Blood and entrails exploded across my field of view as the fairy kicked one half of the separated vampire at the rogue.
Foster spun around before the two halves of my attacker ever hit the ground. His arms moved forward in an overhand slash and he let his sword fly. It spun end over end with enough ferocity to kill any vampire, but the rogue vanished with a snarl. There was a thin red vortex of energy where he’d been standing a moment before. The sword passed through the red remnant, slammed into a nearby tree, and buried itself to the hilt.
Things started to go dark. I heard footsteps and mumbling and thought I heard Colin’s thick voice say “Socius Sanation.” There was a twinge in my hip and back, followed by pain. Then darkness mercifully wrapped its arms around me.